Dark Spirit - April 29

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Dark Spirit - April 29

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salemgirl79 (3:00:24 PM): ooooh, tonight is going to be such a good episode :)
hrhkitty1 (3:00:46 PM): I just watched it... since I don't have a dvd drive so it's very fresh in my mind
jecris27 (3:00:47 PM): you think? i always hated dark spirit
cosi2cg (3:01:00 PM): so did I
jecris27 (3:01:00 PM): but we'll see if i still do ;-)
hrhkitty1 (3:01:11 PM): I 'm glad I'm not the only one...
hrhkitty1 (3:01:19 PM): I never liked it.
salemgirl79 (3:01:32 PM): :)
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:01:42 PM): the ending with the shell being crushed like stardust I think is one of the most beautiful bits .... have a print of jamies "Night Vistor" art from this ep
vickychandler87 (3:02:06 PM): Yeah, remember how views slightly changed after Terrible Saviour, I mean, we kept finding things we'd never did before...
vickychandler87 (3:02:24 PM): that's the fun of watching together, I guess
amnethyst2002 (3:02:30 PM): I liked the fact that it discussed a topic that is never usually heard spoken of..

jecris27 (3:16:10 PM): 3
jecris27 (3:16:11 PM): 2
jecris27 (3:16:12 PM): 1
jecris27 (3:16:50 PM): i think we should check in with mini
jecris27 (3:17:07 PM): Elaine says to say hello, by the way
salemgirl79 (3:17:13 PM): ahhh...did I jump the gun on the start?
jecris27 (3:17:20 PM): no, we started
salemgirl79 (3:17:24 PM): ah okay
jecris27 (3:17:26 PM): credits just ending
salemgirl79 (3:17:31 PM): yep
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:17:31 PM): we will never be apart..
vickychandler87 (3:17:34 PM): Marta too, she'll not be able to make it
jecris27 (3:17:50 PM): ah, we meet Narcissa here
salemgirl79 (3:17:57 PM): yep
salemgirl79 (3:18:02 PM): part of the reason I like this epi
jecris27 (3:18:33 PM): that woman was in alien nation!
jecris27 (3:18:54 PM): she looks different without the spots though ;-)
salemgirl79 (3:19:45 PM): Blech!!! cockroaches!!!
jecris27 (3:19:54 PM): icky critters
hrhkitty1 (3:20:23 PM): well that's the point isn't it? ;)
vickychandler87 (3:20:34 PM): Lol1
amnethyst2002 (3:21:31 PM): When Joe smiles, he looks so cute..those little dimples...
salemgirl79 (3:22:05 PM): boom mike in the shot!
vickychandler87 (3:22:36 PM): I didn't like this guy... he did not convince me, don't know how to explain...
salemgirl79 (3:22:53 PM): reminds me of one of my professors from college :P
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:23:04 PM): didnt like him either... even before we knew what he did
amnethyst2002 (3:23:14 PM): smarmy look to him huh?
jecris27 (3:23:17 PM): yeah
amnethyst2002 (3:23:47 PM): its his eyes...you look him in the eyes...yuck!
vickychandler87 (3:24:03 PM): do you all believe that?
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:24:25 PM): what that the mind rules the body? yes
amnethyst2002 (3:24:33 PM): yes
vickychandler87 (3:24:37 PM): i kind of do, too
salemgirl79 (3:24:40 PM): oh yeah
timeflies3000 (3:24:53 PM): to a certain extent...
salemgirl79 (3:24:54 PM): Yay Vincent!
vickychandler87 (3:25:06 PM): yea!
jecris27 (3:25:24 PM): yummy music
vickychandler87 (3:25:31 PM): mmm}
jecris27 (3:25:58 PM): shudder
vickychandler87 (3:26:17 PM): oooh!
vickychandler87 (3:26:21 PM): That voice...
