For the complete text of many of the literary references, see The Stacks

Episode 1: Once Upon a Time in the City of New York

~Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) -"Great Expectations" (1860-61) [Reading]  

Episode 2: Terrible Saviour

~Beethoven, Ludwig Van (1770-1827) 5 Symphony (2nd movement)
~Catherine's reference to Jason's immortality, waiting until he is needed again "like King Arthur" alludes to one of the myriad legends of Arthur which states that the king will rise again when he is needed. [Derived from Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d'Arthur (The Death of Arthur-1470)].  

Episode 3: Siege

~Beethoven, Ludwig Van (1770-1827) Piano sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 - "Pathetique"
~Shakespeare, William (1564-1616) "Sonnet 29" (1598) [Reading]

Episode 4: No Way Down

~The name of the building Vincent must locate to reach safety - "The Beaumont" - is an obvious reference to Gabrielle Beaumont, the author of the original story of "Beauty and the Beast"

Episode 5: Masques

~Irving, Washington (1783-1859) "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (1819) [Referenced] 
~Moore, Thomas (1779-1852) "She is Far From The Land" (1801) [Partial reading]

Episode7: Nor Iron Bars a Cage

~Wordsworth, William (1770-1850) "Surprised By Joy" (1806) [Reading]
~Shakespeare, William (1564-1616) "Merchant of Venice" Act 3, Scene 1, lines 55-58 [Referenced], "Romeo and Juliet" Act 2, Scene   2, lines 61-62 [Referenced - inscription]
~Lovelace, Richard (1618-1658) "To Althea, From Prison" (c.1644) [Title]
~Chopin, Friederic (1810-1849) Nocturne for Piano No. 9

Episode 8: Song of Orpheus

Naso, Publius Ovidius, [Ovid] (43 BC – 17 AD) "The Metamorphoses, Book X",  "Orpheus and Eurydice"  The world's greatest musician tries to rescue his dead wife from the land of the dead., and fails to do so.   [Title]

Episode 10: A Children Story

~Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) This episode is loosely based on the story "Oliver Twist" (1838-1839).

Episode 12: Shades of Gray

~Blake, William (1757-1827) "Auguries of Innocence" (1804-1805) [Reading]
~Maro, Publius Vergilius [Virgil] (70 BC - 19 BC) [Referenced]
~Twain, Mark (Samuel Clemens) (1835-1910) [Referenced]
~Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936) [Referenced]
~London, Jack (1876-1916) [Referenced]

Episode 14: The Alchemist

~Browning, Robert (1812-1889) "Paracelsus" – a narrative poem about one Theophenastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, a polymath of the 13th century, who turned from knowledge and reason to mysticism and alchemy.  Despite his mysticism, made many advances in pharmacology. [Character Name]

Episode 15: Temptation

~Rilke, Rainer Maria (1875-1926) "Letters to a Young Poet" Letter #8 (1904) [Reading]

Episode 16: Promises of Someday

~Mitchell, Joni (1945-) "The Circle Game" (Lyric) (1966) Stanza 1 - Line 8 [Title]

Episode 17: Down to a Sunless Sea

~Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834) "Kubla Kahn" (1798) [Title - Reading]

Episode 19: Everything is Everything

Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936) "The Elephant's Child" 1903) (Reading)

Beethoven, Ludwig Van (1770-1827) Minuet in G
~Shakespeare, William (1564-1616) "Romeo and Juliet" (1596) [Reading]

Episode 20: To Reign in Hell

~Milton, John (1608-1674) "Paradise Lost" (1658-1663) – Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven. [Quote - Title]

Episode 21: Ozymandias

~Shelley, Percy (1792-1822) "Ozymandias" ([c] 1818) – poem dealing with the ultimate fate of power and material wealth [Title, Reading]

Episode 22: A Happy Life

~Grieg, Edvard (1843-1907) "Piano concerto in A Minor, Op. 16"

Episode 23: Chamber Music

~Schubert, Franz (1797-1827) "Unfinished Symphony" (1822)
~Byron, George Gordon, Lord (1788-1824) "She Walks In Beauty" (1814-1815) [Partial reading]
~Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Impromptu in G-Flat. op. 90, no. 3
~Chopin, Friederic Ballade no. 4 in F Minor, op 52
`Beethoven, Ludwig Van (1770-1827) Piano sonata No. 14 in C# minor, Op.27 "Moonlight"
`Schumann, Robert (1810-56) Kinderscenen op. 15, Von Fremden Landern und Menschen
~Chopin, Friederic Prelude in E Minor

