23 January 2013 Chat Log, Cont'd From Inverno Chat

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23 January 2013 Chat Log, Cont'd From Inverno Chat

Post by Zara »

(2013-01-23 13:45:04 GMT) s: so LITTLE corrections??
(2013-01-23 13:45:30 GMT) Zara: Hey, it was *good* storytelling!
(2013-01-23 13:45:48 GMT) s: amazing.
(2013-01-23 13:46:14 GMT) Zara: Yes, you are. *grins*
(2013-01-23 13:46:40 GMT) s: giggle...
(2013-01-23 13:47:27 GMT) Zara: Does my crazy color code still make sense? It's been a while since the highlighter days.
(2013-01-23 13:48:39 GMT) s: yes - purple - real corrections, green - style, red - deleted parts, yes?
(2013-01-23 13:50:01 GMT) Zara: Almost. Green - grammar. Purple - style of word choice.
(2013-01-23 13:50:38 GMT) Zara: I can reverse this in the future, if you wish. Whatever is easiest for communication!
(2013-01-23 13:51:44 GMT) s: no, my mistake, it's okay..
(2013-01-23 13:53:24 GMT) Zara: No worries, then.
(2013-01-23 13:54:50 GMT) s: phone again - sorry
(2013-01-23 13:58:03 GMT) s: here.
(2013-01-23 13:59:34 GMT) Zara: Fear not. Phone calls happen. So many lines of communication to sort through these days!
(2013-01-23 13:59:50 GMT) s: so, sight is not correct - I mean, in Italian we can say "Mentre il suo sguardo controllava i dintorni" - "sight" is not appropriate in this case, right?
(2013-01-23 14:01:43 GMT) s: indeed, "sight" is "vista" in Italian, nor "sguardo".
(2013-01-23 14:02:08 GMT) Zara: Yes, because it is referring to a sense or experience the eyes give to a person.
(2013-01-23 14:02:56 GMT) Zara: So Vincent's eyes can scan, or he himself can scan. Or he can use his sight to scan. But his sight cannot scan his surroundings.
(2013-01-23 14:03:17 GMT) s: understood, very good.
and about Father -- the meaning I wanted to convey
(2013-01-23 14:03:39 GMT) s: is that Father had to live with it. Is there a way to say it?
(2013-01-23 14:07:39 GMT) Zara: Hmmm. Maybe: Well, Father had to accept Vincent's choice in this matter.
(2013-01-23 14:08:53 GMT) Zara: Something to that effect. I have modifying phrases assigned to Vincent in my writing such as "Well..." and "In any case..." that match the way he speaks in the episodes.
(2013-01-23 14:10:04 GMT) Zara: Such phrases soften descriptions of Vincent doing things Father wishes he wouldn't. Because Vincent is very tolerant of Father's fears and objections most of the time.
(2013-01-23 14:10:45 GMT) Zara: Hmmm some more. "Father had to live with Vincent's choice/decision."
(2013-01-23 14:11:04 GMT) s: Excellent!
(2013-01-23 14:12:08 GMT) s: yes, of course Vincent is very attentive at Father's ideas - and of course, Father was adamant that Vincent should not go there again, I think.
(2013-01-23 14:13:52 GMT) Zara: I am laughing to imagine Father pulling out all the stops in making an impassioned yet logical argument, while Vincent listens and waits patiently for the time to say, "And yet, I must go."
(2013-01-23 14:14:37 GMT) s: Yes, à la Brigit.
(2013-01-23 14:15:52 GMT) Zara: Absolutely.
(2013-01-23 14:16:51 GMT) s: I'm in the "clean" page now.
(2013-01-23 14:17:47 GMT) s: If I put "Well, Father had to live with Vincent's decision eventually", should I put also "Vincent's heart" instead of "his heart"?
(2013-01-23 14:19:19 GMT) Zara: Yes. Simply because Father was the subject of the previous sentence, while Vincent's decision was functioning as an object Father was reacting to.
(2013-01-23 14:19:55 GMT) s: ok.
(2013-01-23 14:21:28 GMT) s: It's clean now. If you read it, do you
feel that the writer is not native English?
(2013-01-23 14:24:42 GMT) Zara: I get the sense that the writer has a clean style. The words are specific and crafted to create images that interact with emotion.
(2013-01-23 14:25:06 GMT) Zara: Reading this, I would not assume offhand that the author is not a native speaker of English.
(2013-01-23 14:25:51 GMT) s: it's my ongoing doubt. I read the works of Annik, or Rosemarie Hauer, and I wonder how they can be so good in a foreign language.
(2013-01-23 14:27:30 GMT) s: This "dueling" is helping me immensely. Besides being a lot of fun - which I think I have already repeatedly said...
(2013-01-23 14:28:26 GMT) s: A punctuation question. When you use the thre dots ... (how do you call them?), you put a space after or not? Some times I have seen it, other times I didn't.
(2013-01-23 14:31:44 GMT) Zara: The dots are an ellipsis. The spacing inconsistency is a matter of convention failing to keep up with technology and usage...
(2013-01-23 14:32:32 GMT) Zara: Originally, the dots had spaces . . . like that, and was the way to type the punctuation on a typewriter or typesetting for a book.
(2013-01-23 14:33:15 GMT) Zara: Some word processing programs have a glyph, a single character of the three dots, but not all programs do.
(2013-01-23 14:34:02 GMT) Zara: On the internet, formatting and scarcity of typing space have evolved the ellipsis into three close dots with no spaces...like that.
(2013-01-23 14:34:19 GMT) Zara: For the most part. There is, of course, wide variation.
(2013-01-23 14:35:10 GMT) Zara: Ah, linguistics.
(2013-01-23 14:37:20 GMT) Zara: Okay...we are having electrical fluctuations here. I am on my netbook, so my battery is keeping me online, but I should probably log off in case we get a surge.
(2013-01-23 14:38:46 GMT) s: ok.
(2013-01-23 14:39:28 GMT) s: In fact I have seen the ellipsis with space among dots, and I was wondering about them as well.
(2013-01-23 14:40:52 GMT) s: In Italian, the ellipsis is without spaces among the dots, and it has a space after the third dot, like after any full stop. It replaces also the... hypen, I think, the long trait you use to indicate that someone's words have been interrupted.
(2013-01-23 14:42:19 GMT) Zara: Yes. I think the Italian way definitely has its merits. Hyphens, dashes, and ellipsis can get confusing in English.
(2013-01-23 14:42:43 GMT) s: well, *I* am definitely confused.
(2013-01-23 14:43:33 GMT) Zara: We can take it up next time then, if you wish. Or ponder punctuation in email. *smiles*
(2013-01-23 14:44:03 GMT) Zara: Okay. Third flicker. I will leave you to your day. Do have a good one!
(2013-01-23 14:44:27 GMT) s: Yes, same to you. I have added my paragraph to the Italian duel in the meantime.
(2013-01-23 14:44:31 GMT) s: ciao, my friend.
(2013-01-23 14:44:37 GMT) Zara: Be well.

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