Song of Orpheus - April 22

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Song of Orpheus - April 22

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vickychandler87: 3
vickychandler87: 2
vickychandler87: 1
lamartus: And the Music and THAT voice begins
salemgirl79: *fangirl squeel*
hrhkitty1: lol
vickychandler87: yea!
salemgirl79: you are all so lucky this isn't audio chat
ericsunicorn: I amso in love
salemgirl79: you'd be deaf now with the EEE
vickychandler87: Me too!
chops2006: l,a
chops2006: lmao
salemgirl79: I LOVE that cloak
salemgirl79: mine just can't compare!
vickychandler87: I love it all!
salemgirl79: yeah, that's true
ericsunicorn: whats not to love
salemgirl79: eep, poor vicky
salemgirl79: look at the headline of the paper
salemgirl79: I noticed this before, the headline is the SAME as the one from the 50's
ericsunicorn: so what dose FTR mean
salemgirl79: FaTheR
lamartus: My video is crazy, don't have sound...
salemgirl79: btw, how does Lou know about Wreck of my Memories? I hardly doubt that Father would have shared that with anynoe
joaniegirl75: Boy, that ad sure got a lot bigger.
hrhkitty1: Well he might have Lou is one of the original helpers.
salemgirl79: that's true
lamartus: Ok, fix it. Where are we?
vickychandler87: yes, as a matter of fact, Vincent tells Catherine about him in Winterfest
vickychandler87: Remember?
ericsunicorn: that is one resson he went there
vickychandler87: yes
hrhkitty1: nods... he wasone of the sispects
salemgirl79: we're at the part where Father tells Vincent he has to go upworld
salemgirl79: I remember that from DoW, but I don't know if Father would have shared the letter with anyone
ericsunicorn: well no not the letter but parts of the story
vickychandler87: that's true
salemgirl79: but those words in specific....
salemgirl79: it's the principal from the Breakfast club!!!
joaniegirl75: Lou, might have known that that was one of Father's favorite poems.
salemgirl79: hehehehehe
vickychandler87: heheeh!
salemgirl79: I always loved this episode, for the history and for the look into Father's past
joaniegirl75: Me, too.
vickychandler87: Oh that music!
ericsunicorn: yes mee too i wish there wa a bit more of the past
salemgirl79: mmmm..violin
joaniegirl75: Margaret's theme.
vickychandler87: right
salemgirl79: and after 30 years, he can still wear the suit! That is awesome!
joaniegirl75: Can you tell that I've played OLAH a few times?
joaniegirl75: Well, living in the tunnels would have a way of keeping you thinner.
ericsunicorn: right i can see that
hrhkitty1: <--- playing now. cause I don't have a dvd drive
hrhkitty1: they eat enough to keep alive but not in excess
hrhkitty1: plus I imagine theydon't eat junk at all
ericsunicorn: all that walking and climbing
joaniegirl75: Man, I love the clearness of these DVDs.
vickychandler87: Hard to think Father never ever went Above in all those years...
ericsunicorn: wow don't you think yhe was socked to see how things have changed
joaniegirl75: You bet.
vickychandler87: 35 years... you bet!
joaniegirl75: And now you don't have to carry a boombox on your shoulders.
ericsunicorn: and a little scared too
salemgirl79: lol I still laugh at the 80's in this show
joaniegirl75: I think these cops sort of jumped the gun. There was no evidence that Father had done anything.
chops2006: i know! lol looking at this show in 1987 and seeing as its 2007
salemgirl79: besides the fact he was standing over the body
salemgirl79: and the place was a mess
chops2006: it makes me LOL sometimes at the fashion/culture of the 80's
salemgirl79: though he's a bit harsh, I mean Father is an old man, hardly the likely suspect
chops2006: but i will probably laugh at 2007 when its 2027
ericsunicorn: that face
salemgirl79: I KNOW!
vickychandler87: He was stupid not to contact Catherine, at least to leave that place sooner
salemgirl79: I would love to see that pop on my balcony
joaniegirl75: LOL
hrhkitty1: anywhere would work for me
salemgirl79: She has perfect hair after waking up, damn her!! :P
lamartus: lol
vickychandler87: Well, I do too
salemgirl79: oh hush :P
ericsunicorn: and she sure did pop out of bed fast
vickychandler87: Wouldn't you?
vickychandler87: lol1
salemgirl79: I'm suffering from curly insanity at this moment, can't get it straight :P
joaniegirl75: I would for Vincent.
salemgirl79: Oh I would
chops2006: when i wake up my hair looks like it has been struck my lightening
salemgirl79: lol
ericsunicorn: for that hell yes
vickychandler87: I hardly moove in my sleep...
ericsunicorn: poor V
joaniegirl75: Does he have anormal left hand?
