One Friday night, twenty years ago...
Beauty and the Beast

September 25th, 2007: the 20th anniversary of that Friday night,
when the Pilot of a new tw show was first aired.

That show was Beauty and the Beast.

Let's celebrate.


Thank you, everybody who contributed to this little celebration.
The works are posted in order of submission.
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A Life without Limits, poem

~ Rosemarie Salvatore
Twenty Years of Dreams, memories ~ Lara Beilby
 Senses Attuned, poem ~ Linda "mini" Robin
Poem ~ Claire "Cosi"
Dinner for two, challenge story ~  Lynn Wright
Down Memory Lane, memories ~ Monica Cross
A Life without Beauty and the Beast, memories ~ Jeff Davis
A Tale Like No Other, recording ~ Jeff Davis
Vincent Saved Catherine, lipogram ~ Claire "Cosi"
Obsessions, wallpaper ~ Chandler
Twenty years of Reflection, memories ~ Piglet
B&B Memory, memories ~ Lynn Mark
A new home for the French B&B website ~ Annik
Of things that are not and that should be, art ~ Sandy Tew
The Blank Spots, fiction ~ Amber Osborne
Once Upon a Time... Is Now, video ~ Jess Lynn
New York City Utopia, website ~ Claire "Cosi"
Down Memory Lane, memories ~ Midnight Rose
The First Time I loved Forever, memories ~ Kryss LaBryn
Clippings collection ~  Becky






A Life without Limits

 Rosemarie Salvatore



“You deserve a life without limits,” he said.

And, somehow, we knew that really was true.

Maybe no one ever told us that before -

At least, not in the clarity of exactly those words.

But, this time, for some happy reason, we believed it.


And at that moment, glimpsed a little bit of heaven,

In an otherwise Beastly world.

So we pressed forward - just a step -

And then another - and another -

Always following their Light.


“There is no life without limits,” she said.

But, somehow, we know that’s really not true.

For we have tested the limits of our own lives -

Until we can look back from the summit of 20 years,

And see the Beauty that has been created.



Twenty years of Dreams

Lara Beilby

I was eighteen years old. My goodness was I really that young so long ago? I was a graduate from high school the previous June, and was barely into college. I was flipping through channels on television like I sometimes did, and stopped when I saw the words Beauty and The Beast on the screen of my television. No, this wasn't in New York, but Williamsburg, Virginia. I watched tv when I wasn't doing stuff for my college classes, so missed a few episodes - bad me, but I still liked the show, and the characters. My parents for Christmas gave me one of those jigsaw puzzles of Vincent sitting, as you see him on the tape cover of Of Love and Hope with the candles and roses. I even got that tape years later for myself just to hear the music and "That voice" as Mini puts it so well at the chats about the shows on DVD.

I saw the episode of the girl that was deaf banging on the pipes for help and some other things on tv that had to do with the deaf culture, and I decided I wanted to try to talk to those that couldn't hear even though I could. One boy in my high school class was deaf, but I didn't know his variant of Sign/speaking (Cued Speech) but I did learn the ABCs of American Sign language. I try to speak with those that work at Disneyland that are also deaf, and I think they like when someone makes an effort to communicate. I also have helped a couple times with deaf guests as well, just fingerspelling to them and they seem glad that someone could understand what they wanted if we worked a little at the bridge of communication.

I had a guest that had lost her hearing, and she could lip read some, but I figured she would want to 'hear' since she once could, and I wanted to tell her and those who were with her the same thing. I took her hand and placed it on my neck, and said things clearly hoping the vibrations would travel down her bones so she could hear my words about the menu and where things were. Otherwise I know she would have seen my mouth move and not understood me.

I also took Spanish in high school and kept it up in college just to practice it on mexican waitstaff at restaurants... Little did I know... Heh I moved a few years ago here to California. My spanish is still rusty a bit-Least I think so...Those that speak spanish at Disneyland who don't speak english seemed glad when I tried talking to them and made them feel welcome.

I guess you could say Beauty and the Beast inspired me to try to be a communicator between different worlds - hearing, and deaf, English and Spanish... I also say a smattering of German, French, Italian, and Japanese to those that speak those languages... I think they feel more welcome if they hear someone trying to speak their native tongue too.




Senses Attuned

Linda "mini" Robin


Heart beating out a rhythm of yearning for what it knew not.
Vision scanning the familiar darkness constantly.
Hearing attuned to pick up that faint whisper of unknown sound.
Motion, moving upward, ever upward, with no sure direction.
Out into the park 'He' came.

Mind wishing for a different life, filled with purpose.
Voice crying out in fear as villains try to steal life away.
Body thrown into the park, discarded as so much refuse.
Touch, gentle yet strong lifts and carries to safety.
Into the tunnels 'She' was taken.

Souls locked in constant communion.
Hearts, two beating together as if one.
Minds forever thinking of each other.
Bodies constantly craving touch.

Together forever, 'They' have loved.





Claire "Cosi"

Ten thousand women sat on their sofas,
There were some kids and even a few guys,
All eyes riveted to the TV screen.
The new wonder, heard of but still unseen,
Captured their hearts with a few raspy words
Even before his looks, against all odds,
Became the seed of a new ideal.
"You're safe now": thus Vincent became real.










Dinner for Two
Lynn Wright



Inspired by the challenge :

Write a story including a calendar, Great Expectations, TV Guide, hailing a cab,
China tea, a TV screen in a window in the City of NY,
and mentioning somehow the original fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast.


Catherine checked her calendar the last thing before she left for the day, just to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything. "Omigosh! Tonight’s the night Jenny’s coming to dinner. Argh! China tea!" She had already made arrangements for dinner to be delivered to her apartment on this date, but she hadn’t gotten Jenny’s favorite China tea. The shop where it was sold was, of course, in the opposite direction from her apartment. "Why didn’t I look at the calendar this morning, like I should have!" Quickly she got her things together and prepared to leave the office.

As she rose from her desk, Joe appeared, carrying a stack of file folders.

"No! Not tonight, Joe. It’s Friday night, and I‘m having a dinner party."

"This stuff is not for you, but it would serve you right if it was. A dinner party, and you didn’t invite me?" Joe made a tragic face.

"Well, it’s not exactly a dinner party. I’m just having Jenny over for dinner. Not that I’d invite you if I were having one!" She grinned at him and sidestepped quickly past him, heading for the door.

"I’ll remember this, Radcliffe! Just wait until I have my big do; there’ll be no invitation on your desk!"

She got off the elevator still grinning, moved outside, stepped off the curb and hailed a cab. She gave the driver the address and settled back for what would probably be a long rush hour ride.

Predictably, her thoughts centered on Vincent. He hadn’t appeared for several days. And although their relationship, (if you could even call it that) was relatively new, she missed him so much that she felt a little bit foolish about it. Last night she’d sat on the sofa with his copy of "Great Expectations" in her lap for an hour, just thinking about him, and the tunnels, and him, and Father, and him. Just like a teenager! she thought, smiling at herself. Mooning over the latest crush. But this was no crush. She was a little bit scared that it was very much more than that.

She wished she could tell Jenny about it. Just as it occurred to her that Jenny would make a great helper, the cab pulled up in front of the shop. "Wait for me, I’ll only be a minute." she said, and jumped out.

