One Friday night, 25 years ago...









Beauty and the Beast!






On September 25th, 1987, Friday night,
the Pilot of a new tv show was aired.
That show was
Beauty and the Beast.

Let's celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of magic!




A faithful fandom was born that night, and tonight, 25 years after, it's still here, in love with the show, with its characters, its values, its beautiful tale of love and hope, and it stubbornly keeps the Dream alive.

No, we are not introducing anything new in this 25th anniversary celebration (well, almost). Sometimes we tend to take for granted what we should instead stop, admire, and be grateful for. Let's stop and admire the bare fact that we are still here, that we kept the Dream alive for each other for 25 years now, and intend to keep doing it for a long time. Let's admire the magic that all of us have collaborated to create, that we are all part of, and that still inspires us so many years after our little show, those few dozens of episodes, went off air. And let's be grateful.

It's impossible to describe the fandom in its entirety -- it's a mosaic whose tiles are all important and precious. Let's briefly cast a look to just a few of these tiles, of different kinds, to marvel at the variety and be proud of ourselves. And to all the other tiles, to every single piece that composes this beautiful mosaic, thank you! Let's stop, admire and be grateful to each other.

Happy 25th anniversary!




In the B&B mosaic, 25 years after...


The fans!
Here are the results of our poll about the show

The online fandom,
and its "compendium": Winterfest Online

the Bench in Central Park

The legacy of past authors:
the Crystal Rose Lending Library

The conventions:
25 years, and counting!

The charity:
sharing the light, and not only

The reboot.
Wait! The... what?




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