So You're Thinking About Hosting a Con...

How to Put on a Beauty and the Beast Convention

updated 2019.1.16


You can plan for as elaborate or as streamlined a decoration scheme as you like. Some fans have B&B-themed hangings which could be made available for your use, but you need to ask in time to allow for shipping. Ask any previous con chair for advice regarding decorations.

Your decorations will be curtailed to some extent depending upon hotel restrictions. Some hotels will not allow taping or nailing into their walls, so decorations may need to be free-standing.

If you decide you wish to display some fandom-owned costumes, please remember you will be responsible for finding appropriate display space/hangers for them, as well as security to ensure nothing is removed. You will also be responsible for mailing costs both ways if the fans who own them aren’t bringing them to the con.

Most con chairs set up simple B&B-themed centerpieces, different ones on each day of the convention. These can then be auctioned off to raise funds for the charity. These need not be as elaborate as your banquet centerpieces.

Consider spending most of your decorating budget on items you can auction off. Also, consider using items you already own, which therefore cost nothing. Fabric remnants or other crafting items might be a possibility.

There’s no need to put the same decorations on every table, and auctioned items go higher when there’s only one. If your decorations comprise multiple pieces, you may also consider breaking them up and auctioning the pieces separately instead of as a set.

Note that Bubba, the full-size doll that looks a little like Vincent, generally travels from convention to convention. Often the con chair finds a hat or tee shirt or other decorative item related to the convention city to put on him for fun (in Dallas, he had a cowboy hat; in San Diego, he wore a sombrero). He is your responsibility to get from the current convention to yours. Discuss how to move him with the current con chair, who likely has the box he was shipped in or a suggestion regarding the best way to transport him. Note that he looks sturdy but he is not – his face and his nails are quite delicate, and care should be taken when moving and shipping him. He resides with JoAnn Baca when not otherwise traveling.