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Posting challenges

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Why challenges?

Because every now and then, our muse needs an injection of inspiration. Ever stuck with the question: what to write? Draw? Sculpt? Create? Sing? (insert favorite creative verb here). Challenges may help dust off the cobwebs of "stuck-ness", and allow that spurt of creativity to burst forth.

Who me?

And for all the fans who don’t think they can write, draw, sculpt, create, sing (insert favorite creative verb here), perhaps what you can do is think up cool challenges to ignite the creative sparks for others.

What kind of challenges might you create?

Perhaps issue a general challenge, and let anyone create in whatever venue she desires. Or, issue a more specific challenge in your favorite area: poems, stories, filks, drawings, etc.

Where/whom should I challenge?

Post your challenges in whatever corner(s) of fandom you hang out. But since posts in many groups tend to scroll away and be hard to find later, we suggest posting your challenge here in this forum as well so the details are available for easy reference.

How do I go about this?

When you submit a challenge, shepherd the process to completion. Include a due date. Post your email to have creations sent to you. Have the submissions edited if the challenge is a written one. (When you post your email address, use the word AT instead of the at symbol. It will help avoid spam and also the blocking that sites do for your protection. Like this: yourname AT wherever dot com) Also, title your challenge entry by starting with the challenge medium in capitals followed by 'Challenge' and add a short title if you wish. For example: POEM Challenge Roses are Red. Folks interested in specific types of media will be able to spot challenges issued in those media. Consider this list of media for your challenges:


Find somewhere to post all the submissions. You may to decide to post them all at once on one day during WFOL, or you may wish to post a few at a time over several days of WFOL. It would be your responsibility to enter the submissions into the WFOL Submissions Database. Make sure to get the names of each submitter as they wish to be acknowledged as well as which email address they want posted, if any.

Happy challenging! :-)

This is just a terrific site to learn new things!

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