Change the Ending

The Watcher's beautiful beginning scene ends in one of those countless moments when events in the show abruptly turns from hopeful anticipation to frustration. Vincent and Catherine are preparing to celebrate their 2nd anniversary, ready to take a step toward Love...







Two years ago, tonight.

I thought maybe we could       
go inside, by the fire. - Its warm... 

... when the jangling ring of the telephone rudely interrupts a very promising scenario. Argh! But the fans are rich in fantasy...

Here is the first scene of the Watcher

And here are some alternate endings (novelization of first scene by Tunnelmom):

If you also have a perfect ending to this scene, send it to us at darnphone at batbland . com
and we will post it here for everyone to enjoy!  

If you would like to do a little research, the complete transcription of The Watcher can be found at the BATB Script and Transcription web site.

~ from the 2005 April 12 anniversary webpage, courtesy of  the Winterfest Online Committee (Chandler) ~