Chapter 3

Catherine could feel the sudden change in him, although she wasn't sure what happened. Suddenly he seemed to swell beneath her hands - and not just the usual parts; his shoulders seemed broader, his chest rose, and a tidal wave of elation rolled from him over her. He nuzzle/licked her again - but this time, he suddenly bit the junction of her neck and shoulder, pressing just enough so she could feel the fangs while he gulped in a breath that made her neck go cold and her crotch overheat.

She cried out, her thighs parting uncontrollably, and she almost fell off the sofa.

Vincent laughed - laughed out loud! - catching her around the waist before she fell. She went limp as he pushed her down on her back on the sofa, sliding off it himself to kneel beside her. He stroked down her torso, the furry back of one hand following closely after the warm palm of the other. Every now and then he trailed his claws along her ribs in a light, tickling scratch.

Eventually his attentions focused on her breasts once more. First he cradled them in his hands, kneading slightly, but that didn't last long before he was circling one nipple and then the other with a soft, furry knuckle. They rose to hard peaks beneath his fingers and Catherine arched beneath him, moaning.

He bent his head to meet her, lightly kissing one nipple after the other, finally taking one in his mouth to suck with increasing urgency. Catherine writhed and he spread his hands to pin her down. His left hand circled her other breast, pinching at the nipple in unison with his mouth, while his right ran smoothly down her chest, over her stomach, ending with his claws running lightly through her pubic hair.

Promise forgotten, Catherine spread her legs and bucked, desperate for him to touch her lower yet. Vincent denied her, chuckling as she tried ever harder to get that hand to move. With a last nip at her breast, he licked his way down the path his hand had taken, pausing to lap once at her bellybutton.

But when his mouth met her pubic hair, he let go and stood up.

"No!" Catherine wailed, reaching for him.

Vincent bent to kiss her mouth but dodged her hands as he kicked off his boots and stripped off his pants. "If I don't take these off now, I don't think I'll get them off," he explained.

She could see what he meant. It was a very impressive erection - not so large as to be intimidating, but nicely sized. Her palms itched to stroke it, but once again he ducked away. "It's still my turn," he said stubbornly, dropping back to his knees. "Now where was I... oh, yes." He pulled her leg over, resting her thigh against his shoulder, leaving her splayed half on and off the couch.

For a moment he did nothing else and Catherine waited, quivering with erotic tension. Then there was a sudden cold rush of air as he inhaled along the inside of her thigh, heading upwards... but once again he avoided her crotch as he sighed down the inside of her other thigh. She was ready to cry when a warm, slightly rough tongue started to gently lap its way back up.

And this time, he didn't stop. Gently, so gently, his tongue brushed against her. At first he lapped almost randomly, but he must have followed her feelings, for soon he leaned forward and...

OH! Oh, my, "Yes! Yes just like... don't stop, just like that, oh... Oh! OH!" Oh yes... Ah! Oh... ahhh... ooooo... Oh! OH!

As her orgasm started to build, he reached up to play with her breasts again, alternating strokes of fur, skin, and claw tip. It pushed her over the edge and he had to pin her down as she convulsed.

When Catherine came back to, Vincent was curled up beside the couch, resting his head on her breasts.

"Wow," she said, running her fingers through his hair. "I... wow."

Vincent laughed and Catherine's heart rejoiced. She'd seen him smile, heard him chuckle, but not until tonight had she heard him laugh freely - twice, even!

"Catherine, you have given me a gift beyond my imagining. It's going to take the rest of my life to show you what you've done for me."

She ducked so she could kiss the top of his head. "Oh? And what about the rest of the night? What do you want to do next?"

He smiled at her, leaning forward for a long, deep kiss. When he came up for air again, he guided her hand to his erection. "I want you to take your turn next."