Fantasy Hot...


Judith Nolan




{ 168 words }





“I told ya, I’d be done in four hours. Last bit going on, and there he is. I think you’ll do, very nicely. You can open your eyes, and look now.”

“Hey, you sure, man? I mean, I know you can craft a great face, and all, Rick. You showed me that sketch of what I should look like. But, applying it to this ugly mug… can’t see it myself.”

“That’s because you don’t have faith in me. Well, not yet, anyways. So, open your eyes, and see, Ron. What ya got to lose?”

“My dignity, for one. This whole pilot hangs on me pulling off a believable beast. What if all of these past few weeks have been for nothing?”

“Sit there wondering, then. Like we’ve got all day. I think there’s a gorgeous Beauty hanging around outside, waiting for you to appear. But, whatever, I get paid either way. Suit yourself.”

“Okay, okay, you’ve made your point… opening my eyes and looking now… Well, hello, Vincent…”










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