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Because someday, somewhere across the multiverse, we can hope that TPTB got it right…

…Although I doubt there’s hope for Yahell. ;-)



[19:14] kitkatkar: OMG, Brandi these cookies are amazing!! : )
[19:14] choccake42: thanks!! >:D<
[19:14] sandi_cat: is that the chocolate cookie recipe?
[19:14] kitkatkar: yes you have to try them!!
[19:14] sandi_cat: were they hard to make?
[19:14] kitkatkar: Mmphmphmmph! *swallows* no, they’re easier than you think.
[19:14] sandi_cat: I can’t believe you managed to reconstruct the recipe! You must have gone over it with a fine-tooth comb
[19:15] choccake42: well, I felt it was my duty. LOL Besides, I love that scene.
[19:15] kitkatkar: I love the look on Charles’s face when he sees the size of the cookie Mary baked him!! XD
[19:15] choccake42: LOL YES!!
[19:15] sandi_cat: I think his eyes get almost as big!! I love him. He’s sooo cute!!
[19:15] kitkatkar: that’s one of my fave scenes.
[19:15] choccake42: my favorite one is the haloween episode from season 4.
[19:15] kitkatkar: which one is that again?
[19:15] choccake42: it’s the one they go to the midnight showing of Nosferatu
[19:15] sandi_cat: oh, I love that one!! I love the look on V’s face when he wins People’s Choice for the costume lol!!
[19:15] choccake42: YES!! LOLLL
[19:15] *** "twistedoliver" signed on at Tue May 22 19:15:49 2010
[19:15] sandi_cat: Hi Dave! >:D<
[19:15] twistedoliver: hi everyone!! >:D< >:D<
[19:15] kitkatkar: Hi! >:D<
[19:15] choccake42: hi david! >:D<
[19:16] twistedoliver: what’d I miss?
[19:16] kitkatkar: cookies XD
[19:16] twistedoliver: did you try Brandi’s recipe? How are they!
[19:16] kitkatkar: amazi
[19:16] kitkatkar:ng
[19:16] choccake42: yes!
[19:16] sandi_cat: and fave moments
[19:16] twistedoliver: fave moments…
[19:16] twistedoliver: hmmm…
[19:16] sandi_cat: the xmas one where Jenny and joe come to winterfest
[19:16] kitkatkar: oh! I love that one!!
[19:17] twistedoliver: I love the one where they hook up XD THat was soooo cute!!
[19:17] choccake42: when she fell in the pond XD
[19:17] twistedoliver: haha joe’s so chivalrous
[19:17] sandi_cat: which season do you guys like the best?
[19:17] twistedoliver: 7th. Hands down.
[19:17] choccake42: why 7?
[19:17] twistedoliver: I like the feling of it. And I like where tehy  took the other characters…
[19:17] kitkatkar: you just like that Father and Mary finally hookd up!! ;-)
[19:17] twistedoliver: why’d they take so long?!!?
[19:17] sandi_cat: I think it was when Devin got married that he began to see the possibilities
[19:18] choccake42: I think they would still be apart if she hadn’t gotten so sick
[19:18] kitkatkar: yes
[19:18] sandi_cat: when he thought he was going to lose her.
[19:18] twistedoliver: yes. Shame he didn’t realize sooner!!
[19:18] choccake42: well, you know how Father is! XD Look how long he took to accept V and C
[19:18] kitkatkar: well, C anyways…
[19:18] sandi_cat: at least he finally came to his senses LOL
[19:18] twistedoliver: I love their Joining. That was sooo well done.
[19:18] kitkatkar: lovely!!
[19:18] choccake42: I bawled like a baby loll
[19:18] sandi_cat: we all did!! >:D<
[19:18] sandi_cat: I think he didn’t fully accept them together until that first time he held Charles.
[19:18] kitkatkar: awww… That was an awesome scene!! *snif*
[19:19] choccake42: I’m so glad she finally moved Below.
[19:19] twistedoliver: brb phone
[19:19] kitkatkar: k
[19:19] choccake42: I love the pic Elizabeth did of them all together
[19:19] sandi_cat: OMG!! Yes!!