vickychandler87: I herd he does
joaniegirl75: Sure looked like it at first.
ericsunicorn: I like this shot right here
salemgirl79: Hmmmm
ericsunicorn: he is so lost
salemgirl79: awwww
salemgirl79: such a cute kitty look :P
vickychandler87: My sweet... :(
ericsunicorn: we knw that he realy dose not know fater
joaniegirl75: Right
salemgirl79: nope, left hand not normal
salemgirl79: just showed a glimpse
joaniegirl75: Tho't so.
joaniegirl75: Isn't funny that to us normal is a furry hand?
vickychandler87: Lol Joan!
lamartus: lol
hrhkitty1: no
salemgirl79: lol
hrhkitty1: should it be??? ;)
joaniegirl75: With V, yes.
hrhkitty1: no I mean it's not's normal.
salemgirl79: Ah, the McCarthy era....
hrhkitty1: just like we don't think he's deformed or disfigured
joaniegirl75: That hateful droning voice.
salemgirl79: /me nods
vickychandler87: Did they remember to make Father look younger? 345 years younger'
vickychandler87: 35, I mean
joaniegirl75: 345?
salemgirl79: They dyed his hair darker
vickychandler87: lol!
salemgirl79: but it's b/w so you really can't tell
vickychandler87: Oh, I see
salemgirl79: See this headline
salemgirl79: it's the same as the one Lou was reading
vickychandler87: How did Vincent get here?
salemgirl79: same picture and everything
salemgirl79: I'ts a library, he's probably gone there after closing many times
salemgirl79: as much as he reads
ericsunicorn: he let him in
ericsunicorn: shhe
joaniegirl75: How did she get in?
hrhkitty1: there's prolly access tunnels
joaniegirl75: It's the middle of the night.
salemgirl79: He so belongs in a library like that...surrounded by the Stacks
vickychandler87: good point!
ericsunicorn: you are right
salemgirl79: this letter made me cry the first time I heard it
vickychandler87: Oh, sure
salemgirl79: poor Father
hrhkitty1: you can tell they were people of their times
ericsunicorn: it is sad
salemgirl79: :( He looks like he's losing his soul
salemgirl79: it reminds me of Vincent in the last episode, when he's in the cage
hrhkitty1: cause now adays she'd have 'prolly told her father to go to hell
ericsunicorn: why did he not get hold of caty to let ever one know he was ok
salemgirl79: for the right man, I would
salemgirl79: He didn't get a chance
salemgirl79: and this is still early episodes, he doesn't completely trust Catherine yet
joaniegirl75: She was completely under his thumb.
salemgirl79: I think it wasn't till after the cave-in did he really trust her
ericsunicorn: he could have asked for her
vickychandler87: He could have done it anyways
hrhkitty1: too proud
joaniegirl75: He had hispride.
vickychandler87: He has the right, that's what the cops said... lol
ericsunicorn: no cell phones
salemgirl79: that's true
ericsunicorn: she had a survise
salemgirl79: but to ask for her would mean he needed help
salemgirl79: which implies guilt
ericsunicorn: ture
vickychandler87: He was stupid not to call her
salemgirl79: and after what he lived through, he doesn't trust the courts/law
vickychandler87: But at least he could have leave that place
hrhkitty1: plus he was refusing to divulge ANY info..if he contacted Catherine she would have been forced to either say something or try to get him to
salemgirl79: /me nods
salemgirl79: I wonder if he was poisoning her....
salemgirl79: Henry->Margaret
salemgirl79: he's so insistant of the meds
joaniegirl75: Nah, just keeping her doped up.
ericsunicorn: just heavy sleeping meds
hrhkitty1: well drugged up gives you no resistance
salemgirl79: that's true
vickychandler87: I love joe!
salemgirl79: EWWWWW
ericsunicorn: MMMMMMMMMMm chesse niget
salemgirl79: Chocolate Cheese Nuggets!!!
hrhkitty1: that's nasty
salemgirl79: blech
salemgirl79: Thanks Joe
salemgirl79: you helped fined Father :P
salemgirl79: even if you didn't know it
hrhkitty1: gold star for Joe
salemgirl79: how she can concentrate on her job at that point
ericsunicorn: why did dhe not drop it all and help him then
salemgirl79: I would have been running for the closest pipes
ericsunicorn: at lest ask why
vickychandler87: She's right, you fool!
joaniegirl75: Father is essentially a nonperson and If she reacted to him it would have set off alarm bells.
salemgirl79: yep
hrhkitty1: I think she wanted to have all the facts... you know she was a methodical thinker
vickychandler87: She's not talking of the juditial system, she's talking about trusting her...
ericsunicorn: if he Allen was a friend why was he not a helper
joaniegirl75: Margaret's name opend the doors.
joaniegirl75: Not all friends were hlepers.
