To Reign in Hell - July 15

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To Reign in Hell - July 15

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jecris27 (3:44:34 PM): 3
jecris27 (3:44:35 PM): 2
jecris27 (3:44:37 PM): 1
jecris27 (3:44:44 PM): go if you haven't already
vickychandler87 (3:44:57 PM): and the music and that voice begins...
jecris27 (3:45:01 PM): :-)
clefurgey (3:45:04 PM): damn, I love that opening theme.
hrhkitty1 (3:45:15 PM): 8->
jecris27 (3:46:00 PM): i've seen this episode many times
clefurgey (3:46:08 PM): this is my second.
jecris27 (3:46:10 PM): used to have it on vhs
clefurgey (3:46:48 PM): oh, this one.
jecris27 (3:46:55 PM): ooh he looks yummy there
hrhkitty1 (3:46:57 PM): WB
vickychandler87 (3:47:15 PM): I doubt he ever doesn't look yummy...
jecris27 (3:47:20 PM): lol
clefurgey (3:47:20 PM): heheh.
hrhkitty1 (3:47:25 PM): true
vickychandler87 (3:47:28 PM): you mean specially yummy?
jecris27 (3:47:33 PM): there ya go!
ericsunicorn (3:47:37 PM): all the time
mahurin10 (3:47:37 PM): Did you see our tunnel
jecris27 (3:47:40 PM): mouth breather!
vickychandler87 (3:47:54 PM): too creepy!
clefurgey (3:47:58 PM): whoa, that is so creepy.
vickychandler87 (3:48:21 PM): don't go there, girl!
clefurgey (3:48:28 PM): oh, catherine.
jecris27 (3:48:41 PM): hey
jecris27 (3:48:45 PM): that footage looked familiar
vickychandler87 (3:49:04 PM): where from?
jecris27 (3:49:04 PM): there are disadvantages to a 56" tv...
jecris27 (3:49:08 PM): from the pilot
vickychandler87 (3:49:13 PM): Hmmm!
jecris27 (3:49:17 PM): but maybe i'm mistaken
vickychandler87 (3:49:27 PM): oh, that voice...
clefurgey (3:49:31 PM): yes.
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:49:51 PM): wonder if that coin was dropped or left as a message
jecris27 (3:50:04 PM): just wondering the same thing myself
ericsunicorn (3:50:04 PM): it was left
clefurgey (3:50:04 PM): dude! creepy guy!
vickychandler87 (3:50:05 PM): left, I'd say
mahurin10 (3:50:08 PM): I think a message
mahurin10 (3:50:17 PM): He knows V will come for C
hrhkitty1 (3:50:30 PM): left because he wanted Vincent to know EXACTLY who had C
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:50:35 PM): v will always come for c
clefurgey (3:50:42 PM): *sigh*
jecris27 (3:50:49 PM): yikes! he's hot in that outfit
vickychandler87 (3:51:05 PM): Cheryl, in case you don't know, Vincent finds a half melted coin in Catherine's balcony, that's how he makes the link...
clefurgey (3:51:13 PM): +ah.
vickychandler87 (3:51:14 PM): Lol!
hrhkitty1 (3:51:49 PM): Cheryl you have the dvds?
clefurgey (3:51:53 PM): yes.
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:51:55 PM): ok paracelous takes C and father just says 'i know' go find her... yet anyone above takes her and father argues
jecris27 (3:52:05 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (3:52:16 PM): Poor thing...
clefurgey (3:52:21 PM): yeah
hrhkitty1 (3:52:23 PM): well it's DIFFERENT
jecris27 (3:52:31 PM): hehe
vickychandler87 (3:52:37 PM): so different!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:52:40 PM): kat, uh huh lol
clefurgey (3:52:47 PM): different?
vickychandler87 (3:52:52 PM): this is wehat I have for the new email sound
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:52:54 PM): its below where father thinks he can control everything
jecris27 (3:52:59 PM): hehe
clefurgey (3:53:21 PM): apparently it's not dead. the pipe.
jecris27 (3:53:24 PM): oh boy, there's a lot of james avery in winslow!
vickychandler87 (3:53:42 PM): Really? I'm so glad to here that! I love Winslow...
