Follow Your Heart: Beauty and the Beast By the Bay
July 11-13, 2003

con logo: Golden Gate bridge, Catherine and Vincent looking at one another, their faces both framed by hearts, images have a pink tinge; text: Follow your heart | beauty and the beast by the bay | 14th Annual Beuty and the Beast Convention | July 11-13, 2003 - San Francisco, CA

con logo, name & date on a round button/badge

con tshirt whitecon tshirt, black

beer stein, sweatshirt, mug
beer stein, front and backcon sweatshirt, because even in July, San Francisco is chilly! This one is that light grey color.mug with con logo


tote bag contents
tote bag, welcome letter?, jelly beans, auction paddle, San Francisco guide books, pencils with hearts, fan, kleenex

winterfest candle, more tote bag goodies
candletote bag goodies: fan, auction paddle, notepad, lollipop, stickers

newbie gift
My First Convention - 2003 | Beauty and the Beast by the Bay Stained Glass Coloring Book (hehe), a small pack of crayons, a small package of Runts candies and an assortment of different kinds of hearts

charity fund raiser tshirt
white tshirt with Suze Howe's Central Park characters: Vincent, Catherine and Father drawn in the style of South Park

banquet centerpiece
banquet centerpiece: plaster sculpture by Chan, title Afterglow (if memory serves); Vincent lies back over a too-small bed(?), his head hanging off the edge; Catherine lies atop him, her face buried in his chest; they're somewhat intertwined and there's a blanket that hides certain details
sculpture by Sandy Chandler Shelton

Annik's con report

Mycroft's con report

Pixie's con report

Winterose's con report

je's photos

card from con committee

program book (pdf)

con website (archive version)

news bulletins
at UK Helpers Network


Photos of con items are from the B&B museum.

con promo video