About Linn

It was oh, so easy to fall in love with Vincent and Catherine and to be invited into their world every week was magical. I faithfully watched the episodes when they originally aired on CBS. Then real life stepped in, as it always does, and I forgot all about the show.

In 2008, I happened to turn on the television to the Chiller network and saw that Beauty and the Beast was listed. I decided to watch it and fell in love all over again. After watching and recording all of the episodes, I was left craving more. There had to be more!

One day I mentioned this to my daughter and she laughed. "Mother, don't you know about fandom?" I had to confess that I did not. She kindly went to work searching the net for BatB fandom and found Imagine That. When I finished reading Carole Whitehead's Marriage Morning, such a beautiful story (as is everything on Imagine That) I managed to find CABB... here were more episodes, more stories, more of Vincent and Catherine!

The show has inspired me to pick up my long forgotten drawing pencils. Vincent's face has always intrigued me, right from the very start -his expressions, how his eyes seem to speak (volumes). I drew Catherine's Window and summoned the nerve to send it to Lynn Wright at CABB. She took me under her wing, became my mentor, and I began drawing from the recorded episodes.

After my first WFOL in 2009, I realized that I had a new tunnel family and I was fortunate enough to meet many of them at the New Orleans Con in 2011. (There are no hugs as sweet as those hugs).

It has been a privilege to draw for the Hearthside Stories and for the conzines. I am thankful for the incredible opportunity to be able to express my love of BatB, and its characters, through my art.

When I draw, I think of my tunnel family/friends, all that BatB has come to mean to me over the past few years and it fills me with such gratitude and awe. I am grateful for the dear friends I've made, for the hope that the series has inspired within me and for the courage it has given me to draw, to write, and to travel.
Batb makes everything possible and it will always be magical to me.

May 2014


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