1 February 2013 Chat Log

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1 February 2013 Chat Log

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(2013-02-01 09:47:52 GMT) Guest 1: good morning my friend.
(2013-02-01 09:48:06 GMT) Guest 1: I mean - good night.
(2013-02-01 09:50:53 GMT) Zara: Or both at once, in our case.
(2013-02-01 09:54:50 GMT) s: sorry, my internet connection disappeared, I had to re-start.
(2013-02-01 09:54:55 GMT) s: how are you?
(2013-02-01 09:55:53 GMT) Zara: A difficult week, so I am turning to stories for comfort.
(2013-02-01 09:56:21 GMT) s: oh, sorry. Would you like to share?
(2013-02-01 09:58:22 GMT) Zara: *smiles* Just many things happening all at once. A frustrating visit to the doctor, planning a trip to see my family (always a challenge), discovering a scene that did not work in my final chapter of NIBAC... It adds up.
(2013-02-01 09:58:51 GMT) s: Hugs. And what ano
(2013-02-01 09:58:54 GMT) s: sorry.
(2013-02-01 09:59:08 GMT) s: And what about nice things?
(2013-02-01 10:00:39 GMT) Zara: Nice things, yes! K is much better now. And I have been reading very good books from the public library. Tonight I am enjoying your beautiful phrasing in this newest paragraph.
(2013-02-01 10:02:02 GMT) s: A little challenging phrasing, but I am trying to make V have second thoughts about his illusions about the world Above... <smile>.
(2013-02-01 10:03:36 GMT) Zara: Yes, that was a sad thing for him to say. I was thinking that whenever V makes a "How can it be?" statement, he is expressing grief for the suffering of others. But his hopeful heart cannot stay sad for long.
(2013-02-01 10:03:52 GMT) s: exactly!
(2013-02-01 10:04:24 GMT) Zara: See? You understand... *smiles*
(2013-02-01 10:05:06 GMT) s: what else is new? {WIDE smile}
(2013-02-01 10:05:22 GMT) Zara: Now I'm laughing happily.
(2013-02-01 10:05:52 GMT) s: I am here if you need me. I'll have to look other nooks and crannies of my Real Life internet world. I'll hear the little noise if you write something.
(2013-02-01 10:07:35 GMT) Zara: Excellent. Just know that I love your three phrases of "il mondo", drawing Vincent Above. I am also reading your wonderful instructive notes to me, and then I must go to bed.
(2013-02-01 10:09:24 GMT) s: Don't hesitate to ask anything or any different way to offer my help. And have a good rest. Hugs to you and K.
(2013-02-01 10:09:47 GMT) Zara: Thank you. Have a lovely day!

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