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:53:45 PM): yep .... straight forward talk.. not shy not mincing words
hrhkitty1 (3:53:48 PM): exactly plus his lame ass excuse of someone will see you bla blah is moot Below
clefurgey (3:54:10 PM): the one spelling, is that pascal?
vickychandler87 (3:54:15 PM): yes
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:54:50 PM): rapid fire questions and rapid answers grin
vickychandler87 (3:55:12 PM): Below's comunication!
vickychandler87 (3:55:15 PM): ;)
clefurgey (3:55:30 PM): I wish that pipe code was real. that would be so cool.
jecris27 (3:56:07 PM): no reason it couldn't be. morse code is.
vickychandler87 (3:56:12 PM): I just keep wondering what did Catherine and Vincent do all the trip back... it took at least two days and a night, right?
clefurgey (3:56:13 PM): true.
vickychandler87 (3:56:21 PM): Lol!
jecris27 (3:56:33 PM): lol
jecris27 (3:56:41 PM): you've been reading too much fanfic! ;-)
ericsunicorn (3:57:03 PM): see what I mean Ron K took all the good things out
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:57:04 PM): no such thing as too much fanfic
vickychandler87 (3:57:06 PM): no dear, those are the facts i n this episode
clefurgey (3:57:07 PM): so the tapping was paraselcious. I mean, it couldn't have been chaterine, she wouldn't know the old code.
clefurgey (3:57:16 PM): catherine, sorry
jecris27 (3:57:17 PM): i'm teasing
vickychandler87 (3:57:21 PM): of course
hrhkitty1 (3:57:22 PM): Yeah never enough fan fic.
vickychandler87 (3:57:24 PM): lol!
jecris27 (3:57:38 PM): i love this bit of music
vickychandler87 (3:57:40 PM): I know you are... but we need that story
clefurgey (3:58:07 PM): aww, i want to hug her! mary.
ericsunicorn (3:58:07 PM): may that will be my next one to write
hrhkitty1 (3:58:08 PM): I listened to my Hyperspace cd ..because it's on there
vickychandler87 (3:58:10 PM): Amy, hi!
vickychandler87 (3:58:25 PM): yes, that suit is incredible!
hrhkitty1 (3:58:27 PM): Today at work.
vickychandler87 (3:58:31 PM): suite
jecris27 (3:58:35 PM): i love Jamie! :-D
ericsunicorn (3:58:47 PM): poor jamie
jecris27 (3:58:49 PM): you tell em, girl!
clefurgey (3:58:54 PM): yeah.
clefurgey (3:59:07 PM): ouch. winslow.
vickychandler87 (3:59:13 PM): To reign in hell, Jamie saying goodbye
vickychandler87 (3:59:21 PM): I mean... she wants to go
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:59:28 PM): or see you later as it goes
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:59:32 PM): grin
vickychandler87 (3:59:36 PM): lol
ericsunicorn (4:00:09 PM): that is a very wickid voice
clefurgey (4:00:14 PM): yeah.
vickychandler87 (4:00:17 PM): yes, indeed
jecris27 (4:00:18 PM): tony jay is excellent!
jecris27 (4:00:54 PM): stop touching her!
vickychandler87 (4:01:01 PM): To reign in hell, Catherine and Paracelsus, Claire
clefurgey (4:01:05 PM): oookay. maybe I should be glad i can't see right now. eeeek.
vickychandler87 (4:01:36 PM): Lol I use to say that myself
vickychandler87 (4:02:35 PM): Now he's angry!
clefurgey (4:02:39 PM): oh yeah.
vickychandler87 (4:02:41 PM): ;)
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:02:56 PM): love Narcissa!
ericsunicorn (4:03:10 PM): just just got tolove her
clefurgey (4:03:16 PM): hmm, she's quite the woman.
jecris27 (4:03:22 PM): i love her too
vickychandler87 (4:03:29 PM): I love, love, love David's story about her
vickychandler87 (4:03:38 PM): The way he even remembered the line!
vickychandler87 (4:03:47 PM): The evil one is here...
jecris27 (4:04:01 PM): you do get chills from that line!
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:04:03 PM): it seemed to chill everyone on the set
vickychandler87 (4:04:27 PM): She is my life... ooowww!
clefurgey (4:04:31 PM): yes.
hrhkitty1 (4:04:42 PM): And that she was a professional even though the contacts bothered her
vickychandler87 (4:05:02 PM): Good night Amy
jecris27 (4:05:10 PM): they look horrid
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:05:11 PM): night amy
vickychandler87 (4:05:17 PM): do they?
clefurgey (4:05:21 PM): who?
vickychandler87 (4:05:27 PM): The contacts?
hrhkitty1 (4:05:28 PM): Night Amy sleep well
jecris27 (4:05:31 PM): the contacts look uncomfortable
clefurgey (4:05:38 PM): oh.
hrhkitty1 (4:06:58 PM): I loved the story about the spiders too
vickychandler87 (4:07:16 PM): Spiders?
clefurgey (4:07:23 PM): I was just gonna say
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:07:23 PM): dark spirit
vickychandler87 (4:07:30 PM): Oh!
hrhkitty1 (4:07:45 PM): We were discussing David's stories about Narcissa
vickychandler87 (4:07:54 PM): yes, I remember
vickychandler87 (4:08:04 PM): lol! These two are so funny!
jecris27 (4:08:06 PM): poor pascal!
