Submission Guidelines for The Steam Tunnels

1)    TST accepts only Classic "adult" stories, including SND (“She's Not Dead/She Never Died”) stories which are Classic in outcome.

2)    Please ensure that stories are fully edited prior to submission. Submissions will receive light editing for grammar and punctuation.

3)    All stories must be the writer's own work.

4)     It is preferable that stories which are posted on The Beauty and the Beast Reading Chamber (BBRC) or Marina's site not be submitted to TST to avoid duplication of stories on different sites.

5)     It is perfectly fine to send in a story which you're also hosting on your own personal blog/website. However, all stories submitted to TST must be finished. If a story can stand on its own, even if part of a larger work, it is acceptable for submission.

6)    If your story has previously appeared in a conzine, please wait at least a couple of months after the con before submitting it to TST. This is a long-running tradition to allow all the conzines to be sold (and funds raised for charity) before the content becomes available for free.

7)    We would be happy to take a story which has appeared on Winterfest Online, but it will not be posted until after WFOL ends. Please wait until the doors of the Great Hall have closed for another year before submitting.

8)    If you are writing under a pen name, please let me know. Pen names will not be disclosed without your permission.

9)    Please email your story to in .doc, .docx, .wp, or .odt format. Please do not send .pdfs. There are no page or word count restrictions.

10)    In addition to fiction, we encourage submission of artwork, poetry and filks and videos which fit within the guidelines.

11)    If you have any questions, please contact Krista at