It was more than a minute, but not much. When she got back in the cab driver was watching a TV set in the window of the shop next door. He motioned to her to be quiet, as he caught the last couple of minutes of what looked to be a soap opera. "Sorry, lady, I needed to see that. Lucky chance that I happened to catch it."

"That’s OK, glad you did." She smiled and gave him her home address. The driver assumed from their exchange that she was friendly, and he talked nonstop all the way to her apartment house, making further thought impossible.

She met the delivery man from the caterer in the lobby. "Wow, I’m glad I got here, I’d hate to have no dinner to put in front of my friend."

"I would have left it with the doorman." He grinned and accepted her generous tip, with a wave and a "Thanks!" over his shoulder as he headed for the door.


Jenny sat down in the living room while Catherine got the dinner ready to eat. She picked up the TV Guide from the coffee table, and began to leaf through it. "Hey, Cath, guess what’s on Turner Classics tomorrow! Beauty and the Beast!"

Catherine stopped what she was doing and stared at the well for a minute. It had already occurred to her that there were some parallels to her life in that story. Her answer came a little bit slowly. "Oh really? Which one is it? I like the George C Scott one the best."

"That’s the one it is. You’re in luck." Jenny came to the kitchen door. "What is it, Cath? You sounded kind of funny."

Lord, Catherine thought, she’s incredible. How on earth did she pick up that there was something special?

"Nothing, nothing at all. Here, carry this into the dining room will you?"

"Wow, this looks great. I’m starved."

As they sat down to eat, Catherine remembered what she had thought about in the cab. Jenny would make a great helper, and then I could talk to her! That would be wonderful.

Aloud she said, "Jenny, what do you think about that fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast? "

"I always that ought it was just great, right up to the end. I was kind of disappointed when the Beast turned into a handsome prince. I liked the Beast!"

"Oh, Jenny, so did I!" Yes, she thought, Jenny is definitely going to be a helper!




Down Memory Lane

Monica Cross



On September 25, 1987, 20 long years ago, I was a 14 year old girl home alone on that fateful Friday night.


I remember seeing the previews for the new fall season and thinking this would be a really neat show. By that time in my life I was already a huge romance buff, Harlequin/Silhouette books and all that. I could tell that this show Beauty and the Beast would take me into a fantastic new world. I loved escapism, not to mention that from the time I was very young I would let my own imagination loose on flights of fancy.


Now for that night my parents were going out to play Bingo as they did most nights of the week. It had only been the last year or so that I was allowed to stay home without one of my older brothers coming over. Can you say extremely protective parents? They never found out about my Harlequin addiction either so shhhh please.


I sat down on the couch with my dessert and a glass of milk to watch. When I first saw Catherine I thought she was so beautiful. (Blonde hair was the really big thing at my school but I had slightly reddish brown hair.) She seemed so together as a person. After she was injured and Vincent had taken her below and I heard his Voice, I knew I was hooked on this show. I could just hear him whispering in my ear. Then when I finally saw him, well, I just could not see why they called him the beast, he was just too yummy for words.


At last when it was almost over and I saw Catherine lean in and hug this wonderful man, I knew just where this would lead. Unfortunately the third season failed to bring my hopes to light but in my heart and mind and now in fan fiction everything I wanted to happen has happened and is still happening because these characters became so very real to me.


In time I found my own Vincent complete with long hair and blue eyes. But he isn’t mine any longer. However I will be looking for those same qualities in a man the next time I go looking, someone with Vincent’s heart and soul.

Sacramento, California






A Life Without Beauty and the Beast

Jeff  Davis


I can't imagine my life without Beauty and the Beast being a part of it. I don't want to imagine it. Had I trusted my first instinct, though, that imagination would have been reality.

When I saw the first promos for the show, they reminded of this Saturday afternoon TV show I saw when I was a kid titled "Monster Movie Matinee." It was locally produced and I remember some of the scenes on that show frightening me. With those memories coming to mind and believing that I might feel scared, I had decided at the time I was not going to watch.

As the premiere got closer, however, I was becoming more curious about the show. I had since read the preview in the TV Guide so my anxiousness to see it became heightened. So the night of the debut, I chose not to listen to my instincts and watch Beauty and the Beast after all. And at 10PM, September 25, 1987, when I saw those first ten words, "Once upon a the city of New York..." I knew right then and there that this series was different. And by the end of that first hour, my heart had been captured.

I am so blessed that I allowed Beauty and the Beast to enter my life. Thanks to this wonderful series, I found the best part of who I am, the part that makes me most human. I learned many lessons in life that would have taken years of experiences, good and bad. I have done my best to face my fears and conquer them. And for the first time in my life, I discovered what it really feels like to love and be loved.

At the end of the episode, "Temptation," Vincent tells Catherine, "Every moment since that night, I'm reminded of what a gift life is." Since that first night so long ago, every time I watch Beauty and the Beast, I, too, am reminded of what a gift life is.






A Tale Like No Other

Jeff  Davis


 To listen to our beloved tale, use the console Above, or click on the candle Below, holding ctrl+shift.


Friends…family…loved ones all
Gather yourselves around the candlelight
For I am about to tell you a tale
A tale…like no other
A story so extraordinary…you might believe such a thing
Can’t at all be possible
But believe me…it is possible
It is real
As real…as the love and warmth that lives within all our hearts
And with that…I shall begin


Once upon a time…in the city of New York…
There lived this beautiful young woman
Her name…was Catherine
She was a socialite…working as a corporate lawyer at her father’s firm
She lived the kind of life someone of her stature would live
A life with its share of parties…theatre…many social functions
One night…while leaving one of these parties early
In a case of mistaken identity…two men abducted Catherine
They threw her in a van
She was brutally beaten…her face disfigured
And like a rag doll…was thrown from the van…and left to die
And she would have died
If not for him
He found her lying there…unconscious and bleeding
He took her to where he lived
This place…a secret place
Located far below the streets of New York
And it was at this secret place where a man…a doctor
Known simply as Father
Took care of Catherine’s wounds
And, too, at this secret place…Catherine was safe
Safe from the harm that befell her a short time before
When she awoke, Catherine could not see where she was
For you see her face was bandaged
All she could do was listen to the sounds around her
The tapping of pipes…sending out messages to all who lived
In this unknown world

And she heard this voice…the voice of the one who found her
And it was the gentlest voice she had ever known
The stranger told Catherine she was safe now
Then she asked the stranger his name
"Vincent," came the reply so softly
Catherine complained that her face hurt
So Vincent tried to take her thoughts away from the pain by asking her name
When she answered, he calmly repeated her name…Catherine
Vincent told Catherine he would be near if she needed anything
And to not be afraid
Time passed and Catherine’s physical strength was beginning to return
It was ten days after her ordeal
And it was while Vincent was briefly out of sight
That Catherine began removing her bandages
She searched for anything she could use for a mirror…and found an object
A headlight
And it was when she looked through the headlight and saw…
This horrific sight.
It was the scars left when her face was slashed.
It was also at that moment when Vincent returned
And she saw him for the first time
His face was not that of a human…it looked…like the face of a lion
Now whether it was the horror of seeing her face…Vincent’s face…
Or a combination of the two…
In a moment of fright…Catherine threw the headlight at Vincent
He retreated…she sank to a bench at the foot of the bed she was laying…
And cried
Vincent soon returned…but for the first time in his life…
In regret of who he was
Catherine asked Vincent why but he had no answer for her
She told him she didn’t have the strength
But he said to her she did…because…he knew her
Vincent knew that it was time for Catherine to return to her world
So he escorted her back…through the tunnels that made up his world
To where they would part…at the basement of her apartment
And it was there…and much too soon…Vincent was gone…
Back to the world where he lived
Leaving Catherine alone to return to her world…Above
Her life…however…had profoundly changed