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:26:53 PM): the true beast... within not without
jecris27 (3:27:59 PM): oooh, a morticia chair!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:29:31 PM): what the heck is the twinkie defense anyway?
jecris27 (3:29:38 PM): insanity?
salemgirl79 (3:29:41 PM): no idea
jecris27 (3:29:52 PM): not guilty by reason of insanity
salemgirl79 (3:31:05 PM): poor chicken
jecris27 (3:31:12 PM): that picture reminds me of one of lynn wright's wf quizzes
salemgirl79 (3:31:24 PM): lol, or one of my best drawings :P
salemgirl79 (3:32:41 PM): I always found it a little amusing that the thing that they are most afraid of is the very thing that protects her
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:32:41 PM): googled twinkie defense seems 1979 trial used the fact the guy was depressed and eating twinkies among other stuff that so altered his mood beyond his control that he was less responsible for his actions hmmm
jecris27 (3:32:58 PM): fascinating
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:33:06 PM): wonderful irony that they mistake vincent for boca
amnethyst2002 (3:33:12 PM): i think we are all alright now that vincent is here!
vickychandler87 (3:33:22 PM): |yea!
hrhkitty1 (3:33:48 PM): WELL you know what they say about twinkies
vickychandler87 (3:34:01 PM): Are we in the balcomy?
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:34:03 PM): nope never like them myself lol
vickychandler87 (3:34:06 PM): Where exactly?
jecris27 (3:34:06 PM): that they're made of chemicals?
salemgirl79 (3:34:11 PM): father's chamber library
salemgirl79 (3:34:15 PM): discussing vodoo
vickychandler87 (3:34:16 PM): thanks
amnethyst2002 (3:34:22 PM): excuse me for asking..but what the heck is a twinkie? i live in England.and i have not seen them here?
hrhkitty1 (3:34:22 PM): twinkies and cockroaches will both survive a nuclear holocaust
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:34:25 PM): father discussing voodoo
salemgirl79 (3:34:28 PM): /me drools over Father's library
jecris27 (3:34:31 PM): lol
jecris27 (3:34:35 PM): ewww
vickychandler87 (3:34:36 PM): lol!
vickychandler87 (3:34:45 PM): let me know when the sceen changes...
salemgirl79 (3:34:53 PM): it's about to change
vickychandler87 (3:34:55 PM): brother'
hrhkitty1 (3:34:55 PM): It'a sponge cake filled with a white cream
vickychandler87 (3:35:02 PM): thanks, I'm here
amnethyst2002 (3:35:03 PM): thanx
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:35:04 PM): ahhh father books cant tell one everything
salemgirl79 (3:35:15 PM): lol...twinkies really have a shelf life of 25 years! I checked
hrhkitty1 (3:35:24 PM): Yup.
jecris27 (3:35:26 PM): ick
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:35:26 PM): garage now
vickychandler87 (3:35:32 PM): yes
amnethyst2002 (3:35:38 PM): i guess they are a popular snack food??
hrhkitty1 (3:35:50 PM): one of those love them or hae them foods. like marshmallow Peeps
hrhkitty1 (3:36:00 PM): yes amne
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:36:02 PM): to some... more soo back in the 80's i think or at least noticed more then
jecris27 (3:36:07 PM): peeps! shudder
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:36:22 PM): marshallow peeps another yuck to me lol
hrhkitty1 (3:36:24 PM): lol JE more for those that love them
amnethyst2002 (3:36:26 PM): i am sooo glas i am coming to LA...i am going to go shopping at a grocery store!
vickychandler87 (3:36:29 PM): Oh! Creepy!
salemgirl79 (3:36:38 PM): I love this chamber
jecris27 (3:36:42 PM): i love going to the grocery store in other countries!
salemgirl79 (3:36:45 PM): with the 3 story columns
jecris27 (3:36:54 PM): so many unidentifiable items!
jecris27 (3:36:55 PM): :-D
vickychandler87 (3:36:56 PM): Amy is in the UK
jecris27 (3:37:15 PM): and some you can figure out after you stare at em a while
hrhkitty1 (3:37:20 PM): Amy you're in for a treat
vickychandler87 (3:37:25 PM): lol!
amnethyst2002 (3:37:27 PM): i seriously need to take a educational visit around the shops in the USA!!!
amnethyst2002 (3:37:43 PM): Vincent is going ot see Narcissa....
salemgirl79 (3:37:50 PM): Here she is :)
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:38:04 PM): just how far away is narcissa's chamber anyway? mouse is suppose to be pretty far down yet she seems farther
hrhkitty1 (3:38:29 PM): I thought she was basically in unchartered tunnels
amnethyst2002 (3:38:54 PM): Vincent looks so tall!!! i remember meeting Ron in London..he is tall!
