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The Beauty and the Beast


The cyber tunnels on the web are many, some thriving with life,
some lost and forgotten, but worth exploring anyway

The main general ones

CABB Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast CABB
Angie's site Treasure Chambers

in archive mode, hosted on BatBland:

Belgium fan Marina's site, in English My Beauty and the Beast page
French fan Annik's site, in French and in English La Belle et la BÍte/Beauty and the Beast

in archive mode or not recently updated:

USA fan Eric's site, first B&B site online. Songs of the Bluebird
Spanish fan Marta's sitio web en castellano La Bella y la Bestia
The Beauty and the Beast British Fan Club BATBFC
USA fan Sharon's site Sharon's Beauty and the Beast Chamber
USA fan Kindra King's site Beyond A Bond
Taiwan fan Wingwallow's site, in Chinese Beauty and the Beast
USA dearest fan Chan's site Chandler's Beauty and the Beast Page

Sites with specific contents

An annual B&B cyber convention Winterfest Online
B&B scripts and transcriptions of the episodes B&B Scripts and Transcription Project
The QFER, online version of B&B fanzines directory Helpers' Network Quality Fanzine Review Online
Open searchable database of the online B&B fan fiction Beauty and the Beast fan fiction database
To borrow B&B fanzines at postage cost (located in USA) Crystal Rose Lending Library
B&B memorabilia - 1 The Beauty and the Beast Memorabilia Museum
B&B memorabilia - 2 Treasure Chambers

Sites and blogs for fanfic, art, poetry

not a fan site - B&B section in
Fan fiction, classic only (1st & 2nd season and SND) Tunnel Tales [old site]
Fan fiction, classic only (1st & 2nd season and SND) Tunnel Tales [new site]
Fan fiction, all Seasons Beauty And The Beast Reading Chamber
Adult B&B fan fiction and art, classic only The Steam Tunnels
Nan Dibble's B&B fan fiction, from the early days of fandom The Novelizations by Nan Dibble
Wendy Tunnard de-Veryard fan fiction Romantic Reflections
BeElleGee B&B fan fiction Bit of Heaven
Rhonda Collins fan fiction Legacy of Love
Wendy Littrell's fan fiction Crystal Tunnels
Corinne's wallpapers and fan fiction, in French Fanfics & Wallpapers
A collection of B&B episode expansion projects Everything...
Three friends' stories and poetry Here Begins a New Life
Carole W's fan fiction Imagine That
Krista/Aliset's fan fiction Things that are not and should be
Olivia K. Goode's fan fiction OK Goode! OK Fics!
Crowmama's fan fiction An Ever-Fixed Mark


Others - let us have your suggestions: pascal at batbland . com




Are you dreaming of making your own web tunnel? Let's talk. We have plenty of free room and can help with carving.



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