China Moon - May 20

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China Moon - May 20

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timeflies3000: I know I'm behind...what are we watching today?
vickychandler87: It's China Moon, Amy
timeflies3000: One of my all-time favorites!
vickychandler87: go get your DVDs all!
amnethyst2002: china moon..ok thanx
chops2006: oh yes, china moon is great!
vickychandler87: me needs some tea... my hands are feezing!
chops2006: "the gaze" at the end between catherine and vincent!
vickychandler87: wow!
chops2006: :-O
lamartus: She is really beautiful in that scene!!!!!
ericsunicorn: yes she is
timeflies3000: Gorgeous
chops2006: and i love the ending "then we must learn to measure our lifetime in another way" :-O
chops2006: speechless
ericsunicorn: I hate it that V avd C were so apart from evch other in that sean
vickychandler87: There are truly no words!
lamartus: :x
chops2006: why can't I find a woman like catherine??!
chops2006: lol probably cause she is fiction no?
chops2006: :-P
ericsunicorn: why can't I find one like Vincent
vickychandler87: You will, Shilloh...
amnethyst2002: i once gave the words that are spoken from the wedding vows, to a good friend for her wedding anniversary! i wrote it all out in calligraphy style, and put in into a scroll type paper, and attached two ribbons ..
vickychandler87: that was sooo nice of you!
chops2006: and seriously, vincent is soooooo bad ass in this episode......."chang does not know us!" "only lin knows what is best for lin!"
timeflies3000: that sounds beautiful
ericsunicorn: cool what a neat gift
amnethyst2002: theres just something about the words and the chinese culture...its beautiful.
amnethyst2002: My favourite passage was; For love is truly the strongest of bonds, yet for all it`s strengths love is also delicate, like a lotus flower, and requires care, let youre courage to love serve as an inspiration to all who climb the highest mountains and cross the great waters in love`s name.
vickychandler87: It's beautiful
amnethyst2002: Did anyone know that this episode had a violence rating of 8.5?
vickychandler87: I did...
chops2006: where did you find that rating?
vickychandler87: It's in the helpers network uk
amnethyst2002: its in the batb literary companion
vickychandler87: China Moon, episode 14, first one on disc 4
vickychandler87: just in case... I always get the wrong ep!
lamartus: lol
vickychandler87: As our dear traveler host would say... Keep the off topic at a minimu, during the episode
vickychandler87: minimum...
lamartus: yes, mom... lol
amnethyst2002: k
vickychandler87: lol! You can say 0 again, Michelle! lol!
vickychandler87: here we go
vickychandler87: 10
vickychandler87: 9
vickychandler87: 8
vickychandler87: 7
vickychandler87: 6
vickychandler87: 5
vickychandler87: 4
vickychandler87: 3
vickychandler87: 2
vickychandler87: 1
chops2006: and the music and that voice begins!
chops2006: :-O
lamartus: lol
salemgirl79: /me gets giddy shivers
vickychandler87: me too!
vickychandler87: miss mini!
lamartus: me too
chops2006: this is the best opening theme in the history of television!
chops2006: :-P
salemgirl79: I so love the Whispering Chamber
ericsunicorn: I just love that viwe
vickychandler87: Quite a celebration!
ericsunicorn: no chop sticks
vickychandler87: 1988 was the year of the dragon... something right at last about timelines!
chops2006: in 1988 when this episode aired, i was 4 lol
vickychandler87: Poor Henry!
vickychandler87: Lol!
chops2006: I really like henry, he just seems like SUCH a nice guy
vickychandler87: Yes he does
hrhkitty1: Oh stop Shiloh >:P I feel old enough thanks.... rub it in
vickychandler87: lol!
chops2006: lmao!
lamartus: lol
salemgirl79: LOL, poor kitty
vickychandler87: there he is! our favourite guy!
salemgirl79: /me was 9
vickychandler87: me was 11
hrhkitty1: 8-|
salemgirl79: wait long did Wong say he had been making the herbs?
salemgirl79: 20 years?