clefurgey (4:08:19 PM): yeah. winslow, you idiot.
vickychandler87 (4:08:31 PM): no, it's ok
jecris27 (4:08:48 PM): they should go on at a time though. that rope doesn't look so good
jecris27 (4:08:56 PM): one at a time
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:09:05 PM): and going into that fog .. no idea where you will land
jecris27 (4:09:09 PM): yes
hrhkitty1 (4:09:18 PM): yeah you'd think
hrhkitty1 (4:09:28 PM): though Vincent went first
vickychandler87 (4:09:30 PM): perhaps Vincent went first because he was able to see?
jecris27 (4:09:37 PM): i love pascal
clefurgey (4:09:40 PM): could be.
clefurgey (4:09:52 PM): me too.
vickychandler87 (4:09:56 PM): me three
ericsunicorn (4:09:58 PM): so do you Winslow
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:09:59 PM): and how much sleep do you think V really got with C gone anyway
ericsunicorn (4:10:06 PM): you went for love
vickychandler87 (4:10:09 PM): sleep? what's that!
jecris27 (4:10:11 PM): not so much
vickychandler87 (4:10:18 PM): not at all!
ericsunicorn (4:10:21 PM): hard boiled egg
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:10:51 PM): hmmm that makes wislow older than V if he remembers john
clefurgey (4:11:00 PM): true
vickychandler87 (4:11:01 PM): right
vickychandler87 (4:11:54 PM): that's true: Their's always tomorrow
clefurgey (4:12:05 PM): that must be so uncomfortable.
vickychandler87 (4:12:12 PM): what?
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:12:15 PM): nope its a lie... i agree with jessica on that one.... the lie of 'always tomorrow'
clefurgey (4:12:25 PM): the rock.
clefurgey (4:13:29 PM): shudder. oi.
jecris27 (4:13:43 PM): i love david's comments about the smoke too
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:13:57 PM): when you see the camera ... start to act lol
vickychandler87 (4:13:59 PM): I didn't see that!
jecris27 (4:14:34 PM): send in the cavalry!
jecris27 (4:14:39 PM): there she is!
clefurgey (4:14:42 PM): uh-huh.
vickychandler87 (4:14:46 PM): Good!
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:14:56 PM): yeah the girl can take care of herself and them grin
vickychandler87 (4:15:28 PM): Poor Winslow!
jecris27 (4:15:46 PM): damn those writers
clefurgey (4:15:50 PM): yeah. what exactly happened to him?
ericsunicorn (4:16:00 PM): :((
ericsunicorn (4:16:16 PM): hit his head
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:16:29 PM): on the rock wall
clefurgey (4:16:43 PM): ah.
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:17:06 PM): was thrown back against the rock wall and died
clefurgey (4:17:26 PM): jamie. aww.
vickychandler87 (4:19:08 PM): It's not your fault, baby, it's Paracelsus'
jecris27 (4:19:13 PM): he's planning to burn her alive. what an evil git
ericsunicorn (4:19:14 PM): he did not take a lanter
vickychandler87 (4:19:25 PM): The evil one indeed!
jecris27 (4:20:23 PM): he really is an excellent villain
jecris27 (4:20:30 PM): great music too
clefurgey (4:20:32 PM): jamie. aww.he's got the voice for it.
hrhkitty1 (4:20:40 PM): Where'd they get the wood.? For both the campfire and the branches for the bonfire.
clefurgey (4:20:43 PM): whoops, sorry
hrhkitty1 (4:21:16 PM): This is supposed to be a minimum of two days journey below /below
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:21:18 PM): hmmm well the branches could have been gathered from above since they had more time for planning
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:21:33 PM): and guess they could have brought firewood with them knowing they would be gone days
clefurgey (4:21:42 PM): makes sense.
ericsunicorn (4:21:46 PM): ok see nowhe has a lanter
jecris27 (4:21:58 PM): plus, as there are pirate ships below, why couldn't there be firewood? ;-)
vickychandler87 (4:22:06 PM): lol!
hrhkitty1 (4:22:14 PM): maybe but by the looks of the campfire you'd think we'd have seen it sticking out of a pack
clefurgey (4:22:28 PM): big pack? maybe vincent carried it.
hrhkitty1 (4:22:41 PM): yeah yeah I know it's becausethe script said so ;)
jecris27 (4:22:45 PM): lol
clefurgey (4:23:02 PM): what is that hissing sound?
jecris27 (4:23:08 PM): steam
hrhkitty1 (4:23:10 PM): Steam
ericsunicorn (4:23:18 PM): THE WIND
clefurgey (4:23:18 PM): oh, ok.
