Another Life, Another Dream 
Memories Beyond the Light of a Candle
July 10-12, 2009

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square magnet, flat; upper left corner: New Orleans | Louisiana; upper right corner: a woman with an elaborate mask; bottom center: July 10-12, 2009 | SAVE THE DATE; center: a fleur de lys with Vincent and Catherine in an oval superimposed over it

Con Christmas Card
The bonfires are waiting to be lit along the Levee to guide Papa Noel along the dark, swampy river. Gumbo and Jambalaya are bubbling in big pots in the kitchen. The rich sounds of Zydeco music drifts along the winter wind. Sharing our South Louisiana Christmas traditions from my home to yours, until we meet again this summer. Joyeux Noel, mes amis! Looking forward to gathering with you all in July for the 20th Annual Beauty and the Beast Convention in New Orleans, LA -Deb
Con logo, by Sandy Chandler Shelton
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Deb wearing the curtains

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New Orleans manhole cover


Top 10 List!
banquet centerpiece
banquet centerpiece: one of Sandy Tew's wonderful craft items; only 2 of the 5 decorated faces of the cube are visible; the top is a gold, purple and green confetti sort of design; fron says Mardi Gras, has a Sandy Tew pencil drawing of Vincent and Catherine; below it, a Mardi Gras mask decorated with little beads and jewels
artwork by Sandy Tew

Closing gift: a packet of flower seeds:
A piece of time captured forever, in the memories of
this special place we shared together, to live again
whenever these flowers come to bloom.

baby in a cabbage patch, sourrounded by flowers and butterflies
Our shared reflections of Another Life, Another
Dream : Memories Beyond The Light Of A Candle,
Once Upon A Time In New Orleans.

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Thank yous from Deb