hrhkitty1 (3:39:09 PM): it's the boots too
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:39:10 PM): and it sounds like by the greeting that he has not seen her since he was a kid that doesn't seem likely
vickychandler87 (3:39:19 PM): right
amnethyst2002 (3:39:36 PM): no...he must of been one of those quiet kids...reading and stuff!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:40:00 PM): you go narcissa! *grin*
hrhkitty1 (3:40:00 PM): Well you know there certainly are a lot of script discrepencies
salemgirl79 (3:40:08 PM): Yep!
hrhkitty1 (3:40:31 PM): but then what would we fans have to discuss so happily??
salemgirl79 (3:40:35 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (3:40:39 PM): yea!
jecris27 (3:40:40 PM): that was ross's voice
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:40:47 PM): discuss or disect lol
hrhkitty1 (3:40:54 PM): well both.
vickychandler87 (3:41:04 PM): I love joe!
amnethyst2002 (3:41:05 PM): yuck...snakes...live ones
hrhkitty1 (3:41:08 PM): but we do it with love
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:41:14 PM): i *hate* snakes shudder
salemgirl79 (3:41:28 PM): there seems to be only a few times that we see Catherine driving, but she doesn't drive out to conneticut, I wonder why
hrhkitty1 (3:41:36 PM): I love snakes..it's big ugly bugs I don't like
salemgirl79 (3:41:38 PM): I don't mind snakes, so long as they don't jump out at me
jecris27 (3:41:59 PM): what do you mean, she doesn't drive out to connecticut?
vickychandler87 (3:42:10 PM): Maybe she just needed to relax. No, she takes the train
jecris27 (3:42:11 PM): she was going to, in remember love
hrhkitty1 (3:42:12 PM): She took the train
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:42:12 PM): ughh ok will be looking into my car for several days now before stepping into it lol
jecris27 (3:42:21 PM): lol
salemgirl79 (3:42:23 PM): lol
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:42:32 PM): maybe she was took shook up in happy life to drive
salemgirl79 (3:42:34 PM): Ah the 80's and their sholderpads :P
jecris27 (3:42:46 PM): interesting point
amnethyst2002 (3:43:08 PM): i like the way catherine looks..very classy! he on the otherhand, is still a creep!
hrhkitty1 (3:43:14 PM): or another oversight
vickychandler87 (3:43:19 PM): agree, Amy!
hrhkitty1 (3:43:28 PM): where are we?
salemgirl79 (3:43:39 PM): the dinner scene
hrhkitty1 (3:43:40 PM): 'member no dvd drive
vickychandler87 (3:43:41 PM): Restaurant
amnethyst2002 (3:43:41 PM): In the restaurant or bar area...
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:43:41 PM): dinner with the creep
hrhkitty1 (3:43:46 PM): o.k. thanks
amnethyst2002 (3:44:04 PM): those earrings catherine is wearing..they look heavy on the earlobes!
salemgirl79 (3:44:08 PM): ugh, what a sleeze
amnethyst2002 (3:44:24 PM): hes like a cockroach himself
hrhkitty1 (3:44:27 PM): Edie's were alwaus big too
vickychandler87 (3:44:30 PM): Oooh!
jecris27 (3:44:51 PM): we don't know what will happen, but we will do the work
amnethyst2002 (3:45:04 PM): much nicer things to believe in....yeah...vincent and the tunnels!
jecris27 (3:45:05 PM): that's what ross said
vickychandler87 (3:45:13 PM): yeah!
salemgirl79 (3:45:28 PM): too much makeup and eyeliner there buddy :P
jecris27 (3:45:33 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (3:45:45 PM): He just doesn't get to me... I don't believe that guy...
jecris27 (3:45:52 PM): me neither
jecris27 (3:46:14 PM): C should have believed him when he said it can't hurt you if you don't believe ;-)
vickychandler87 (3:46:21 PM): right
jecris27 (3:46:27 PM): did he drug her, and i missed it?
hrhkitty1 (3:46:30 PM): well how was she to know
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:46:32 PM): spider clip they had to shoot twice... remember in an interview long time ago .. think there was not film in camera first time
salemgirl79 (3:46:35 PM): I LOVE that nightgown
vickychandler87 (3:46:45 PM): He must have drugged her, yes
jecris27 (3:46:46 PM): damn!
