Tunnelcon III
July 8-10, 1994

a collection of Tunnelcon III items: tote bag, mug, tshirt, conzine

Tshirt, conzine
Vincent seated in the foreground with Catherine bending to put her hand on his shoulder and her forehead to his; background Devin?, Mouse, Father; pencil drawing; text above the image: Beauty and the Beast; text below the image: A Family Reunion | Tunnelcon III | Las Vegas, Nevadatext top: Tunnelcon III; image is a pencil drawingof a group of tunnel folk, all holding lit candles, back to front, left to right: Father, Laura, Jamie, Pascal, William, Vincent, Catherine, Mouse

Tote bag
tote bag, white canvas printed in blue; image is 3 hands holding candles coming together in one flame; a furry baby hand holds the baby finger of Vincent's hand; text above the image: Family Reunion; text below: Tunnelcon III

Lisa's con report

Cleindori's con report

BlueroseCandlelight's vids:
Most Seen Plots
Celebrity Auction
Talent Show/Costume Contest
Talent Edward Albert
Mad Libs
Writers Workshop
Diana Bennett Workshop
David Greenlee
Edward Albert
David Schwartz
Dreamkeepers Passionate Kisses

Marina's photos

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Chairperson - Betty Neiswender
Registration - Barbara Hix
Dealers’ Room - Chris Parker
Art Show - Wendy Litteer & Pat Maryolive
Panels & Schedule - Beth Druhan
Souvenirs - Paulette Curry
Fan Quality Awards - Kay Anderson
Guest Hospitality - Laura Bennett & Esther Crowley
Writers’ Workshop - Dorothy Seltzer
Costume Contest & Talent Show - Colene & Pearlene Wadkins, Lorene Vander  Kraats, Martia West
Video Room - Woody Bernardi
Master of Ceremonies - Jamie Murray
Souvenir Book - Carol Kyne & Russell Allen