Upon returning Above…Catherine’s face was restored through plastic surgery
And those wounds began to heal
It is now eight months later.
Catherine has since left her father’s law firm
And begun to find more meaningful work as an investigator
In the District Attorney’s office
She employed the services of a man who taught her self-defense
So that what happened to her once
Never happens again
But through all these changes going on in her life
Catherine could not forget the one who saved her life
The one who found her that night in the park…
And neither could he forget about her.
So…one evening Vincent decides to go Above…
To see Catherine
And so on her balcony…he leaves a copy of Dickens’ Great Expectations
The book he read to Catherine during the days he cared for her
He decides to leave…when…Catherine sees him
Each of them so glad to see the other
She tells him of how she’s learning to be strong
And he tells her of his wish to see her…
One last time
Vincent goes on to tell Catherine of this bond
A bond of which he did not fully understand
A bond by which he could feel what she’s feeling
And as Vincent turned to go…Catherine begged him to stay…
At least while it was still dark
And…so…he reluctantly stayed
And in doing so…she read to him the ending of Great Expectations.

Now when Vincent told Catherine of the bond they share
Of this ability of him to feel what she feels
He also could know whenever she was in danger
And Vincent sensed that danger
When Catherine sought out the men who attacked her.
And when it seemed certain that Catherine would die
At the hands of these men
Vincent was there to save her…again.
And it was after he saved her again
That Vincent began to understand
What he shared with Catherine
He told her that he was a part of her
That wherever she goes…
And wherever he was…he was with her...

Now this bond of Vincent and Catherine’s
Is not one of the conventional means
It is about as complicated as it could ever be
For you see…it is impossible for Vincent to live in Catherine’s world
And although Catherine could live in his world
Vincent consistently urges her not to do so
Explaining to Catherine that she must do
All the things she is meant to do
It is then and only then…that Vincent said
He could truly be with her.
It is this continuing to be so noble and self-sacrificing on his part
That tore at Catherine’s heart.
She wants so desperately to live a happy life
The happy life her late mother always wanted for her
But she can’t live a life without Vincent being a part of it
It is then that Catherine realized
She must listen to her heart and follow it
Because it is only Vincent who can make her happy
And so it came to pass
In an embrace
That Catherine professed to Vincent
That what they have is all that matters
That it is worth everything
And it is with this declaration that Catherine chose
To live the best life possible…in both worlds
The world that she lives in…Above
And the world he lives in…Below.


And so…you all now know
The tale of the beauty…Catherine
And of the beast…Vincent
And of the love they shared…
Once upon a time…
In the city of New York




Vincent Saved Catherine

Claire "Cosi"



To write the following retelling of the first part of the Pilot,
only the letters contained in the title have been used:
 A C D E H I N R S T V,  11 distinct letters.
This literary constraint is known as a LIPOGRAM.



I narrate: Vincent saved Catherine.

- "Scars itch, nerves ache, heart races.
I hear trains, and this insistent rat-a-tat-tat... in vain I strain these ears."

- "This is a rare, hidden haven." Then he reads, heartens her.

Catherine (aside)
- "He is sincere. Sheets are nice, thirst never severe, dearth ain't a threat - and his care is ever near".
- "I need... air! riddance! this is tied here, I discard it...
Here! I can stand, and see! Eh, this is a cavern? I never! And it is neat...
He is here... THIS is Vincent? I stare at hair, hands, canine teeth...
Sane, insane? Thin ice! I rave! I invented this never-seen cat-race!
Shh, sister, rein in this racin' heart. He is dear."

At entrance:
A tear? Her hand's caress at his chest, his reverent hand there. Their hearts hiss a secret; inside, a thin chain is created.



{to know more about lipograms:}



Sandy "Chandler" Shelton


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Twenty years of Reflection

Fandom has asked us to write down our reflections on the airing of the Pilot 20 years ago. I have decided to do so, even though my first foray into writing for fandom was not that well receivedJ  First, I have to say I was 13, and still had two older brothers living at home, and had to fight for television time, and I was looking forward to this new series coming on television. I came home from school and fell asleep and woke up at 7:30 PM just as a promo for the show was on, and I thought I had missed it. I was devastated. I missed, I missed it! I cried. My older brother is sitting over there in the chair laughing at me because he knows it is just a promo and proceeds to tell me so in that big brother smart alec kind of way. Anyway I was so excited I quickly ate dinner and sat down on the couch to watch, and I must say for a disabled 13 year old Beauty and the Beast changed my life literally. If you think about the first scene where Vincent comes back to take Catherine back to her world above and he is afraid to come in, and he says "I have never been ashamed of what I am until now," that was SO profound for me at that age. I never heard that expressed so beautifully or sadly until that point in my life. I understood that feeling most of all, I guess. As I continued to watch, I fell in love with the romance (What 13 year old girl wouldn’t?). I think everyone wants a little romance in their lives at one time another.

What Beauty and the Beast did as a show, that has yet to be duplicated by any other show, is that the characters were as real as characters on television can be. Each week people tune into television to escape and see things work out in 30 minutes or an hour. We never got that with Beauty and the Beast, but what we did get was the knowledge that despite the problems Vincent and Catherine faced, each problem brought them a stolen joy that no one in the world outside of them knew about or understood. At 33 now I can really appreciate those stolen moments of joy when you see things through a different set of eyes and how special that time can be. It is like when we all sat down to watch that first episode we were allowed to dream with Vincent and Catherine, a wonderful two year dream that like some dreams ended tragically. I am not here to debate whether or not Catherine death was right or wrong for the show (for the record though I do think it was the wrong move), but what I am saying is it added to the reality that was Beauty and the Beast.

Okay, I could go on about the first episode and metaphors of the whole show but that would take days and hours I do not currently have, so I will wrap this up by saying: 20 years later, and I still love to watch Ron ride that damn subway as Vincent saves his beloved Catherine from the clutches of certain death.





B&B Memory
Lynn Mark - Crystal Rose

On September 25, 1987, 20 years ago, a beautiful TV series premiered. I remember seeing a small ad in the Star Magazine which stated a new series called Beauty and the Beast will be coming soon. I always had enjoyed the Beauty and The Beast movies and re-makes of the original one. But knowing this was going to be a series, I wondered how it was going to play. I remember seeing the picture of a hidden person behind a cloak and a lovely woman standing on a balcony with soft infused lighting. I was intrigued. However, in reading the synopsis of the pilot, I thought that it wasn't going to be good. I mean, this was the 80's and there weren't many original, inspired work out there. Mostly TV shows were just copies of other TV shows and so I thought this would be another less than quality, copy cat show of some forced romanced. Boy, was I WRONG ! And suprisingly very moved.

