The picture in Catherine's apartment

Lara Hoyle




Winterfest, had been a wonderful evening, full of candlelight, music, dancing and eating. Had it really been two weeks ago? Catherine had gone down laden with some supplies for the Helpers. The children and Vincent had made some things out of a large amount of stuff Cathy had bought at a second hand store and paint.

One of the girls, a talented young apprentice of Elizabeth named Chan, walked up to Catherine as she rested at Vincent's side watching some of the children and adults conga around the tables. She held out a wrapped scroll to Catherine and Mouse followed her with his gift.

"I know that we have to keep Vincent a secret," Chan smiled as Cathy's fingers gently removed the floral wrapping paper Catherine had brought to the small community before Christmas, "so this has two of the people he loves."

Catherine nodded as she saw the faces of Father and Mary laughing in the picture.

"Okay good, okay fine. This is my present for Vincent's Catherine." The blonde man smiled as Catherine tried to smooth out the picture.

"Open that for me please Vincent?"

The lion faced man nodded and opened the boxed gift. "It's a frame... looks like it might fit the picture."

Catherine looked over at it and smiled up at the young couple standing there. "Thank you for the picture and the frame, you two..."

"You're welcome!"

"Any time you want another picture just ask."

Vincent and Catherine put the picture into the gold painted flowered frame, and it fit perfectly.

"Found in the junk yard, not taken. Painted gold because it's pretty... edges were burned, so gold hides black bad."

"I'll put it in a place of honor. Thank you again Mouse... Look, here comes Jamie. I think she wants to dance with you." Chan had stepped away from the two adults and was signing with Laura and Father by the dance space.

Catherine stood up and put the picture on her wrap on the table behind her.

"Vincent, let's dance..."

Catherine smiled at the memories the frame and its precious innards brought.




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