25 January 2013 Chat Log

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25 January 2013 Chat Log

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(2013-01-25 21:51:46 GMT) Guest 1: oh! hello!
(2013-01-25 21:52:12 GMT) Zara: Fancy meeting you here. :)
(2013-01-25 21:52:28 GMT) Guest 1: yes!
(2013-01-25 21:52:57 GMT) Zara: Good evening to you. I trust you are well?
(2013-01-25 21:53:09 GMT) Guest 1: yes, and you?
(2013-01-25 21:53:14 GMT) Guest 1: and your husband?
(2013-01-25 21:53:46 GMT) Zara: Both tired, but the weekend is tomorrow.
(2013-01-25 21:54:25 GMT) Guest 1: yes, time to rest and recover.
(2013-01-25 21:55:08 GMT) Zara: Very much so.
(2013-01-25 21:55:19 GMT) Guest 1: I confess I don't understand your remark about the tone of voice. Sorry.
(2013-01-25 22:00:10 GMT) Zara: Ah. It is a phrase that is used, a common expression like...oh..."time of day." Some people will supply "of voice" in their imagination because they notice the words are "missing" from the phrase. A little distraction from the story.
(2013-01-25 22:01:18 GMT) Guest 1: OH! I had written just "tone"? I didn't remember and didn't catch your correction! I though I had written "tone of voice" and you were suggesting to delete it. All right, understood.
(2013-01-25 22:01:52 GMT) Zara: I do so love understandings!
(2013-01-25 22:02:27 GMT) Guest 1: good. And of course I know the paradigm of to seek - I just forgot it.
(2013-01-25 22:03:08 GMT) Zara: Easy to forget.
(2013-01-25 22:03:23 GMT) Guest 1: Now I wish that Vincent said what in Italian would be
(2013-01-25 22:03:29 GMT) Guest 1: "Sì, grazie a te".
(2013-01-25 22:04:12 GMT) Guest 1: that is, "I managed to go back home, and it was only - thanks to - because of you.
(2013-01-25 22:06:08 GMT) Guest 1: does it sound so, if I write: "I did... thank to you"?
(2013-01-25 22:07:24 GMT) Zara: It would be "I did... thanks to you."
(2013-01-25 22:07:40 GMT) Guest 1: okay!
(2013-01-25 22:08:01 GMT) Zara: :)
(2013-01-25 22:09:31 GMT) Zara: I don't wish to interrupt your writing at all. I only stopped in to copy text to the clean page. A pleasant treat to find you online.
(2013-01-25 22:10:39 GMT) Guest 1: a nice treat for me too. Did you find the flood of explanations in the Italian duel? Too much?
(2013-01-25 22:11:42 GMT) Zara: That room is my next stop. I'll have to see what thoughts you've left for me there.
(2013-01-25 22:13:22 GMT) Guest 1: A lot of thoughts, but if it's too much, please say so, don't worry.
(2013-01-25 22:14:11 GMT) Zara: Okay! I must do a quick chore, then I will be in my reading nest, studying your beautiful language. *smiles*
(2013-01-25 22:14:40 GMT) Guest 1: Allora... buono studio.

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