The pilot of Beauty and The Beast was a masterpiece in elegance in story telling and beauty in character development. The subtext of fear vs. trust, outer looks and wealth vs. nobility and riches of the soul, self giving vs. taking...was beautifully realized. The acting was superb by Ron Perlman, Linda Hamilton and Roy Dotrice. The richness in the colorization of the film with soft but strong hues was captivating and the underground lair was mysterious yet warm and inviting. Basically I fell in love with the series !!! The depth of the dialogue was so moving and the scenes were Vincent and Catherine began their bond where she was bandaged up was touching. From violence and left in the park for dead, to waking up to a gentle, caring voice who took care of her spirit as well as her health, I felt an immediate bond with the characters. And when Catherine saw her face for the first time in fear and then was frightened by Vincent 's appearance, the dignity and compassion of Vincent when he came back with his cloak over his head revealed his strength and tenderness in nurturing another human being. And Catherine revealed her strength and compassion when she gently took off his hood to appreciate the beauty of Vincent's soul.

I remember calling a friend from my college dorm to tell her about this fabulous new show. I didn't know what to expect from it but I found the show to be remarkable. And my memory of that "voice", Vincent's voice, almost a whisper is what really stood out in my mind. That the gentle, caring voice was the first voice that Catherine hears and it calms her frightened soul. Vincent's voice revealed his humanity and was instrumental in Catherine's recovery of her emotional, spiritual and physical self.

Other things I'd love about the show was how Catherine learned self defense, how she was transformed into a more caring human being. I loved the music, the poetry, the depth of the dialogue. I loved how the series gradually developed the deep relationship between the two characters of Vincent and Catherine. It made us realize how they eventually came together, slowly but surely. They never forced the relationship. It developed. It was touching in the 2nd episode aired, “Terrible Savior”, how Catherine wants to believe Vincent wasn't the vigilante, but isn't sure and involuntarily pulls back from Vincent causing him pain. He then states, "If your heart does not trust, then no words I say can help." Later, they become closer. Then in “Siege”, Catherine believes she is falling in love with Elliot and Vincent does the noble thing by saying, “Don't struggle Catherine, there's no need...we know this bond is only a dream we share.” ...and later says, "Someday, someone will come and you'll live another life an d dream another dream." What I found moving was Vincent's love for her was always self-less.

Every episode after that was poignant because there was always a scenario that logically would keep them apart...another man, a new job, being separated in “No Way Down”, that you could not help but wish they were together. And the brief moments they did share were always so rich!

Throughout the years, I tried keeping up with news about the show and was happy they had conventions. But then, I didn't have access to a computer for a while, then kids came and I became busy with life. However, this beautiful, remarkable series always remained in my heart. This May 2007, my kids gave me the DVD Season 1 of Beauty and the Beast and I rejoiced with renewed fervor and love for this treasure. To be able to experience again all that was B&B through the new DVD was emotionally enriching. I have since gotten the Season 2 DVD and have joined the B&B yahoo group and am enjoying all that the Internet has got to offer on this fine, fine treasure. Kudos to all for keeping the dream alive!!!



A new home for the updated French B&B website


Here in France it hasn't been twenty years yet, since B&B was first aired in November 1988. And for me it has been even less, because, though I did watch and enjoy a few episodes at the time, the full force of it only struck me a decade later, when watching a re-run. But then it struck hard, got me totally obsessed, and led me to the online fandom. I was awed and enthralled by all that had been done, made, written, put online out of love for the show in that dozen years, and I met many wonderful friends.

Yet there was no French-speaking fandom that could be found, so I made a
website, not solely about the show but also about fandom and all its wonders. It soon attracted enough scattered French-speaking fans for a small, but valiant discussion list, and got me more friends.

The website was long due for a good dusting, and its pages clogged by always more banners and ads from the "free" host. Thanks to the generous hospitality of fellow fans my updated and brushed-up (well, at least partly for now) pages have now found a new, ad-free home, and this celebration sounded like a good occasion to shout it from the rooftops.

The website is mostly in French, and the English section looks rather stingy compared with the rest. Hopefully it will grow some in the future. But I'm sure the English-speakers will forgive me. They already have such a wealth of wonderful stuff to enjoy!

Go on keeping the Dream alive, and share your light all over the world!




"Of things that are not and that should be"
Beauty and the Beast
Sandy Tew









The Blank Spots
Amber Osborne


Inspired by the challenge :

Write a story filling in some of the gaps in the Pilot.

Catherine Chandler lay in the hospital bed drifting in and out of sleep. At times she found it hard to know whether she was in the hospital or that place below the city. In her dreams she could still hear that voice reading Great Expectations. It was so soothing to her. She was pulled further toward reality when she felt a kiss being pressed on her somewhat dry and swollen lips. 

“God am I glad you’re safe.” said the voice of a man. It took her a moment to register who exactly it was.


“Yes dear, it’s me. You gave us quite a scare. Believe me, I’m pulling to get the best people on this case. These guys aren’t going to get away with what they did to you.”

She was silent. For some reason, knowing he was there with her didn’t give her the comfort she thought it should. Of course, everything had been a bit hazy to her. 

“Cathy, what happened? You leave the party in a huff, and then you turn up missing.”

Now she remembered why she still felt uneasy toward this man. They had had an argument. He had been so unreasonable and she left. She couldn’t help but feel now it was his fault she was in this condition. If he hadn’t been such an inconsiderate jerk, she would never have left when she did. 

“When I got outside, a guy came up to get a cab for me. Then the next thing I know I was thrown in some van. They pulled out a knife...” Her voice was beginning to falter.

“Shh. It’s all right. You don’t have to tell me now, just rest. Later though, you’ll need to tell the police everything you remember.”

“Where’s Dad?” she asked. At this moment she needed comfort and he was definitely not the one to provide it. Oddly enough she found herself thinking of Vincent first. He was a very special person and had taken good care of her, but he was still a stranger. She had no way of knowing she would ever see him again. So, she wanted the only other man in the world who had been able to set all her fears aside. 

“He had some things to do at the office. He insisted on being here but I told him he should stay and that I’d take good care of you. You’re not Daddy’s little girl anymore. He needs to see that. I’m the man to take care of you now.”

“But I want to see him, Tom. He’s my father! Isn’t this the reason I’m here?”

“What do you mean? You’re blaming me for this? How can this be my fault!?”

“I don’t feel like getting into this now. When you see Dad, tell him I want to see him.” 

Before Tom could say anything, Charles Chandler stepped into the room. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m right here.” he said leaning down to hug her. 

“Dad! I’m so glad you’re here.” 

“They couldn’t keep me away from my little girl.” he said casting a quick glance Tom’s way. Tom sighed in aggravation, then stepped back to her side.

“Is there anything I can get you?” he asked putting on the fake hero show.

“Time alone with my father.” she stated plainly.

He tried to hide his anger and frustration. Instead, he placed an insistent kiss on her lips and said, “I’ll be here if you need me.” 

After he had walked out of the room, Charles sighed and took his daughter’s hand. “I don’t know about that man. Cathy, are you all right?”

“Yes Dad, I’m fine. Remember, I’ve done worse.”

“Well, I’m beginning to think you could do better. Now, how are you feeling otherwise? Are you in much pain?” 

