All stories will be sorted into two ratings clusters: G/PG/PG13 and R/NC17. Individual stories within these groups will have ratings assigned to them according to the following definitions:

G: ANYONE can read it . No violence, sex, or strong language.

PG: Some violence, gently alluded to. Mild language.

PG-13: Tasteful fadeout before anyone hits the proverbial hay. Some violence, nothing too descriptive. Stronger language than PG, but nothing extreme. A good rule of thumb: Would you let your child (below age 13) read this? If not, it's at least a PG-13.

R: Adult content, adult situations, reader discretion is advised. Strong language (anything with the F-word is considered strong by the standards of this site). Not suitable for children. Some graphic sex, but the story has a definite plot.

NC17- Adult content, adult situations, graphic descritpions of sex and/or violence. Not suitable for any children and some adults.

If you find that a story has content/language that does not match the rating (or season) it was given, please email me  and I'll look into it.


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