vickychandler87: 20 years
chops2006: lol @ kat
chops2006: well u dont look a day over 25
vickychandler87: who?
chops2006: >:D<
chops2006: kat
vickychandler87: Lol!
chops2006: i was so glad peter chang kicked it in the end
chops2006: he was such a prick
hrhkitty1: thanks.. I was 26 when this aired in '88 :">
chops2006: can i say prick, well i guess its too late, i already did lol
hrhkitty1: *nods* if the term fits.. and it does.
vickychandler87: I love their theme
vickychandler87: well, I just love all the music.-..
chops2006: they have such a beautiful love
vickychandler87: what a beautiful answer
amnethyst2002: someone tell me where we are upto...i had to take a telephone call...
lamartus: balcony
vickychandler87: V and C in the balcony
salemgirl79: balcony scene
amnethyst2002: thanx
salemgirl79: I love the way she looks at him, so intense, so deep
chops2006: 21st now cathy
chops2006: :-P
vickychandler87: lol!
lamartus: lol
amnethyst2002: ok, vincent said about arranged marriages in his world..have i gone too far?
salemgirl79: nope
vickychandler87: nop
salemgirl79: you're just a few seconds back
vickychandler87: change sceen
salemgirl79: we're at the shop now
lamartus: yep
amnethyst2002: ok, i forwarded to shop..Lin making tea?
salemgirl79: yep
vickychandler87: yes
amnethyst2002: horray!
salemgirl79: LOL are those rice krispie treats??
chops2006: if they are i want some!
chops2006: lol
vickychandler87: I like this conversation
amnethyst2002: only if covered in chocolate!!
chops2006: oh me too, i can so relate to cathy about how she became her father
vickychandler87: mmmmmmm
salemgirl79: that smile says it all
salemgirl79: her whole face just lit up
amnethyst2002: you can see thelove she has for him
chops2006: linda was so gorgeous in this episode, well in all of them actually lol
vickychandler87: agree Shillogh
chops2006: the damage to that kitchen must've been in thousands :(
chops2006: shame eddit backstabbed him :(
chops2006: eddie
amnethyst2002: that food looks so good right now
chops2006: henry and lin always kissed so passionately!
chops2006: i wonder if they were dating in real life?
hrhkitty1: Well in that society fear and /or money is a powerful incentive
salemgirl79: awwwwww
amnethyst2002: not reckless..i`m in love! beautiful
chops2006: I *love* this episode to bits lol
vickychandler87: Honey, that was irresponsible of you, withoug asking...
vickychandler87: asking
vickychandler87: lol!
chops2006: oh, heck I love the first 2 seasons equally
vickychandler87: me too!
salemgirl79: grrrrrr Eddie
chops2006: "and no one says flick anymore" lol
lamartus: what is a flick?
vickychandler87: I think you're ahead
salemgirl79: it's slang for movie
vickychandler87: yes
lamartus: i'm crazy with that word!
chops2006: oh, i just quoted it early
chops2006: cause i love that part
vickychandler87: lol!
vickychandler87: me too
chops2006: joe is talking about the murder now
vickychandler87: righ
vickychandler87: :D
salemgirl79: lol
lamartus: first time I understand that joke!!!!
salemgirl79: oh! She hit a nerve there!
vickychandler87: oh yes!
chops2006: damn straight
chops2006: lol
chops2006: she had to play the sympathy card
vickychandler87: Hmm, I sware he was relating to her all the time!
vickychandler87: This sceen is fantastic
salemgirl79: I know!
chops2006: father and vincent are arguing? oh wow, this is something new (inset sarcasm)
amnethyst2002: vincent is such a gentleman!
vickychandler87: I'm not your possetion, Father!
vickychandler87: that's what he's saying
vickychandler87: he's just projecting...
chops2006: i have the sudden urge to eat fortune cookies
vickychandler87: lol!
chops2006: :))
amnethyst2002: it doesn`t have to be....
salemgirl79: lol
lamartus: lol
ericsunicorn: bet Eidde feel like shit now
amnethyst2002: leave eddie the restaurant? i know some batb fans that could run a chinese restaurant!