salemgirl79: True
ericsunicorn: but he was a good man
ericsunicorn: justa thought
salemgirl79: maybe he felt he couldn't trust alan, or didn't want Alan involved with Below because of his close ties to the world above. I mean, Alan was a high profile person
joaniegirl75: From Father's previous life. As far as I can tell, only Peter knew about the tunnels.
vickychandler87: I love this part, there's such hope in Vincent...
vickychandler87: She found her, he's all right...
salemgirl79: you can hear the smile in his voice
hrhkitty1: plus he was part of a chapter in Jacob's life that he turned away from
salemgirl79: exactly
joaniegirl75: Right
salemgirl79: I think Peter became a helper because he was a part of Father's life before the trouble
salemgirl79: since they were in med school together
ericsunicorn: but wasn't he
hrhkitty1: that and they're both doctors
hrhkitty1: a common bond
vickychandler87: Where is she?
salemgirl79: Alan's office
lamartus: Alaná office
hrhkitty1: trying to find the goods
ericsunicorn: you think she would have wanted to teel the news about fater to V in person
salemgirl79: No time
lamartus: She has the key, why?
salemgirl79: if Father was up on murder charges, to keep him out of trial she had to clear his name ASAP
salemgirl79: probably from the police
salemgirl79: she is with the DA, and an investigator
hrhkitty1: or cause the script said so
salemgirl79: LOL
lamartus: lol
salemgirl79: or that too
hrhkitty1: well you know there are plenty of things fans pick up on because we analyze
salemgirl79: that's true
salemgirl79: I think the writer's had a bit of a brain block with this script, the ending seems a bit....fuzzy
hrhkitty1: Like for instance all the scenes that get duplicated
joaniegirl75: Why?
vickychandler87: This is great!}
salemgirl79: why bring her to Margare's place?
salemgirl79: woohoo, vincent on the elevator!
vickychandler87: Wow!
joaniegirl75: Save on sets
salemgirl79: Kick ass Catherine!!!
joaniegirl75: Go, girl
vickychandler87: What a ride! lol
salemgirl79: Hold on to him, hell yeah!!
lamartus: Heartbreaking escene!
vickychandler87: Hmmm... What do you think of that?
salemgirl79: The Best Part!
ericsunicorn: I think he is all man
joaniegirl75: Me too
ericsunicorn: why did she not go with him to see V
vickychandler87: Sorry if I'm not making sense in the conversation context, but I have not speach feedback at the moment
salemgirl79: They needed bonding time :P
joaniegirl75: Had to work
hrhkitty1: to give them privacy
salemgirl79: awwwwwwwwww
salemgirl79: AW!
salemgirl79: /me wipes her eyes
hrhkitty1: after all they had to discuss what V learned
joaniegirl75: Right now Margaret comes forst.
salemgirl79: exactly
ericsunicorn: I think C and V need time also ater what happend
salemgirl79: with all the advances in genetics and technology, it would be interesting to see if they made a 20 year tv movie BATB
salemgirl79: I wonder if they would go into Vincent's genetics....
ericsunicorn: would be nice to know but i what to see him as a boy i wuld have like to see sooe of hiim growing up
salemgirl79: that's true too
vickychandler87: I wonder what she thought of Vincent'
joaniegirl75: I don't really care about his genetics; i like th emystery of him
vickychandler87: She never knew him before, after all
salemgirl79: awwww
salemgirl79: That's true joaniegirl75, it does leave allure
joaniegirl75: right on
salemgirl79: /me used to be a biology student, my brain still works in those ways :P
salemgirl79: I love his last line
lamartus: =D>
salemgirl79: They had 7 days, Catherine
joaniegirl75: Heck I've been a scientists for a long time.
vickychandler87: Oh... beautifull!
salemgirl79: that is an awesome line
hrhkitty1: do you suppose if Vincent existed in rl and with all Car\therine's money they'd just *fix* him
salemgirl79: Yay!!!
joaniegirl75: Time is relative.
salemgirl79: NOPE
salemgirl79: nothing to fix
salemgirl79: Yay, my first episode chat!
joaniegirl75: No way. he's perfect as he is.
salemgirl79: exactly
ericsunicorn: I love these gettogrethers
salemgirl79: hehehehe
salemgirl79: I'm so excited
ericsunicorn: it is so fun
joaniegirl75: Well, there's another one next week.
hrhkitty1: well we're doing them all
hrhkitty1: and we'll do S2 also
salemgirl79: I can't wait for July!!
hrhkitty1: though there's been talk of a break before we start
salemgirl79: I'm getting so sick of the bad quality of my S2
salemgirl79: Next week is Dark Spirit then?
joaniegirl75: I have to curb my enthusiasm myself.
hrhkitty1: I'm with I havechunks of episodes missing
lamartus: Dark Spirit, yes
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