Episode 24: Remember Love

~Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953) "Fern Hill" (1946) [Reading]

Episode 26: Dead of Winter

~Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888 "Dover Beach" (1867)
~Browning, Robert (1812-1889) "Paracelsus" – an epic poem about one Theophenastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, a polymath of the 13th century, who turned from knowledge and reason tomysticism and alchemy.  Despite this, responsible for many advances in pharmacology. {Character }
~Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 - Hamlet (1600-1602), Act 5, Scene 1, (quote)
~Eliot, Thomas Stearns (1888-1965) "Journey of the Magi" (1927) [Title]

Episode 27: God Bless the Child

~"God Bless The Child"is taken from a ballad by Billie Holliday and Andrew Herzog.  The verse is as follows:"Momma may have...Poppa may have...But God Bless the Child that's got his own."

Episode 28: Sticks and Stones

~"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!" - children's folksong [Title]

Episode 29: A Fair and Perfect Knight

~Blake, William (1757-1827) "To The Evening Star" (1783) [Reading], "Piping Down The Valleys Wild" (1789) [Reading]
~Shakespeare, William (1564-1616) "Henry IV, Part I, Act 1, Scene 1" (1623) [Reading] 

Episode 30 - Labyrinths

Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809) Allegro moderato (Trio 1 in C major)
Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809) Andante (Trio 1 in C major)

Episode 31: Brothers

~Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) "A Tale of Two Cities" (1851) [Reference]
~Carroll, Lewis [Charles Dodgson], 1832-1898 "Through The Looking Glass" (1872) [Reading] Not to be confused with "The ~Adventures of Alice in Wonderland", a separate work

Episode 32: A Gentle Rain

~Shakespeare, William (1564-1616) "The Merchant of Venice" (1596-1597) Act IV, Scene I, [Title]
~Wordsworth, William (1770-1858) "Intimations of Immortality" (1807) [Reading]

Episode 34: Orphans

~Williams, Margery (1894-1947) "The Velveteen Rabbit" (1922) [Reading]

Episode 35: Arabesque

~Rilke, Rainer Maria "You Darkness" [Reading]

Episode 36: When the Bluebird Sings

~Lord Tennyson, Alfred (1809-1892) "The Lady of Shallott" (1832) [Partial reading], "Idylls of the King" (published between 1856 and 1885) [Reference]
~Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900) "The Decay of Lying" (1889) [Reading, Title]
~Whitman, Walt (1819-1892) "Song of Myself" (1855)

Episode 38: A Distant Shore

~"The First Time I Loved Forever" Vocals by Lisa Angelle, Lyrics by Melanie, Music by Lee Holdridge [Song performed]
~Frost, Robert (1874-1963) "Acquainted with the Night" (1928) [Reading]

Episode 40: A Kingdom by the Sea

~Poe, Edgar Allen (1809-1849) "Annabel Lee" (1849) [Title, Reference]
~Deadalus – Celebrated architect in Greek mythology, builder of the Palace of Minos, king of Crete, and later imprisoned in the Labyrinth with his son, Icarus.  Fashioned wings of wax and escaped to Sicily [Referenced Object]

Episode 41: The Hollow Men

~Eliot, Thomas Stearns (1888-1965) "The Hollow Men" (1925) [Title] 
~Beethoven, Ludwig Van (1770-1827) "7th Symphony, 2nd Movement" (1819)

Episode 42: What Rough Beast

~Yeats, William Butler (1865-1939) "The Second Coming" (1919-1921) [Title]

Episode 44: The Rest is Silence

~Shakespeare, William (1564-1616) Hamlet (1600-1601) [Title]
~Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953) "And Death Shall Have No Dominion" (1926) [Reading]
~Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741) La Stravaganza, Op. 4, Violin concerto No. 2 in E minor",
" The Four Seasons", Op. 8, Violin concerto No. 2 in G minor, Summer, 3rd Movement (presto)".