chops2006: peter chang is gonna get it soon!
vickychandler87: I wish we'd seen the couple in further eps. I wonder if they stayed there?
chops2006: WOOOOT!
chops2006: :))
vickychandler87: wow!
chops2006: run lin run
vickychandler87: run!
amnethyst2002: i wish we all had basements that led fromthe street straight to the tunnels
chops2006: who woulda thought a kitchen sink could save your hyde?
vickychandler87: auch!
chops2006: well that sucks, not!
chops2006: :-P
vickychandler87: what's that'
chops2006: getting killed
chops2006: lol
vickychandler87: no, lol! I was not talking about that... tell you late
vickychandler87: later
vickychandler87: run Henry, run!
chops2006: aww he knows now that eddie is betraying him
chops2006: :(
lamartus: Vicky, he was opei and close a penknife
vickychandler87: thanks
lamartus: YW
vickychandler87: Eddie was' I never knew that!
amnethyst2002: run everyone!!
chops2006: run catherine!!!!!!
vickychandler87: Run ms. Chandler!
amnethyst2002: she left the doors open!
vickychandler87: Vincent, iopen up!
vickychandler87: open
chops2006: how did linda manage to run in high heels all the time?
chops2006: lol
vickychandler87: it's possible...
hrhkitty1: practice
vickychandler87: lol!
chops2006: you would think she would've broken her legs
amnethyst2002: that look vincent gives to catherine....
hrhkitty1: I know a gal who runs in four inch spiked heels
vickychandler87: you'll have to wear them to find out
salemgirl79: OMG I saw that look!
vickychandler87: lol!
chops2006: wow!
chops2006: LMAO
chops2006: then i would be a drag queen
salemgirl79: /me feels warm to her toes
lamartus: lol
chops2006: :))
vickychandler87: lol!
hrhkitty1: ooooo make sure you take pics Shiloh!!
chops2006: ::dies::
hrhkitty1: >:)
amnethyst2002: father looks scared now!
chops2006: **dies**
vickychandler87: Oh my God!
lamartus: yes, please... lots of pics ROFL
amnethyst2002: safe from harm....
hrhkitty1: Father has a reason to be but forgets their ace in their pocket
vickychandler87: hmmm!
salemgirl79: lol....they have NO idea about those tunnells
chops2006: lol i know
chops2006: they think its a "wild dog"
chops2006: as if
hrhkitty1: nor what's waiting for them >:)
lamartus: I think i'm ahead... where are you?
vickychandler87: heading for the tunnels
chops2006: this aint fido bitches, more like cujo
hrhkitty1: nope a big bad putty tat
chops2006: =))
vickychandler87: there's only the girl and the dead
amnethyst2002: theres only the girl...and the dead...shows the last time he went to the tunnels
salemgirl79: the "army " is leaving for the tunnells
lamartus: thanks girls
amnethyst2002: raise the false walls...
vickychandler87: I absolutely hate this: Why does it have to be Vincent!
vickychandler87: There's a good lot of people down there!
salemgirl79: oooooooohhhh, that voice
vickychandler87: indeed!
salemgirl79: "This is our home they threatenen, we will do what me must..."
chops2006: i never thought it was actual electric lights that kept the tunnel lit
chops2006: until this episode lol
vickychandler87: are those arrows?
vickychandler87: Forget it...
vickychandler87: that's an easy position, Father!
vickychandler87: confortable!
lamartus: Come back to me!!!!!!!!!
vickychandler87: Wow!
salemgirl79: OMG! Those eyes!
chops2006: catherine's look is so passionate!
amnethyst2002: they`ve given us no choice....none..if i am not back within the hour you must flee...come back to me vincent
lamartus: that voice!!!!
salemgirl79: That was SUCH a kissing moment!
lamartus: agree, arlene
vickychandler87: uh oh!
chops2006: more like a jump his bones moment!
salemgirl79: LOL
lamartus: lol
vickychandler87: lol!