“Not right now. I’m feeling ok.”

“Good. We were worried about you. I thought I’d lost you.”

“You’re not going to lose me Dad. I’m right here. I’m safe.”

“Where have you been these past ten days?”

There it was. He had asked the question she had hoped no one would ask. However, it was foolish to hope. She knew it would come up sooner or later and she had let that hope keep her from preparing a convincing answer. 

“I...I can’t remember.”

“Not anything?”


“Well, don’t push yourself. It’ll come to you when you’re ready.” Catherine just squeezed his hand and gave him a slight grin. She hated lying to her Dad, but she’d made a promise. Besides, even if she could tell him, would he believe her? The two of them talked for a while. It wasn’t long before the nurse came in to give her more medicine and she was off to sleep again. 


Catherine stood in front of the bathroom mirror straightening up her hair a bit. She had just changed into the clothes she had asked her father to bring her for when she was able to go home. As she brushed the hair from her face, she stopped to really look at herself. “Is this me?” she thought. Staring at her reflection, she seemed to be looking at a different person. This whole ordeal had stirred feelings of doubt deep inside of her. She began to feel as if she didn’t quite fit in her life. There was a knock at the door. 

“Catherine, are you all right in there?”

All right…she wondered if she would ever make things right again. Stepping out of the bathroom she gave a weak smile. “I’m ready.”

On the ride home, all she could do was stare out the window. Charles began to pick up on the sense of hopelessness in his daughter. “You’ll begin to feel like yourself again once you’re home. Everything will fall back into place. You’ll see.” 

They walked up to her apartment and he opened the door for her with her overnight bag on his shoulder. “Here we are.” 

Catherine walked in slowly looking around and watched as her father sat the bag on the couch. “Thanks Dad.”

He hugged her. “Oh it’s my pleasure sweetheart. Is there anything you need? Something I can get you?”

“No, I’ll be fine.”

“Ok. I love you Cathy.” he said before kissing her on the forehead. 

“I love you too Dad.”

“Now if you need anything, just let me know.”

“Thanks. I’ll be ok.”

“Ok. See you later.”


She closed the door, turned to look at her apartment again, and sighed. Picking up her bag, she carried it to her room and began to empty its contents. Moving toward the bathroom, she couldn’t wait to step into that hot shower. She wished she could say it was good to be in her own shower, in her own home. However, nothing was really good. How were the pieces of her life supposed to fit together again? She walked out of the bathroom with her robe wrapped tightly around her. Catherine sat on the edge of her bed and couldn’t help but notice the contrast her home had to Vincent’s chamber. There was something about that place that warmed her heart. She wished she was there now. Maybe she could go back down to the door in the basement of her building. Even if she did make it down there, she could never find her way back. What would they say when they saw her? She let out a sigh and dismissed the idea of ever seeing that wondrous world again. She would never see that face or hear that voice. The phone rang bringing her out of her thoughts.


“Cathy! It’s Jenny. Oh my God, are you ok?”

“Hi Jen. Yes, I’m ok.”

“I was so worried. I’m so glad you’re safe.”

“How are you?”

“I’m fine. Do you need anything?”

Catherine smiled. “I’m ok. Stop worrying!”

“I’m sorry. Hey listen, you might get a call from Nancy. I called her and told her what was happening.”

“Ok. Thanks Jen.”

“Cathy? I really am glad you’re ok.”

“How about we get together for lunch soon?”

“That would be great!”

“Ok I‘ll let you know. Right now I have to get some things straightened up here. ”

“Ok. Talk to you soon.”


As soon as she hung up the phone, Catherine knew she was dialing Nancy’s number. She just smiled and shook her head. She hated cutting Jenny short, but she really wasn’t up to discussing what had happened. After Catherine had fixed something to eat that evening, she did get that call from Nancy. For a while she was curled up on the sofa with some tea and a good book. This little activity reminded her a lot of the tunnels and set her mind at ease. It wasn’t long before her eyes grew heavy and she was off to bed.


Below, Vincent sat in his chamber writing in his journal.

I never imagined my life could be changed by the presence of one person over the course of ten days. Even though she isn’t here, I can still feel her. When she was here I thought it was only that I had tuned myself into her feelings so that I could tend to her needs. Yet, now she is so distant and I feel her feelings as if they were my own. She feels a sense of loss, like she’s out of place. This has been a great hardship for her. But, I know she is strong. Somehow, I know her. I wish there was more I could do for her, but for me it cannot be. She has a life Above. No matter where she is though, she holds a place in my heart. Catherine…be well.

He closed his journal. “Catherine.” he said in almost a whisper. He loved saying her name. If only there was a way. That was a regular thought and, in his eyes, a useless one. It began to anger him. Why begin to wish for a life you know cannot be? It was never meant for you to have. She is more than you could ever dream of having. Ever since he had found this woman, his life had been significantly changed. 


She had been back to work at the firm for months now. It didn’t take long for her to find it was still less than “stimulating.” However, she had tried to give it a second chance just as she did Tom. After all, this was her whole life she was considering throwing upside down. She had to be sure she knew what she was doing. Sitting at her desk, she thought long and hard about the decision she was about to make. Finally sure about what she wanted to do, she got up and went to her Dad’s office. 

“Dad? Can I come in?”

“Sure thing!”

She opened the door to see him smiling brightly at her. He got up and met her half way as she walked in with a big hug. “How are you sweetheart?”

“I’m fine Dad. I needed to talk to you about something.”

“Sure honey! What’s on your mind?”

He took his seat behind his desk as she sat in the chair on the other side. “I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. What happened has really made me take a look at things. You have given me so much, and I’m very thankful for that. But, I feel like I need to do something for myself for a change. I never realized until now just how much had been given to me. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, but I need to feel like I’ve earned it. I need to know I can stand on my own two feet.”

“Cathy, you have earned all of it. You work very hard honey. We all know that.”

“I do try to work hard, but will that stop anybody from seeing me as Daddy’s spoiled little girl?”

“Is that what you’re worried about? Did somebody say something to you?”

“No, it’s not that exactly. Believe me, this is what I need to do for me. I’m more concerned about the way I feel about myself. Right now it’s not very good. I need to make a change.”

“What kind of change?”

“I need to quit and find my own job. Something that’s challenging and gives meaning to something. I need to feel like I’m making a difference.”

“Catherine, you’re a wonderful lawyer. Every case you tackle makes a difference, believe me.”

“My heart just isn’t in it anymore.”

Charles sat back in his chair and sighed. “I wouldn’t have you stay anywhere that makes you unhappy. I only want what‘s best for you.”

“I know that. Are you ok with all of this?”

“Sweetheart,” he said getting up to kneel beside her, “I want what makes you happy. True, I won’t like losing you. But if this is what you feel like you need to do, then by all means do it. I will always support you in anything. I love you Catherine.”

“I love you too Daddy.” she said hugging him. “Thank you for understanding.”


A few days later, Catherine thought she would find what she was looking for at the D.A.’s office. Sitting outside Joe Maxwell’s office, she waited patiently for him to call her in.

“Catherine Chandler?”


“Come on in.” As she walked in, he closed the door behind her. “Have a seat.” He took his place behind his desk and glanced over her resume. “So what is it that brings you here Ms. Chandler?”

