So You're Thinking About Hosting a Con...

How to Put on a Beauty and the Beast Convention

updated 2019.1.16

Your Charity

As con chair or as a con team, you decide on the con charity. In the past our con charities have ranged from national/international organizations to very small local organizations. If possible, invite a representative to speak briefly to the attendees about the charity. Sometimes we invite the representative to the banquet to make their presentation (usually no more than 5-10 minutes) and then treat them to dinner.

Ideally, all of the money raised at the charity auction and for the con-owned items in the art auction should go to the charity, plus any direct charity contributions you’ve received from fans, the funds from Beast Bingo, as well as any proceeds from the con after you’ve paid all your expenses, as well as the percentage from the items sold for others.

Generally, you would announce to fans how much was donated to the charity once you have done all your accounting and paid all the con-related bills, which will likely be at least several weeks post-convention.

If you run a post-con sale, you will want to wait until that is concluded before announcing your charity total.