To Vincent and Catherine (mp3)

by Vicky

One soul, moving safely in the shadows
And the other, creature of the light,
In their darkest hour found each other
And their lives begun one April night.

Shielded by the shelter of the moon light
Feelings gently stirred, without a sign...
Trust rose out of hopelessness, to guide them,
Out of darkness, love begun to shine.

Giving in to fate, ignoring boundaries,
hiding secret longings
In a dreamy gaze.
Happy just to savor every moment
Sheltering their love
In a passionate embrace,
They were bound to shadow any love song
with a breathless whisper,
with a wordless sigh.
They were bound to live their love forever,
and to never let it die.

Nothing kept their love from growing stronger
Than whatever hardship in its way,
With courage and care in every journey
And a touch of hope to save the day.

Giving in to fate, ignoring boundaries...