The Future of Knowing


Judith Nolan




{ 385  words }





“I cannot believe it’s been thirty years, since that night I found you, Catherine.”

“I know. I guess time flies, when you are too involved with your life, to notice. But it has been a magical thirty years. I would not change them for anything.”

“It has been a very eventful life, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, it has. I was reading your book of Browning’s poems again this morning, and he wrote: Grow old along with me! The best is yet to beDo you truly believe that, Vincent? That we could still hope for more wonderful moments?”

“With all my heart and soul. Thirty years, well-spent, loving you, and three children, has taught me to believe in a whole universe of possibilities that I never thought could ever come true. I had never allowed myself to dream so big, until the day you came into my life. Now I cannot dream large enough, to encompass all you mean to me.”

“It’s the same for me, my love. And yet, in all that time, we have never discovered why you are, as you are. Who your parents were, and why did they abandon you to die so cruelly. That is the one answer we have never uncovered.”

“It doesn’t matter to me, now. It has not mattered for years. I am content. Though, once I thought Devin might bring back the answer to me, when he finally returned to us. That he may have met others like me, in all his worldly travels.”

“But he never did. Or he never told us, if he did.”

“Maybe he was right all along. Perhaps, it is better not to know, and just accept that we have enough blessings in our lives. To ask for more is to tempt fickle fate, too far.”

“But, Vincent, getting back to this growing old business, Browning wrote about… Don’t you think we’re already well along that path? After all, we’re grandparents, six times over. What more could there be?”

“Very well, Grandma, we have the house to ourselves, tonight. Do you want me to draw you a hot bath, light a few of your aromatherapy candles, and we could share a good, long soak. Then, afterwards, we could fool around, some? Just to prove a point, of course.”

“Oh, yes, please, Grandpa…”










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