ericsunicorn: there are so many kissing moments
salemgirl79: that would be the reward for coming back
lamartus: lol
hrhkitty1: there;s plenty of those
salemgirl79: grab him by the hair and kiss him was what I had in mind
salemgirl79: one of those intensly passionate moments
amnethyst2002: what teeth he has
salemgirl79: That's kinda freaky! how he just slides from the ceiling...
hrhkitty1: *nod* lay a big wet one.. with a whisper of more when you return
chops2006: i wonder if vincent flosses?
amnethyst2002: he must...pearly whites he has
chops2006: i know!
salemgirl79: Oh.My.God....
hrhkitty1: well he can't go to the dentist
vickychandler87: Lol!
salemgirl79: /me 's goosebumps get goosebumps
ericsunicorn: three down
hrhkitty1: there's an intersting point who takes care of Below's dental hygeine?
amnethyst2002: that roar echoes doesnt it?
vickychandler87: I guess there may be a helper
salemgirl79: mmmmmm
vickychandler87: yes it does
amnethyst2002: like peter the doctor?
vickychandler87: a wild dog...
vickychandler87: yes
vickychandler87: why not'
chops2006: the wild dog known as cuhi
chops2006: cujo
amnethyst2002: lou the hairdresser, sebastian the magician.....elizabeth the artist....
lamartus: and Arthur the dentist!!!! =))
chops2006: LMFAO!!!!!!!!!
amnethyst2002: lol
vickychandler87: auch, a gun in the tunnels! In such closed envirement... it could make them cave in
amnethyst2002: one on one fight now...
chops2006: duck vinny!!!! DUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!
lamartus: what hearing!
ericsunicorn: I love this move
ericsunicorn: dunk
vickychandler87: he actually calls him an honorable man
salemgirl79: that reminds me, I have to fix my cloak
amnethyst2002: ah....beautiful of all the episode,,,,
vickychandler87: here comes!
chops2006: such a beautiful scene!
salemgirl79: this is so beautiful!!!!
ericsunicorn: why are they so far apart
amnethyst2002: look at cathy and vincent
salemgirl79: Catherine looks so pretty
lamartus: love that dress, that hairstyle, that graze!!!!!
salemgirl79: but I LOVE Vincent's outfit
salemgirl79: look at them!
hrhkitty1: But frustrating.... more waffling...
salemgirl79: OMG!!!
salemgirl79: /me has a fangirl squeel moment
chops2006: such heat!
amnethyst2002: give you all a $ for what you thik vincent is thinking?
vickychandler87: uh oh!
chops2006: "what i wouldnt give to tap that!"
hrhkitty1: but he should ACT
vickychandler87: where are they now?
chops2006: :))
lamartus: balcony
amnethyst2002: measure our life time in another way....
vickychandler87: stil in that outfit both?
salemgirl79: no
lamartus: kiss her, nowwwwwww!!!!!!
salemgirl79: he's got on a sweater
vickychandler87: that sigh!
lamartus: ops
salemgirl79: Oh, but that ruffled shirt
amnethyst2002: they did not even hug!!
ericsunicorn: see another great kissing moment
salemgirl79: Oh come on!!!
salemgirl79: someone kiss that man!
lamartus: =((
vickychandler87: go, girl!
chops2006: ok i have the sudden urge to visit the steam tunnels now!
salemgirl79: lol
lamartus: lol
chops2006: :D
vickychandler87: ooooohh... beautiful episode!
vickychandler87: lol Shilloh!
salemgirl79: woo, that's enough excitement for me
vickychandler87: How come noone ever wrote a fic following this?
amnethyst2002: wonderful episode
hrhkitty1: Valerie has a new story in the steam tunnels
chops2006: you may just get your wish
salemgirl79: hehehehehe
salemgirl79: I have many many fics still brewing in my head
salemgirl79: maybe I'll tackle a short short about the wedding
hrhkitty1: COOL
ericsunicorn: you go girl
hrhkitty1: I'm a willing reader
lamartus: yeahhhh
ericsunicorn: me too
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