For Unto Us a Child Is Born

Mai Phan



For unto us a child is born!

Glory, Hallelujah!

Good-bye, Anna, ill-fated wife,

So long, we hardly knew you.


For unto us a child is born.

The wicked and the meek

All circle ‘round this special son,

And kiss his downy cheek.


For unto us a child is born.

A name day for his name.

Gifts teach generosity.

(We’ll never be the same.)


For unto us Vincent is born,

His name day having passed,

He’ll grow enclosed in granite

Is his die already cast?


For unto us Vincent grows tall,

As adolescents do.

A great mistake, a heart will break.

And “That life… not for you.”


For unto Vincent love is born!

Though featured leonine,

What limits will a Beast-Prince push

To claim a Topside Queen?




Illustrations supplied by the author





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