23 January 2013 Chat Log

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23 January 2013 Chat Log

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(2013-01-23 11:39:50 GMT) Guest 1: Hi, night owl!
(2013-01-23 11:40:13 GMT) Zara: Hmm. Yes, it is dark outside. That counts as night, yes?
(2013-01-23 11:40:31 GMT) Guest 1: in this part of the world, yes. I don't know in your forest...
(2013-01-23 11:40:49 GMT) Zara: *laughs*
(2013-01-23 11:40:56 GMT) Zara: It is hard to sleep when K is away.
(2013-01-23 11:41:13 GMT) Guest 1: oh, so sweet a thing to say.
(2013-01-23 11:41:55 GMT) Zara: I don't know that I've ever thought of insommnia as sweet, but I suppose this has its little romance to it.
(2013-01-23 11:42:29 GMT) Guest 1: yes, love shines through in every little gesture and in any moments.
(2013-01-23 11:42:51 GMT) Guest 1: Would you like that I correct what you are writing, so that you ask your questions about such corrections if you want?
(2013-01-23 11:43:13 GMT) Zara: That would be wonderful!
(2013-01-23 11:46:16 GMT) Zara: Wow. I've gotten more correct than I thought I would.
(2013-01-23 11:47:43 GMT) Guest 1: ok. As I told you, I am not good with explaining rules, and I'm sorry for this.
(2013-01-23 11:47:57 GMT) Guest 1: and... did you tell you that you are AMAZING!!?
(2013-01-23 11:48:10 GMT) Guest 1: sorry - did I tell you - et cetera.
(2013-01-23 11:48:51 GMT) Zara: *grins* I am just dancing with joy because I got "dette" right. Been working on that one for a good quarter hour!
(2013-01-23 11:49:09 GMT) Guest 1: oh... you are MORE than amazing!
(2013-01-23 11:49:27 GMT) Zara: Dear friend, so are you.
(2013-01-23 11:50:04 GMT) Guest 1: sigh... I wish. I have been practicing English for almost fifteen
(2013-01-23 11:52:20 GMT) Zara: There are those who were raised in English-speaking lands who do not write as well as you do in English.
(2013-01-23 11:55:42 GMT) Guest 1: I think that an useful suggestion is that you'll have to learn to "think" in Italian, like I have to "think" in English. It's not a matter of translating, but of "creating". When I learnt that, it was a huge step. But it needs time, three months are not enough to get a new mindframe. It needs years... for normal people. You'll probably need a few months. Any questions on the paragraph? I am so sorry I have to go and have dinner, they are waiting for me -- I'd like to stay here with you.
(2013-01-23 11:56:03 GMT) Guest 1: SOOOOORRY --- lunch, not dinner.
(2013-01-23 11:57:10 GMT) Zara: No worries: I grew up with dinner = lunch and supper = dinner. Do go enjoy your meal! I am will look carefully at the words. *smiles*
(2013-01-23 11:58:00 GMT) Zara: Mindframe is about developing vocabulary, for me anyway. That is years for me as well...so many words in this dictionary, you see.
(2013-01-23 11:58:29 GMT) Guest 1: I'll be back in an hour. I don't know what to hope -- if you are peacefully asleep, or if you are still here so that I can chat further...
(2013-01-23 11:58:37 GMT) Guest 1: good... whatever.
(2013-01-23 11:58:39 GMT) Guest 1: Ciao.
(2013-01-23 11:58:47 GMT) Zara: Ciao!
(2013-01-23 12:00:35 GMT) Guest 1: so you have your homework now...
(2013-01-23 12:00:39 GMT) Guest 1: ciao for good.
(2013-01-23 12:00:43 GMT) Zara: :)
(2013-01-23 12:57:14 GMT) Guest 1: still there?
(2013-01-23 12:57:20 GMT) Zara: *smiles*
(2013-01-23 12:57:55 GMT) Guest 1: you need to sleep -- but I'm glad to find you still
(2013-01-23 12:58:18 GMT) Zara: I have a reading nest in our library. It is very comfortable here.
(2013-01-23 13:01:35 GMT) Zara: I love it! I am making up nonexistant words!
(2013-01-23 13:01:46 GMT) Guest 1: well, I'm twice as glad.
(2013-01-23 13:02:08 GMT) Guest 1: Dear friend, my heart goes out to you at the though that you are trying to tame the Italian tensens...
(2013-01-23 13:02:58 GMT) Zara: And I am grateful for your help with that endeavor.
(2013-01-23 13:03:23 GMT) Guest 1: it's FUN!
(2013-01-23 13:03:42 GMT) Zara: It is at that!
(2013-01-23 13:04:00 GMT) Zara: A good lunch for you?
(2013-01-23 13:04:21 GMT) Guest 1: oh, yes, thank you. What time is it over there?
(2013-01-23 13:04:32 GMT) Zara: 5:05 a.m.
(2013-01-23 13:04:47 GMT) Guest 1: almost time to wake up! Is K away for work?
(2013-01-23 13:05:25 GMT) Zara: Yes. He is negotiating with another tribe to build a partnership that will bring good internet to tribal country.
(2013-01-23 13:06:18 GMT) Zara: As opposed to bad internet...or the no internet that many people currently live with.
(2013-01-23 13:07:02 GMT) Guest 1: is he recovered from pneumonia fully?
(2013-01-23 13:07:37 GMT) Zara: Sadly, no. He came home, was doing well, went back to work...and caught a cold from a co-worker.
(2013-01-23 13:07:56 GMT) Zara: He is now enforcing the health policy that requires people to stay home for 24 hours when they are ill.
(2013-01-23 13:08:55 GMT) Zara: Sharing germs = very not good.
(2013-01-23 13:10:03 GMT) Guest 1: phone, sorry, brb
(2013-01-23 13:10:26 GMT) Zara: tea, ditto
(2013-01-23 13:31:35 GMT) Guest 1: here I am. Still there?
(2013-01-23 13:31:47 GMT) Zara: Yup.
(2013-01-23 13:32:45 GMT) Guest 1: Sorry for your husband. I hear not good things about pneumonia, it often is not completely healed and returns. Take extra care, please.
(2013-01-23 13:34:23 GMT) Zara: We will try. He is dutiful with his medicine. And he rests at home. Thank you for your caring words.
(2013-01-23 13:34:49 GMT) Guest 1: Hugs!
(2013-01-23 13:35:14 GMT) Guest 1: where shall we go with Vincent now? Any special desire about what he will reply to Father?
(2013-01-23 13:35:57 GMT) Guest 1: and the Father's sentence is perfect.. Another way to write is may be "Hai ricevuto sue notizie?", more colloquial.
(2013-01-23 13:36:27 GMT) Zara: Excellent. *takes notes*
(2013-01-23 13:38:44 GMT) Zara: I thought it might be nice to get Vincent into a visit with Mrs. Tina soon. Perhaps another Helper has been talking with Vincent. Sebastian the magician comes to mind. I feel for this gentle lady. She sounds in need of comforting.
(2013-01-23 13:40:57 GMT) Guest 1: we will comfort her!
(2013-01-23 13:41:37 GMT) Zara: Creating stories...it's amazing to watch the people-who-are-not there come to life.
(2013-01-23 13:42:18 GMT) Guest 1: absolutely!
(2013-01-23 13:42:42 GMT) Guest 1: I'm going and take a look at Lucy's room now, follow me?
(2013-01-23 13:42:53 GMT) Zara: Yes!

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