Third season fanfiction sorted by title (R/NC17)

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The Mirror: Always Here, All Along (255k) Rated R Uploaded 3/26/99

C.B. McWhorter

There are two versions of "The Mirror." The first, "Kindred Spirits," is a Classic story that was written during the second season, when I first dreamed up the character Victoire. The second version, "Always Here," came to be when I began wondering what would happen if it were Diana who met Victoire first. While the settings, the time, and even Vincent's moods are different in each story, the fundamental interactions between Vincent & Victoire are similar - at some points, identical. And for them, the outcome is the same, no matter what else goes on around them.

Living the Promise Rated Mild R

Rosa N. Tadeo

Sequel to the story "To Hope Anew" by same author. Love embraced in all its wonder brings Vincent and Diana a wealth of joy and promise. But, the fates still stand ready to threaten pain and heartache, and only the courage of their love can see them through it all with hope. (Individual chapters and their respective sizes are listed when you follow the link above) (This is an ongoing, multi-chapter story that will have new chapters uploaded as they are completed)

The High Tower Rated R Uploaded 1/8/05

David. B. Hearne

Fifteen years after his mother's death, Jacob has become estranged from his father. As he struggles to decide where he belongs, he discovers a powerful group which threatens the Tunnels --and hides the woman he loves. (Individual chapters and their respective sizes are listed when you follow the link above)

One Final Gift (32kb) Rated R Uploaded 10/17/07


On a yearly pilgrimage to the cave where his son, Jacob, was conceived, Vincent finally learns the truth of what happened on that fateful day. Story originally published in the 2003 BatB conzine.

Sins of the World Rated R Uploaded 12/29/05

David. B. Hearne

Two months after the events of "The High Tower" the lives of Jacob and Alexandra are crossing again. Only this time the danger comes from some unexpected sources.

To Hope Anew Rated Mild R

Rosa N. Tadeo

Three years after Catherine's death, on the eve of their wedding celebration, Vincent and Diana find themselves reliving the pivotal moments that have brought them together. But, the doubts and second-guessed decisions that all newlyweds face are nothing compared to what the two of them must struggle with, and "happily ever after" seems destined to elude them still. Followed by "Living the Promise" by the same author. (Individual chapters and their respective sizes are listed when you follow the link above)

To Live Again (244kb) Rated R Uploaded 3/4/12

Janet Rivenbark

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? (80k) Rated: R Uploaded 8/28/00

Margaret Davis

Diana's story starts at age 5 and we learn how early influences in her life shaped her into the woman we saw. This story first appeared in Huntress.


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