Where Truth Abides...


Judith Nolan




{ 483 words }





“I owe you everything -- everything...”

“You owe me nothing -- I’m part of you, Catherine. Just as you’re part of me... Wherever you go, wherever I am... I’m with you... Good-bye...”

“For now...”

“Wow… Hey, Vincent… Sorry, I mean, Ron. I got lost there, for a moment. That was truly magic. Where, on earth, did you find that gorgeous voice?”

“Honestly, you’ve got me, Linda. I have no idea. It just kinda happened, without me being aware of it. I opened my mouth, and that’s what came out. But, I think the poor sound guy, over there, is having issues with it, already. He’s been screwing all those dials way up, and banging on his earphones. I think he’s about to explode. He’ll come on over soon, and beg me for some more volume. I’ll have to tell him that this voice is all he gets. Take it, or leave it.”

“Well, I was standing right beside you, and I can sympathize. I could barely hear you. But, I’m not complaining. Don’t you dare change a thing! I’ve still got goosebumps. And this whole look of yours. I mean, you’ve got Aslan from Narnia, and a whole lot of other fantastic, fantasy characters, going on. It’s way too cool.”

“Rick Baker swore he could change this ugly mug of mine into something like, fantasy hot. I laughed. Seriously, I didn’t believe him. Until he showed me a sketch of this guy who looked like a rock star, all long, blond hair and exotic eyes. I said, ‘holy shit, man. I wish I could look that goddam good!’ He said, ‘Gimme four hours!’ I guess, judging by everyone’s reactions, he wasn’t wrong.”

“Nope, he wasn’t wrong. I’ve been expecting to see some sort of great, shambling beast for the first scene rehearsal. But, I wasn’t expecting to see something as beautiful as you look right now. Fantasy hot doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

“Beautiful…? Linda Hamilton, you need glasses!”

“Well, until you showed up, I was the only Beauty in this show. We’ve spent weeks filming a chick flick about a woman lawyer getting by in the big city. I hope they know what they’re doing with the rest of the Pilot. This is gonna be a real trip.”

“Yeah, maybe. But, this is too surreal to survive. We won’t be picked up by the network. So, it will be fun to escape, for a while. We might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. We’ll shake out a few kinks, and see where it takes us.”

“I guess. But, this is such a neat gig. I can hope it lasts for a season or two. I could get used to you looking like this.”

“Dreams are free, babe. Look out, they want us for the next scene. Come on, my Beauty, let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Lead on, my Beast.”










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