[19:19] sandi_cat: I found a print of it on ebay!!! Squeee!!!
[19:19] choccake42: No way!!
[19:19] sandi_cat: yes!! I’ll scan it in when it comes. Hang on a sec; I’ll get the url if you like…
[19:19] choccake42: please!!
[19:19] kitkatkar: Yes!!
[19:20] twistedoliver: back
[19:20] sandi_cat: http://cgi.ebay.com/Beauty-And-The-Beast-Print_W0QQitemZ370028979501QQcmdZViewItem?IMSfp=TL0803040836a16580
[19:20] twistedoliver: guess what?!!!
[19:20] choccake42: that is gorgeous!!
[19:20] choccake42: what?
[19:20] kitkatkar: ??
[19:20] twistedoliver: Amy just heard the sequel is a go!!
[19:20] sandi_cat: the second mocie?!!!
[19:20] sandi_cat: Movie??
[19:20] twistedoliver: yes!!
[19:20] twistedoliver: filming to begin in April (tentative)
[19:20] kitkatkar: ZOMG!!1! *SQUEEEEE!!!*
[19:20] choccake42: !!YAYAYAYY!!
[19:20] sandi_cat: OMG!! OMGOMG!!
[19:20] kitkatkar: where is Amy? I demand details!!
[19:20] sandi_cat: cant tupe lol’
[19:20] choccake42: I’ll pull her in… hang on…
[19:20] *** "lioness34" signed on at Tue May 22 19:20:09 2010
[19:20] kitkatkar: DETAILS!!!
[19:21] lioness34: lol Hi!!
[19:21] choccake42: Hi Amy! Have some cookies… tea?
[19:21] lioness34: mmm! Thanks!
[19:21] kitkatkar: NEVER MIND TEA!!! Details, woman!! Now!!!
[19:21] lioness34: lol
[19:21] lioness34: all I know is that theyre scheduled to begin shooting in April
[19:21] lioness34: all very hush hush.
[19:21] sandi_cat: do you know when they’re relaseing it?
[19:21] lioness34: trying to tie in with 25th  anniversary I believe
[19:21] lioness34: might rerelease TAFM next year as a tie in\
[19:21] choccake42: Yay!!!
[19:21] lioness34: don’t know for sure, tho. Just a rumor.
[19:21] twistedoliver: we should time the con so we can all go
[19:21] kitkatkar: Yes!!! See it in New York!!
[19:21] choccake42: or LA…
[19:21] sandi_cat: OMG that’s fantastic!!
[19:21] twistedoliver: I’ll be there!
[19:21] lioness34: me too! *grin*
[19:22] choccake42: is Koslow in?
[19:22] lioness34: koslow for sure, Martin most likely. Not sure who else.
[19:22] sandi_cat: RP and LH tho?
[19:22] lioness34: oh, of course. I think everyone’s coming in for it
[19:22] lioness34: so far as I know
[19:22] kitkatkar: yay!!
[19:22] sandi_cat: wouldn’t have been the same without them
[19:22] choccake42: well, they all came back for the first one, so as long as they didn’t have any commitments…
[19:22] lioness34: I hear RD cleared something out for this but I’m not sure its’ true
[19:22] twistedoliver: he is really busy… He might have to.
[19:22] sandi_cat: well, he might be able to shoot while his show is on hiatus
[19:22] sandi_cat: over the summer
[19:22] twistedoliver: true
[19:22] lioness34: I hear Ron’s really excited… and linda…
[19:22] kitkatkar: Yay!
[19:22] choccake42: It’s so awesome that they still want to play these characters after so long doing them
[19:22] sandi_cat: well they’re fantastic characters
[19:23] choccake42: yes but it’s been a very long run for them
[19:23] twistedoliver: 15 years is a long time
[19:23] kitkatkar: I’m just so glad they’re doing more!!
[19:23] *** "sandi_cat" signed off at Fri Mar 28 19:23:10 2010.
[19:23] choccake42: damn!
[19:23] kitkatkar: Grab her, Brandi!
[19:23] choccake42: just a sec
[19:23] twistedoliver: bloody yahell…
[19:23] choccake42: got her
[19:23] *** "lioness34" signed on at Tue May 22 19:23:09 2010
[19:23] lioness34: staple her down!
[19:23] sandi_cat: sorry…
[19:23] sandi_cat: cat on keyboard
[19:23] kitkatkar: lol
[19:23] twistedoliver: WH!!!

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