Of Love and Compassion

A tribute to Vincent and Catherine's Anniversary
April 12th, 2011



That is what you did for me

SandyX from B&B episode "Trial"


"Trial" is a beautiful episode for more than the final hug. It shows the ripe love of Vincent and Catherine, that cannot but outpour on the others, drawing strength from the "special place" where hatred and cruelty don't belong, the heart. Some beautiful quotes from it, and a video.


Vincent: What is it Catherine? What makes you so sad?
Catherine: Sometimes I see things… and I wonder if there is hope left for any of us.
Vincent: I have known that feeling.
Catherine: A father beats his child to death. What does that say about us, our world, and the way we treat each other?
Vincent: Evil exists. It's real, we know that… but when it touches little children… it tells us that no one any where is safe. We have children living with us Below that have suffered more in their young years then anyone should have been allowed to in a hundred lifetimes.
Catherine: Where is the hope?
Vincent: Within you. Within us. We must not let it die; we must protect it.

Joe: Cathy, you are thinking with your heart.
Catherine: So will the Jury.

Catherine: So, I am just supposed to put aside my feelings?
Joe: If it interferes with your work? Absolutely.

Catherine: It’s hard for me to separate myself like that.
Joe: I know.

Vincent: You must continue fighting.
Catherine: I know.
Vincent: Even if there is nothing you can do. You must do it for the child, for his memory. For all of us who refuse to accept that child’s death, alone in a room, that the child’s suffering not be forgotten.
Catherine: It won’t, Vincent.
Vincent: It must not be forgotten because that child stands in silent judgment of us all.

Catherine: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to tell you about a place, a special place I know where this disease
, abuse, does not exist. A place where many people go to when they are in pain, when they are being abused. The disease does go there but it never stays.
It is in our hearts, that room where hatred and cruelty don’t belong...
This disease needs a different name. That name I would give it is "heartlessness." Only a man with an empty heart could brutalize and terrorize those that love him... has no heart.

Catherine: It's over. We won.
Vincent: Good.
Catherine: It’s a beginning. --- Where are the voices? It’s all so quiet.
Vincent: Sometimes, when the wind shifts the voices, the echoes, are lost.
Catherine: Are you sad, Vincent?
Vincent: More the once I have heard a child’s voice crying out. There was no way I could reach it, no way I could even find it. All I could do was stand there and listen to it cry and wonder… How can we begin to love life? How could we accept its gifts? How could we forget, even for a moment, when children suffered the way they did?
Catherine: We can only start with ourselves, I guess. With our own lives to try to touch the ones that cross our paths. That is what you did for me the night you found me. It is everything you have given me from that moment on.
We won today because we had the truth and it touched people. People recognized it in their hearts that it can’t be denied. So, we keep on fighting.
Vincent: Yes, we keep on fighting.



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