Tunnelcon I
July 20-22, 1990

a collection of Tunnelcon I items: a red tshirt, conzine with Vincent ont he cover, a couple of buttons, a tote bag, and a mug

tshirt, tote bag
tshirt, red, Vincent and candles; text: Beauty and the Beast (in the Gothic font) TUNNELCON I "VEGAS" 1990tote bag, sky blue, bears the image of a male lion; text at the top: Tunnel Con 1; text in bottom corners: Las Vegas, July 1990
Con report

photos from the Bluebird site
Armin Shimerman holding a pipe, caption Pascal's cellular

Con Committee
Chairperson - Betty Nieswender
Registration - Dorothy Seltzer
Treasurer - Darrilyn Malone
Art Show - Rose Badgett
Banquet - Laura Bennett
Souvenir Book - Carol Kyne
General Secretary - Cheryl Shettel

(Yes, we know the pictures are missing. If you have them, please send them along.)
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