amnethyst2002 (3:46:48 PM): yeah...but how many of us have listened to when someone has told us something similar...we still gotta find out ourselves...
hrhkitty1 (3:46:54 PM): he drugged her tea
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:46:54 PM): but what you fear you already believe in to a degree or you would not fear it
salemgirl79 (3:47:04 PM): not yet, he's drugging her tea in this scene
jecris27 (3:47:08 PM): i suppose
vickychandler87 (3:47:22 PM): I think he does it gradually
amnethyst2002 (3:47:30 PM): Central park looks beautiful!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:47:46 PM): think he has been slipping her the drug several times over we just see it for the first time in the tea
vickychandler87 (3:47:46 PM): you know, as when you start taking any other kind of medication...
vickychandler87 (3:48:22 PM): yes, but he could have put omething in the restaurant, and she started to feel flushed or whatevcer...
salemgirl79 (3:48:36 PM): that's true
vickychandler87 (3:48:59 PM): I remember asking my father, and he explained the effects of such drugs
vickychandler87 (3:49:05 PM): medications...
salemgirl79 (3:49:12 PM): mmm..night wind through my window is bringing the smell of roses :)
jecris27 (3:49:18 PM): grrrr!
amnethyst2002 (3:49:19 PM): i bet vincent would have something to say about this creep rubbing cathys shoulders!
salemgirl79 (3:49:25 PM): grrrrr ditto
vickychandler87 (3:49:26 PM): oooh, great
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:49:29 PM): *grin* now there is am image
salemgirl79 (3:49:40 PM): even Catherine has the look of "wth was that?"
jecris27 (3:50:14 PM): she looks awful
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:50:19 PM): put down the shell!
vickychandler87 (3:50:25 PM): I think her acting is fantastic!
amnethyst2002 (3:50:31 PM): someone throw out the shell!!
amnethyst2002 (3:50:51 PM): cathy looks ill!!! poor Joe
jecris27 (3:51:33 PM): yes, definitely good acting
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:51:37 PM): does she look ok ? sheesh
amnethyst2002 (3:52:19 PM): i don`t like this scene in the washroom...
jecris27 (3:52:29 PM): no, pretty icky
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:53:20 PM): edie for reinforcements....
vickychandler87 (3:53:41 PM): She's clinging to just a litle, very little of control...
jecris27 (3:53:42 PM): i wish edie had gone with her anyway
salemgirl79 (3:53:48 PM): I'd be running straight down into the tunnels
vickychandler87 (3:53:53 PM): but it's slipping away...
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:54:13 PM): the brain washing is causing her to think that the creep is the only one that can help her
amnethyst2002 (3:54:37 PM): i would want vincent to shake some sense into me right about now!
vickychandler87 (3:54:45 PM): right!
jecris27 (3:55:07 PM): me too
hrhkitty1 (3:55:11 PM): forget shake I could think of better methods of distraction >:)
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:55:12 PM): or maybe not want to go to vincent thinking you are going crazy and not wanting him to see he that way..
salemgirl79 (3:55:12 PM): yeah, I'm sane and that would freak me out :P
salemgirl79 (3:55:18 PM): LOL hrh
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:55:19 PM): Kat! LOL
vickychandler87 (3:55:39 PM): You know, if she was not herself, why in the world did he leave? He shouldn't have left her
amnethyst2002 (3:55:47 PM): now shes acting like a kid..over a stupid shell!
salemgirl79 (3:55:47 PM): Oh!
salemgirl79 (3:55:59 PM): OW!
vickychandler87 (3:56:06 PM): Awww!
salemgirl79 (3:56:10 PM): He knows that she's under the influence, but OWWW
hrhkitty1 (3:56:18 PM): I love the line he says..even after she's hurt him to the core
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:56:22 PM): think if he reached for her she might have gone over the edge literally
salemgirl79 (3:56:30 PM): such pain on his face :(
jecris27 (3:56:55 PM): i wish at least he had taken that stupid shell away
vickychandler87 (3:57:14 PM): I stil think he shouldn't have left
hrhkitty1 (3:57:24 PM): well he tried...isn't that what started it.
hrhkitty1 (3:58:00 PM): but he knew at that point he couldn't help her.... and if he did stay what would she have been driven to?
vickychandler87 (3:58:40 PM): Me thinks.-..
