Once Beautiful and Brave

Fan Fiction dedicated to Beauty and the Beast

By Cindy Rae


       “How should we be able to forget those ancient myths that are at the beginning of all peoples, the myths about dragons, that at the last moment turn into princesses?
       Perhaps, all the dragons of our lives are princesses, who are only waiting to see us, once beautiful and brave. 
       Perhaps everything terrible is, in its deepest being, something helpless that wants help from us.
       So, you must not be frightened if a sadness rises up before you, larger than any you have ever seen; if a restiveness like light and cloud-shadows, passes over your hands and over all you do.
       You must think that something is happening with you.  That life has not forgotten you.  That it holds you in its hand, and it will not let you fall.”

~R. M. Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet,
as quoted by Vincent in “Temptation.”



About the Author


The stories:

No Dominion

This vignette appeared first on  Treasure Chambers, on the Tribute Page for Lynn
and her wonderful art and abilities. Thank you for all you do, Lynn, and for all you’ve given to the fandom, over the years.    Rated G

Song of the Open Road

This was for the fans going to Canada, for the convention. A little 'bon voyage' gift originally posted to the BBTV board, the week everyone converged on Calgary. Everyone needs a tale to travel by...     Rated G


Rain and the Persistence of Memory

Vincent returns to the music chamber after his collapse, and finds a new beginning. My first offering to Treasure Chambers, and the lovely people who work and play there. PG or a soft R, depending on how you feel about nudity.


Birthday Card

Ron Perlman turns 65, and reminisces about the 'small moments' in his career which turned into larger ones. An open 'letter' to is son, Brandon, and part of the Birthday celebration on Treasure Chambers. Many thanks to Angie and Judi for inviting me to the party! G rated (except for the language, which is Ron's, so you can bump it up to PG if you like)


Star Crossed

Something fun, and forever. Vincent and Catherine have loved each other eternally, and continue to do so - as their celestial selves visit a certain couple on a certain balcony in New York.
Originally written as a 'stand alone' vignette, this became the 'prize' at the end of the 'treasure hunt' for WFOL, 2015. It also serves as an 'ending' to the "Immortal Lovers" series on WFOL that same year, but can be enjoyed without having read that series.

Santa Vincent

For Christmas 2014, we were offered the challenge of coming up with a piece of fiction to accompany Sandy X's lovely drawing "Santa Baby."  Here's mine.  (How does Vincent end up in that wonderful hat?)

Form Follows Function - and Fate

It always bothered me that Catherine was seriously involved with someone as irritating as Tom Gunther. This started out as an exercise to try and explain that, some. I tried to make him more ‘real’ as a character, as Catherine explored her new changes, and Vincent endured the separation from Catherine until he couldn’t, any longer. As such, it’s an episode expansion within the pilot. (Jan 29, 2015)


The Anniversary pieces

September 25, 2014: my first Anniversary of the airing of the Show! Yay!

For the Anniversary, we were invited to write a piece inspired by a BatB artwork. Two pieces were chosen. My results are below.
The Tunnel Hop

Inspired by Sandy "Chan" Shelton's "The Tunnel Hop" famously owned by Ron Koslow. We all help each other, and live as best as we can. With an afterword of thanks.

The Right to be Here

Inspired by Sandy Tew's terrific drawing "Is it Hot in Here?" If I could draw this well, I'd probably never write. (Because a picture is worth a thousand words, of course.)



An Alternate Universe Halloween (2014) story
Chapter 1 -- Chapter 2 -- Chapter 3 -- Chapter 4 -- Chapter 5.


So, This is Dancing, Too?

Rated G
Inspired by conversations had during the September anniversary celebration, 2014. We all inspire each other.


Frames of Reverence

Rated G
Jacob's reminiscences about being a bridegroom make him realize that Vincent, too, has a place in such things.
Written for the September 25th Anniversary celebration for 2014 on BatBland.
Dedicated to the Dreamers, and the Dream Keepers.


Great Expectations, The Book's Story

Delightfully G.
The book Vincent reads to Catherine in the Pilot doesn't just contain a classic story. It has one all its own...
Meant as a fun bit of vignette fluff read in the voice Dickens himself sometimes wrote in. Re-edited some, this first appeared in WFOL 2014. My first foray into fan fiction, written back when I didn't know anything about fandom or fan fiction. Some things haven't changed all that much.


Can Erica Salven Be Saved? Can Anyone?

PG-13 for some adult language.
Joe Maxwell hasn't seen Erika Salven for a while. But that is about to change...
A continuation of "Temptation."

I Reign

R for descriptions of violence.
Episode expansion of "To Reign in Hell," as Vincent considers who it is that truly 'reigns,' in the tunnels. Inspired by a conversation over on BBTV Yahoo, regarding how Vincent feels about his fangs. Rare in that it is written in the first person.

No Heaven for Fallen Angels

NC-17 for descriptions of violence.
This episode expansion of "The Outsiders" picks up almost the moment the show ends, as Vincent feels he is too inhuman for he and Catherine to continue. A dark and angsty exploration with an emotionally satifying ending, for the show faithful.


The essays:


Part of the April 12th Anniversary celebration for 2014, an essay of reminiscence about what the 1980's were like and the night in1987 that changed us all. Originally appeared on BBTV and BatBland. 


...It Would Change My Life, Forever... 

Written for the Anniversary Celebration on September 25th, 2015.
Now and then, a day begins like a normal day. By the end of it, however, something amazing happens.
Some days are meant to change your life, forever.


The Unbearable Lightness of Choosing

Written for Vincent's birthday, January 12th, 2016.