So You're Thinking About Hosting a Con...

How to Put on a Beauty and the Beast Convention

updated 2019.1.16

After Your Con

Get some rest!

Deposit your cash.

You've probably prepaid most of your catering, but you may have a small amount still due the hotel. Pay them on whatever schedule you've agreed.

Sort through your dealer room receipts and determine how much is owed each of your dealers.

Sort through your art room receipts and determine how much is owed to your art show participants.

Mail out checks to dealers and artists.

Mail con merchandise to people who ordered but did not attend the con.

If you have any remaining miscellaneous expenses, pay them.

If you're having any post-con sales, have them; collect funds; mail goods.

Once you're done, the amount left over is what goes to your charity. Bring or mail them a check.

Announce your total in the BATB groups. :-)