A late night carriage ride...

Lara Beilby




Catherine rode around the edge of Central Park in a taxi, looking for where the horse and carriages started their routes. As she paid the driver, one of the Helpers that drove a carriage was pulling into the stables. He waved.

"Heyla, Lovely lady... What brings you here tonight?"

"Just was coming to check out how our young friend from the Romani Gypsies is doing... I've heard that he's been working here since he has a special touch with the horses?"

"That he does... Think you missed him, he was leaving when I came in. But he does seem to be fine as far as I can tell."

"That's great. I am also looking to rent a horse and carriage for an evening's entertainment..."

"I can help you out with that... Some of the night time sights are lovely this time of year... Carriage hooded or not? " He smiled knowing she probably would choose the hood option having seen Catherine dancing with Vincent.

"Hood up, definitely, but not for tonight... I'm planning to whisk you know who around for a ride on October thirty first..."

"I'm available for that night I think... Let me check my calendar..."


October thirty first came slightly chilled in the morning and whispered of spooky and fun things all day long. Fog rolled in and added to the eerie music and costumes appearing all over the place.

The sun went down and Vincent climbed up to the balcony where a single candle glimmered on the balcony where he and Catherine had spent several hours reading poetry in the summer nights. He noticed that her apartment was dark but her balcony doors were open slightly. He began listening trying to hear her breathing and looking into the darkness that seemed to have taken over her place.


He looked into the darkness and quietly stepped beyond the threshold edge into the dark with the candle providing a weak and wiggly guttering light. Listening carefully he slowly walked through the bedroom.

The sound of a prerecorded heart beat began when Vincent turned the corner into the kitchen and saw Catherine, silent and smiling dressed as a bride with a red beating heart.

"Catherine you scared me."

"Like the costume? I was inspired by a video I saw on the computer earlier this week." She showed him the video of the Haunted Mansion which had inspired her.

"I also got you a costume too." Cathy giggled and presented him with a suit bag and a hat box."The costume is supposed to hide your head too."

"Ah, I can still see... We best hurry and go Below for Father's rendition of The Headless Horseman... and the children's performances. "

After the stories the festivities continued and Catherine whisked Vincent back Above for the late night ride...



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