A Distant Shore
July 7-10, 1995

a collection of Distant Shore items: conzine, 2 mugs, tote bag, button, Surfin' Vinny thsirt, con tshirt

conzine, mug
conzine: text top A Distant Shore; text bottom The Fairy Tale Continues; image center: pencil drawing of Vincent and Catherine; she stands with her back to him, he has his right hand wrapped around her and holding her hand above her breastblack mug, gold print, Surfin' Vinny

tshirt, white, Vincent and Catherine close together and looking windswept, pencil drawing, circular art; around the circle, text, in blue Gothic font: "A Distant Shore: The FairyTale continues"

tote bag
tote bag with the Surfin Vinnie logo: ocean background, Vincent in swim trunks holding a surf board. text: A Distant Shore | the fair tale continues | 7-10 July '95

tote bag (back side?)
tote bag: Vincent and Catherine building a sand castle, or maybe Vincent's just lying down watching. Catherine's on her knees, about to put a little flag on the castle. Catherine's wearing a 1 piece swimsuit. Hard to tell what Vincent's wearing - he's behind the sand castle. Background is ocean. This is a pencil drawing.

banquet centerpiece
sculpture of Vincent bending down to Catherine for a kiss; the scultpure has a spiral sort of design; off-white with brown in the indentationssame scultpure, different color, more silver-black
"The Kiss in the Chamber of the Winds"

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