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:23:26 PM): the steam coming from the pipes in the tunnels making hissing
vickychandler87 (4:23:31 PM): Well, the script excuse doesn't make up for the return trip
hrhkitty1 (4:23:34 PM): orrr a really big snake
jecris27 (4:23:39 PM): lol
ericsunicorn (4:23:56 PM): and where did he come from
clefurgey (4:23:58 PM): he's baaack.
clefurgey (4:24:53 PM): jerk.
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:25:05 PM): 'the woman' has a name grrrr
vickychandler87 (4:25:11 PM): grrr!
clefurgey (4:25:16 PM): gaaaaa!
jecris27 (4:25:21 PM): easier to kill her if she doesn't, i suppose
vickychandler87 (4:25:27 PM): true
clefurgey (4:25:29 PM): mm, good point.
vickychandler87 (4:25:39 PM): Don't listen!
hrhkitty1 (4:25:42 PM): yes but making it personal would add complications
clefurgey (4:25:49 PM): stop talking, you're making me sad, jerk.
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:25:53 PM): the seed of doubt that bloomed in the trilogy sigh
jecris27 (4:25:59 PM): yup
vickychandler87 (4:26:01 PM): true
clefurgey (4:26:11 PM): you did not!
vickychandler87 (4:26:11 PM): he never forgot it
jecris27 (4:26:15 PM): why would he believe you?!
mahurin10 (4:26:22 PM): P knows he can't physically defeat V, so he has to mess with his mind
hrhkitty1 (4:26:24 PM): she's just a means to an end. he wants V not her she's nothing
vickychandler87 (4:26:29 PM): exactly
vickychandler87 (4:26:39 PM): Where's Catherine!
clefurgey (4:26:45 PM): yeah
vickychandler87 (4:26:46 PM): Go, boy!
clefurgey (4:26:54 PM): whoa.
jecris27 (4:27:12 PM): use those claws, vincent!
vickychandler87 (4:27:21 PM): lol!
clefurgey (4:27:43 PM): v is going to kick his butt.
vickychandler87 (4:27:46 PM): Now you'll see!
clefurgey (4:28:03 PM): catherine!
vickychandler87 (4:28:07 PM): That made it, huh Vincent?
mahurin10 (4:28:44 PM): beautiful scene
hrhkitty1 (4:28:51 PM): That script again.... why doesn't a trailing cloak catch fire when going across such flames?
mahurin10 (4:28:52 PM): except for the dead boogie man
jecris27 (4:29:03 PM): it would
jecris27 (4:29:08 PM): it's cotton and quite thin
hrhkitty1 (4:29:10 PM): but didn't
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:29:11 PM): it didnt in the final cut but who knows in other takes
mahurin10 (4:29:11 PM): but the best boogie man is a dead boogie man
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:29:26 PM): fire retardent most likely used as well
mahurin10 (4:29:31 PM): I love how she looks at him here
jecris27 (4:29:35 PM): true
clefurgey (4:30:01 PM): um, are they in a boat?
jecris27 (4:30:05 PM): yes
vickychandler87 (4:30:08 PM): yes,
hrhkitty1 (4:30:11 PM): I meant that it isn't logical.. not the costume itself.
clefurgey (4:30:16 PM): where'd the boat come from?
jecris27 (4:30:20 PM): hehe
hrhkitty1 (4:30:22 PM): it's a raft isn't it?
vickychandler87 (4:30:30 PM): i would sacrifice everything for you...
vickychandler87 (4:30:35 PM): ooowwww...
clefurgey (4:30:36 PM): aww!
mahurin10 (4:30:40 PM): I would sacrifice everything for you
ericsunicorn (4:30:41 PM): Davin and vincent made it
hrhkitty1 (4:31:03 PM): They'd never been there had they?
vickychandler87 (4:31:08 PM): Sweet!
mahurin10 (4:31:11 PM): that truth is love
clefurgey (4:31:11 PM): yes.
ericsunicorn (4:31:14 PM): yes
mahurin10 (4:31:16 PM): big sigh
jecris27 (4:31:35 PM): looks kinda like a barge
jecris27 (4:31:38 PM): a tiny one
vickychandler87 (4:31:46 PM): His death allowed our love to live...
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:31:47 PM): =D>
vickychandler87 (4:31:59 PM): =D> =D> =D>
clefurgey (4:32:01 PM): wow.
mahurin10 (4:32:04 PM): Did I mention that I LOVE this show
jecris27 (4:32:08 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (4:32:15 PM): lol!
clefurgey (4:32:15 PM): me too.
vickychandler87 (4:32:20 PM): me three
vickychandler87 (4:32:48 PM): someone has to write that story...
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:32:52 PM): *sigh* lovely.... i rarely get a chance to sit and watch an ep all the way through except when joining here...
clefurgey (4:33:10 PM): what, the story of their trip back?
clefurgey (4:34:53 PM): that was, just, I don't even know.
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