“Well, as you know I’ve worked at my father’s firm for quite a few years now. I’m sure you know about the incident of my assault eight months ago. After that I took a look at my life and found I wanted to do something more meaningful.”

“I see. Well, I’ll need to talk this over with District Attorney Moreno. Would you come with me please?” he led her outside and asked her to take a seat just outside the office. Catherine waited anxiously as she watched the two men discussing her future through the window. She hoped and prayed she got the job. She wanted this new beginning so badly, and she was sure she could do something of worth here. Joe Maxwell obviously had his doubts about her. She hoped she would get the chance to lay those doubts aside. She held her breath as he came to the door. 

“Excuse me, Ms. Chandler? District Attorney Moreno will see you now. Come on in!”
She walked in and John Moreno stood to his feet to shake her hand. 

“Ms. Chandler, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Thank you for seeing me.”

“Please have a seat.”

They both sat down while Joe lingered at Moreno’s side. “Now Ms. Chandler, I was looking at your resume. Your credentials are terrific as I was telling Mr. Maxwell. He tells me you’re looking for something meaningful.”

“That’s right.”

“Well we do happen to have more than enough for you to do. I don’t know if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but we’d like to give you a chance.”

“Thank you Mr. Moreno.” she said trying to keep her excitement from spilling over.

“We’re going to ask you to do some field work for us. I’m not going to say the work can’t get a little strenuous at times. I’m sure you can handle it though.”

“That’s perfect.”

Moreno gave a slight grin. “Good. We’re glad to have you on board Ms. Chandler.”

“Thank you very much.”

They shook hands again as Joe went to open the door. “Ms. Chandler if you’ll come with me please.”

He showed her around the office and gave her a run down of what was expected of her. He introduced her to quite a few people he knew she’d be working with right off. Already she felt like she was in the right place. “You’ll start on Monday. Be ready to jump right in and get going.”

“Ok! Thank you Mr. Maxwell.”

He smiled. “It’s Joe.”


“See you Monday. Radcliffe huh?” he said with a grin.

She smiled. “See you then.”


The next order of business was making sure she’d never have to go through an ordeal like that again. She was so unprepared. She wanted to be able to defend herself, or at least put up a good fight if, God forbid, anything like that ever happened again. The rest of the week she searched for various self defense teachers. She had asked around going through a long chain of people for recommendations. A common name on the street was Isaac Stubbs. After calling a few other instructors, she gave him a call. 

“Isaac Stubbs.”

“Hi, my name is Catherine Chandler. I’ve been looking around for different self defense instructors, and I got your name from more than a few people. I was wondering if I could set up a meeting.”

“How about Saturday, 3:00?”

“Sounds great.”

Having that taken care of, the rest of the week was hers to prepare herself for a new beginning. She already knew her next task was to find the woman her attackers mistook her for. That wouldn’t come until after she had gotten things established at the D.A.’s office and plenty of defense lessons should she run into her attacker again in her search. 


She’s beginning to gain her strength back. I can feel her start to find hope again. I hope that all continues to improve for her. It has been nearly eight months and yet not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. These past few months have been a great struggle for her. Somehow I feel my heart would be content if I could only see her one more time. Then I would know she is well. Often the thought has crossed my mind to go to her. I wish there was something more I could do for her, a way she would know that I am thinking of her. I think back to the days she lay in my chamber, the talks we had, and the times I read to her. If I ever left something for her, I have thought of leaving Great Expectations. It helped her while she was recovering. It might bring her comfort again when she needs it. But, I cannot be sure yet if it is what I should do. Soon I should like to speak with Father. It helps to have someone to talk to. Her presence within me is so strong. I hope she has someone to turn to as well. Her face is the last image that burns in my mind each night I go to sleep. I don’t understand our connection, but I know that in some way I am bound to her. Be well Catherine….


“Cathy? Are you ready?”

“Just a minute!” Catherine looked around to make sure she wasn’t forgetting anything. Tonight was yet another big step for her. Tonight, she planned on talking to Tom about the way she felt and the changes she’d made. She was beginning to see her doubts about him weren’t going to go away. “I’m ready.”

They got to the restaurant and ordered their meal. “So you said you had some things you wanted to tell me. What is it?”

“Well, it’s about my job and some changes I’ve made. I’ve found the woman they mistook me for. She wasn’t very open to discussion when I saw her. I’m hoping she’ll have a change of heart. I’m planning on finding these men and putting them away. I took this job to make a difference. I felt like this would be the perfect start for me.”

“That’s great Cathy.”

“Ever since I’ve been home I’ve felt differently about a lot of things. I have different priorities now. Feeling like I can stand on my own two feet and do some good is one of them. I’m really focused on that.”

“Cathy, I’m going to take care of you. You don’t have to worry.”

“Tom, that’s not what I want. I want to do something for myself for a change. I want to feel like I’m really earning it. I don’t want you to take care of me.”

“Yes, but that’s what I’m here for. A man and woman meet, fall in love, and the man takes care of the woman. It’s the way the world works.”

“But that woman needs to find her own way first. I mean, I never really took time to get out and build my own path. I always took the one handed to me. I need to do that now. It’s better for both of us that way. I can’t let you, Dad, or anyone else take care of me anymore. I need to do it on my own.”

Tom squirmed a bit uncomfortably, and he changed the subject. She did have a bit of weight lifted from her shoulders having said everything, but his lack of understanding didn’t comfort her. The night carried on and soon they were outside of her building. It hadn’t taken Tom long to sink back into the usual routine after what she had said. It was as if she had said nothing. 

“I’ll walk you up.”

“That’s all right.” she said. There he was trying to do exactly what she had told him not to.

“No. no, no I’ll walk you up.” he said insistently.

“You haven’t heard anything I’ve said tonight.” she said almost laughing at the thought of how childishly he ignored what he didn’t want to hear.

“What, that your work is important to you? I understand that. My work is important to me. But that doesn’t mean we can’t see each other.”

Catherine gave a slight grin. He was hopeless. She was exhausted with the effort of trying to get him to understand and accept what she had said. She decided that tonight she’d had enough. Giving him a small peck on the lips she said, “Goodnight Tom.” As she turned to walk away, he grabbed hold of her and turned her back around to face him, almost possessively. He stepped up one step so that he was the one looking down on her now and gave her a insisting look. 

“I’m not gonna let you slip away. I’m not gonna let that happen.” 

She looked at him with dread and felt utterly frustrated. He leaned in to try and give her a convincing kiss. After two seconds, she pulled out of it and gave him a stern look. “Goodnight Tom.” she said more firmly. He looked at her for a moment with disappointment. Then he turned to walk away. 

Catherine took a shower to relieve some of the tension that had been building up all night. After she had changed into her nightgown, she decided to finish up some paper work before bed. As she pulled out a piece of paper, she heard a bump out on her balcony. Looking up curiously, she soon dismissed it as nothing. When she heard another shuffle, she raised her head once more and a twinge of fear began to well up inside her. She reached for the gun in her nightstand and moved to unlock the balcony door. When she opened it, she noticed a book lying on the ground. She bent down to pick it up and saw that it was Great Expectations. A burst of surprise, hope, and excitement began to rise up inside her. Could it be? She quickly stood up and desperately scanned the balcony for him. He was there! There standing in the shadows was that beautiful man she had almost convinced herself was a dream. 

