Of Love and Gratitude

A tribute to Vincent and Catherine's anniversary

April 12th, 2012



Love is the main inspiring value of Beauty and the Beast, but there are many others. In the series Vincent and Catherine show how these values are enhanced by love, and  we have been exploring them since 2007, in this annual tribute celebrating the anniversary of the wondrous night they first met: Hope, Courage, Dreams, Compassion... Gratitude.

Gratitude was chosen for this year, I did not expect it would have been so appropriate. Ten days before April 12, my computer crashed. All of my recent stuff was lost, including the April 12 celebration draft, and all of my tunnel mail and addresses. And it was the Easter week, not exactly the best time for arranging a plan B. I thought that BatBland was not celebrating April 12th this year.

But J'écris, the BatBland co-owner, came to the rescue with a moving compilation of the gratitude-related scenes and quotes from the series. Thank you, Je, you rock. And after the Chan vignette challenge, one of the contributors had asked help with another story, which we had saved on an online shared writingboard to discuss my proposals for editing: guess what?, it focuses on a frustrated longing to express gratitude. Thank you so much, Bluebird, for agreeing to post it now.

So, I "gratefully" found out that after all, we could celebrate "Of Love and Gratitude" with two offerings. The pages are very simple, as I lost also the programs I'm familiar with and I'm working on a borrowed computer, but I hope you'll enjoy the contents rather than the package.

And... if you want to contribute to enrich this "basic" celebration, here is a little gratitude-themed challenge for you:
Write a max 100 words paragraph, conceived as a line of dialogue between our favorite couple,
starting with "Thank you, Catherine (or Vincent)..."
and ending with the word "love".

Send it to batbland at gmail dot com, and I'll upload it in this page.

Happy anniversary, Vincent and Catherine, and... thank you, for everything!



So many ways to say “thank you”
quotes and screencaptures from the episodes

Never till tonight”

Thank you... love”
submissions received



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