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:58:49 PM): he proabably went just out of sight and kept watch ... like he has before
hrhkitty1 (3:58:57 PM): no much better to try to find a different method. he couldn't /wouldn't risk her hurting herself
salemgirl79 (3:59:15 PM): oh yeah! Vincent's going to kick some .....
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:59:18 PM): and not till now with narcissa did he know about the shell
jecris27 (3:59:21 PM): would catherine own such a trashy dress?
vickychandler87 (3:59:27 PM): right
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:59:30 PM): blame it on the spell lol
vickychandler87 (3:59:34 PM): lol!
hrhkitty1 (3:59:37 PM): that HAIR!!
amnethyst2002 (3:59:48 PM): Narcissa kinda hit the nail on the head!
salemgirl79 (3:59:56 PM): OMG! The hair!
jecris27 (4:00:28 PM): how did she manage to do her hair and makeup when she was so spaced out?
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:00:40 PM): hence the hair lol
salemgirl79 (4:00:42 PM): hense why her hair looks like that, because she was spaced :P
hrhkitty1 (4:00:47 PM): well look at the job she did on it...
salemgirl79 (4:00:55 PM): lol
amnethyst2002 (4:01:03 PM): she looks like she had the help of a electric plug socket to do her hair!! lol
hrhkitty1 (4:01:03 PM): not so good
vickychandler87 (4:01:03 PM): lol!
salemgirl79 (4:01:10 PM): ah the era of crimping your hair when it was the cool thing.
salemgirl79 (4:01:17 PM): YAY!
vickychandler87 (4:01:24 PM): Here he comes!
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:01:33 PM): yep HIS not yours grin
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:01:40 PM): careful what you ask for
amnethyst2002 (4:01:40 PM): here he comes..............
vickychandler87 (4:01:41 PM): My brother used to love this part!
salemgirl79 (4:01:47 PM): no power, he's going to fill you with something all right
vickychandler87 (4:01:54 PM): yes!
hrhkitty1 (4:01:56 PM): yup here he comes for HER and you buddy
salemgirl79 (4:02:14 PM): a just end, suffer as you have caused suffering
hrhkitty1 (4:02:29 PM): Why does he walk out into the hallway?
vickychandler87 (4:02:34 PM): who?
hrhkitty1 (4:02:38 PM): V
vickychandler87 (4:02:42 PM): Ah...
hrhkitty1 (4:02:46 PM): carries Cout into the hall
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:02:47 PM): how else to take her out ? jump to the sky light?
vickychandler87 (4:02:53 PM): Lol!
salemgirl79 (4:02:54 PM): cause the fire was everywhere else
hrhkitty1 (4:03:15 PM): but with all the noise wouldn't someone come to see what it was?
salemgirl79 (4:03:24 PM): maybe
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:03:30 PM): yeah but vincent would be long gone by then
salemgirl79 (4:03:32 PM): but if they had a skylight, they were in the penthouse
salemgirl79 (4:03:37 PM): so no one would have been on that level
amnethyst2002 (4:03:45 PM): probably an abandoned apartment block....
salemgirl79 (4:03:47 PM): I LOVE this shot
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:03:52 PM): love this part...
amnethyst2002 (4:03:55 PM): me too....
salemgirl79 (4:04:01 PM): hehehehe...his own brand of magic :)
jecris27 (4:04:09 PM): yum
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:04:17 PM): no words yet sooo much said
salemgirl79 (4:04:19 PM): yay!
hrhkitty1 (4:04:21 PM): she soooo should have kissed him
vickychandler87 (4:04:22 PM): Oh, i actually herd the shell chashing!
amnethyst2002 (4:04:22 PM): at last..shes let go of the damn shelll!
vickychandler87 (4:04:39 PM): I'd never noticed that before!
vickychandler87 (4:04:47 PM): Blessed these DVDs!
salemgirl79 (4:05:01 PM): Amen
salemgirl79 (4:05:06 PM): Ooooh, next week is a Children's Story
vickychandler87 (4:05:18 PM): Nope, next week is An impossible silence
vickychandler87 (4:05:24 PM): it's production order, remember
salemgirl79 (4:05:30 PM): Oh!!
vickychandler87 (4:05:31 PM): We watched A children story already
salemgirl79 (4:05:42 PM): didn't know it was in production order
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