“Vincent!” she said quickly walking towards him. He stepped out from the corner to face her. They shared a momentary glance, standing in awe that they were looking at each other again. Then she threw her arms around him and he drew in a deep breath at the feel of this woman in his arms again. He couldn’t believe someone would ever treat him like this, or feel this way. He could feel the joy radiating from her. It overwhelmed him. 

“I didn’t mean to frighten you. I’m sorry.” 

She pulled back only enough to look into those intoxicating blue eyes of his. “No, I’m so glad to see you!”

He gazed at her in astonishment. “Your face.”

“They fixed it.” 

“Yes.” he said. She was so beautiful.

She slid her hands down his arms to grasp his hands and began to pull him towards the doorway. “Come inside.”

His eyes filled with shock that she would want him there in her home, that she was so happy he was there. It was too much for him. He was very hesitant and began to curse himself for even thinking it was appropriate for him to be there. “No. I have to go now.”

“No! Not yet!” She said desperate for him to stay.

“I should never have come here!” How could he have done something to raise her hopes now, only to have them brought down when he would assure her it could never be.

“Vincent! I’m glad you did. Come here, sit down.” she said pulling him down to sit beside her. 

His heart was quickly taken by her. There was no way he could fight telling her what he felt now. “I wanted to see you. There are so many things I wanted to tell you.”

“I have so many things to tell you.” she said taking his hands.

“I know.”

She let out a sigh and shook her head in amazement knowing he had been right. She had found the courage and the strength. She felt so close to him. It was so strange, she thought. She had only known him for ten days. Yet, she felt a deeper connection to him than she had to anybody else in her whole life. She felt the strong need and want to tell him everything. “It’s been hard Vincent.”


“I’m learning to be strong.” she said with a proud smile.

He smiled back. “I know. Catherine, I feel the things you’re feeling when you do.”

“How do you mean?” she asked somewhat confused. 

“Just know that it’s true, and that your pain is my pain. Sometimes, almost as if we were one.” She looked at him truly touched. “I came here because I wanted to see that you were well.” he said as if he didn’t fully believe that was all himself. He thought for a moment as his heart filled with the need to tell her. “And because I wanted to see you, one last time.” 

Her heart sank. “I’ll never see you again?”

He turned his gaze out to the city lights. ”I’ve seen your world. There’s no place for me in it. I know what I am. Your world is full of frightened people, and I remind them of what they’re most afraid of.”

Her heart filled up with sadness and anger towards the injustice and cruelty of the people in “her world.” She was almost ashamed to hear called hers. “Their own ignorance.”

“Their aloneness.”

She looked up at him and took the idea into consideration. Then she nodded in agreement. “Yes.”

“So, now I have to begin to forget.”

How could it be that he was finally here once more with her, and now it was all being taken away again. Her eyes watered. “Forget me?” she asked. She was so afraid it was true. She knew there was no way to forget him.

“No. I’ll never forget you. But I must forget the dream of being a part of you.” He had warmed her heart again with such tenderness. Never in her life had she heard such a confession of love. “ Find someone Catherine, to be part of. Be happy. Goodbye.”

Her heart jumped with the fear of losing him again as he stood to leave. She couldn’t let it end now. Not when everything was going so beautifully. She had never felt this content in her life. He gave her such peace. “No! Not yet! There’s still time. It’s still dark. Don’t leave.” she pleaded. She gazed up at him in desperation. Then he took her hand and she smiled. He sat back down beside her and smiled back for a moment.

“Would you like to read me the last chapter of Great Expectations?”

She was glowing. “I’d love to.” They got comfortable and he sat in quiet peace as she read. With his arms holding his legs to his chest, he rested his head and let her voice carry him away. Once she finished, she asked him to tell her more about his world and the people that lived there. Catherine sat in fascination. She loved hearing him talk. He talked of his world and his family with such passion. When it was very late, they stood facing each other holding their gaze. Neither one of them wanted the night to end. 

“Vincent, don’t hesitate to come back. I don’t want this to be the last time I see you.”

“I know. Neither do I. But, that is how it must be. You have found the courage and made it this far. I have faith in you. Please find someone to be happy with, Catherine.”

Those words broke her heart. She found herself wishing it could be him. “Thank you Vincent. For everything.” She moved to embrace him once more. Again, it took his breath away. It was so warm and comforting to be in his arms. She thought it might be her favorite place in all the world. For Vincent, to hold someone in his arms like this was more than he expected. He never thought he would see her again. He never thought she would feel like this. Vincent couldn’t believe the feelings that came from her.

“Be well Catherine.” he said just before leaving. She watched him go and stood looking out at the city for a while holding the book close to her heart. 


I went Above to see her tonight. Earlier today, she was peaceful and content. Then as the evening wore on, I felt a restlessness filling inside her. That’s when I decided to leave her the book. She heard me out on the balcony and came outside. I felt such joy radiating from her when she saw me. She took me in her arms and I was breath taken. Her face had been fixed. She was so beautiful. We sat as she read the last chapter. Her voice echoes in my memory. She asked me to come back. It pains me to know that I cannot be a part of her life. My heart is somewhat content knowing that she is well. She has found the strength and courage I knew she would. Perhaps now it will be easier knowing she is all right. Sleep well Catherine…


Catherine made her way up the stairs of the brownstone in search of Carol. She didn’t know where she could be. She knew she wouldn’t have left. It wasn’t safe. Perhaps she was in the bathroom. She walked through the door to find her face down on the floor. Worried, she went directly to kneel at her side. As she went to touch her cheek a voice came from behind her. 

“Don’t bother. She’s dead.” She couldn’t believe it was him! The same man that had attacked her was right in front of her now. Stepping up to his side was another man who said, “So are you.”

The knife had been flipped out, and it triggered a rage and determination in her. Not again. She grabbed the floor lamp beside her, rammed them against the wall, and made a mad dash for the door.


“It’s your move Father.” He waited for him to make his move when he felt a surge of fear run through him. It was Catherine! His head jerked. 

“Vincent? What is it?” Father asked confused.

“Catherine. She’s in danger.” he said getting up to run out of the chamber. 

“Vincent! Vincent wait!” It was too late. He was gone. 

Running as fast as he could, all he could think about was keeping her safe from harm. The wind blew fiercely in his face as he clung to the top of the subway car. Once it had stopped, he jumped off the top and ran through a hidden entrance to another part of the tunnels. Racing towards the basement of the building he knew she was in, he kept repeating her name. “Catherine. I’m coming Catherine!” He broke through the wall in a blind fury. He had to get to her. Her fear was rising, and he knew they had her. He roared in anger that someone would hurt her again.

Catherine’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the loud roar come from behind the wall. It was Vincent! Before she knew it, he had burst through the door throwing the men left and right. She sat with her eyes wide open in astonishment. Where had he come from? How did he know? When he stopped long enough to look at her, the shame registered and he sat back on the bench behind him. She shook the thoughts from her mind and realized he couldn’t be seen here. 

He lead her through the tunnels on the long journey home. For a while he was silent, and she was afraid to say anything. She could tell he was ashamed of what he had done, and that she had seen it. Then she decided to break the silence. 

“Vincent, how did you know?”

“I felt your fear.”

“You…that’s what you meant?” He nodded. “Vincent, what happened back there…you don’t have to-”

“Catherine, I didn’t want you to see me that way.”

“Vincent, you were protecting me. If you hadn’t come they would have killed me.”

The thought struck a thorn deep into his heart. He couldn’t imagine the thought of losing her. “Catherine, if it was in my power, I would never let anything happen to you ever again.”

“I know.”

He looked at her for a moment and she held his gaze. Then she took his hand and they walked on. When they neared a familiar place to her, he asked if she remembered the way back. She told him she did. When they reached that ledge she had walked along eight months ago, she turned to face him. 

“I owe you everything. Everything.” she told him.

“You owe me nothing. I‘m part of you Catherine, just as you are a part of me. Where ever you go, where ever I am I‘m with you. Goodbye.” 

Her heart was filling with love for him. Everything she had just heard was more than she could have dreamed of hearing from anyone. She had always hoped to find someone as kind, gentle, and loving as Vincent. As he started to walk away, something inside her pulled her to him. She wrapped her arms tight around him. There was no way she could allow him to be gone from her life. He meant too much to her already. She pulled back to look into his eyes and told him saying, “For now.” As they walked away from each other they wanted one last look. Turning at the same time, their eyes met in a loving gaze. Catherine smiled and made her way back to the world Above as Vincent returned to his chamber. Their lives were changed forever…




Once Upon a Time... Is Now
Jess Lynn


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Music: Devotion, by Jim Brickman










New York City Utopia
Claire "Cosi"



Another stirring in the French tunnels: a newborn B&B website, which also wanted to salute the fandom during this anniversary celebration, although it's only in its beginnings. But it is determined to grow...

























Down Memory Lane
Midnight Rose



"Beauty and the Beast" has always been one of my favorite fairytales. I had to check out that new show on Friday nights, twenty years ago. 

I first became aware of BATB when I read TV Guide’s Fall Preview for 1987. I was intrigued by the show premise and tantalized by the picture of Catherine and this tall, golden-maned character called Vincent. They did not show his face. 

For a couple weeks beforehand, I could only hope and pray CBS would not destroy my favorite fairytale, by turning it into another version of that horrible comedy "Snow White." I was very relieved that they went with the Lion-type Beast rather then the Boar’s head one. My only frustration with the Pilot was waiting --- waiting --- waiting for them to reveal Vincent’s face. My jaw might have dropped in awe when I first saw him, before a smile of enchantment spread across my face. 

I was hooked. The characters and the settings were fascinating. We were introduced to Catherine and immediately understood the disenchantment of her life and knew she would find the strength to grow. We knew of Father’s protectiveness and love for his extraordinary son. We were introduced to Vincent like Catherine was, through his compassion, gentleness, and voice. The first time you saw him, you knew Vincent was going to be someone special. Their friendship, love, and loyalty warmed you. The Bond intrigued you. Vincent’s rescue of Catherine excited you. In those first few new moments, acceptance and love between two strangers blossomed. This show was going to be extraordinary. 

I fell in love with the timeless story of unrequited love. It is the kind of love that was destined to challenge and conquer every fear, barrier, and "impossibility." Vincent and Catherine’s story and how they found a way to endure despite all the odds enchanted me. I enjoyed learning about the Tunnels and their people. I relish the literature, poetry, and classical music depth to the episodes. I liked the morality plays that were thrown in --- you always came away learning something. 

From Vincent and Catherine’s "impossibilities" have come 20 years of "possibilities." <smile>

Two Cents---






The First Time I Loved Forever
Kryss LaBryn



The very first time I saw or heard anything about Beauty and the Beast was when our local TV Guide featured a picture of Vincent and Catherine on a balcony, her in a lovely long fringed shawl, him watching over her in the background, cloaked, his face hidden within a hood. That Friday, according to the article within, the pilot of this new series would air.

I was a dreamy, intelligent, creative sixteen-year-old girl. I was a bit of a social outcast; I fit in well with other creative, intelligent dreamers, but the common herd seems to sense something different about me—or I about them—in any case, I find it hard to mesh. I had a few close friends who shared my love of books, science fiction, fantasy, and writing, to varying degrees, and Mike, Stephen, Angie, Tina, and I would hang out together most lunch hours in the back of the library. I think the school environment was difficult for us all, to some degree (Stephen especially; he was a Dutch Boer who still had a trace of an accent from his life in Africa), and none of us particularly fit in, but we could forget all that, in the little room at the back of the library, and just be ourselves.

In any case, something about the picture—the romance of it, perhaps; the mystery—appealed to me, and I developed an obsession the way only a sixteen-year-old girl can, even before the show aired. I couldn’t wait for Friday!

Do I remember watching the pilot? I remember the pilot itself very clearly, and I remember some of my thoughts about some of the shots. But I don’t remember which TV I watched it on; I was too absorbed in the show. If I recall correctly, I called my friend Angie right away afterwards to see if she had seen it too. She had. There may have been squeeing.

Memories of that time are, for me, very much tied up in memories of my friend Stephen. Mike and Tina never particularly got into Beauty and the Beast, and Angie sort of lost interest after the first few episodes, but Stephen and I remained staunch fans. The year I went as Vincent for Hallowe’en, I think he would have done, if I had gone as Catherine. But I was going through a tomboy phase, and didn’t want to dress up as the girl, heh. And I couldn’t persuade him to, either… *grin*

Beauty and the Beast helped save my life, I think, at a time when, as for most teens, I think, things were pretty rough for me emotionally. I had a good life, I can’t deny it; but there was such a strong sense of being outcast and alone that I came very near to despair.

Catherine and Vincent gave me something to live for, at a time I desperately needed it.

Stephen, unfortunately, didn’t make it. He made it through the first two seasons, but in March of 1989, on his eighteenth birthday, just before we were all going to graduate, he jumped off a bridge on his way home. It was over a year before any trace of him was found.

With every episode I see now, Beauty and the Beast takes me back to those times. I can’t see it without remembering how very much I loved the show, and what it was like to snuggle up under a blanket in the rec room and watch it while Mum made dinner upstairs. It reminds me of what was, to my hindsight, a simpler, comforting time, when my Mum was still alive, and my whole life was ahead of me. It rouses very bittersweet emotions in me.

But it also remains one of the most groundbreaking series I have ever seen. There have been a few shows that faintly remind me of it upon occasion; Babylon 5, for example, had a similar breadth of vision. But there has been nothing else quite like it, for its sincerity, for its romance and adventure, and for its sheer groundbreaking novelty. In the Dallas- and A-Team-dominated TV landscape of the late 1980s, this show was truly remarkable.

It was the perfect time for such a show: It was a breath of fresh air amidst the formulaic cop shows and dramas that predominated; and we had not yet, as an audience, become so jaded that the sentiment became cloying. I don’t know if it would succeed today the way it did then, but it was, certainly for me at the least, very much the right show at the right time.

I’ll light a candle on the 25th in remembrance of a remarkable show that helped inspire me to pursue special effects makeup as a career (my life took a different direction, but for a while… In any case, Rick Baker and Margaret Bessera remain heroes), and I’ll drink a cup of tea in remembrance of the girl I was then, and my friend Stephen.








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Once upon a time... is now
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