God Bless the Child - August 25

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God Bless the Child - August 25

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mini4many: This week we are watching the 2nd season episode, "God Bless The Child"
amnethyst2002: beautiful episode
hrhkitty1: we are?
ozzygurl2008: yup
hrhkitty1: I thought we were on Dead of Winter?
mini4many: yep...uh hu...that's right.
ozzygurl2008: I'm all ready to go!
ozzygurl2008: :D
crssmnc: Ready whenever
ericsunicorn: I think tht is next week
mini4many: We are watching in production order and last week we watched Chamber Music
datasgirl35: ready!
hrhkitty1: k
vickychandler87: back!
amnethyst2002: Lena, christmas, baby...the tunnels.......the true meaning of family

vickychandler87: 3
vickychandler87: 2
vickychandler87: 1
mini4many: and the music and That voice begins......................:x:x>:D<=P~=P~=P~ *grabs towel*
datasgirl35: 8->
hrhkitty1: 8->
ozzygurl2008: 8->
crssmnc: ;;)
mini4many: 8->
mini4many: i also love Linda's voice during the opening
vickychandler87: 8->
datasgirl35: great vocal cast
hrhkitty1: Oh yes
ozzygurl2008: oh yeah...i just ounth all the words
ozzygurl2008: can't help it
ozzygurl2008: *mouth the words
ozzygurl2008: typonese again
vickychandler87: me too!
crssmnc: do u think that C did the hotline b4 meeting vincent?
vickychandler87: nope
ozzygurl2008: no
hrhkitty1: it just reeks how special and what atreasure you're going to see
datasgirl35: any of you guys ever done somethin like that?
ozzygurl2008: effective intervention...not personal invovlement....ha
ozzygurl2008: that always gets me
cocoacookie32: this is definately a first for me
vickychandler87: I did, with one of my students...
crssmnc: closest I have come is buying a homeless guy dinner
vickychandler87: I know what you're thinking... that weas not wise...
mini4many: i doubt it....she would have been to self absorbed
vickychandler87: but he was having a very bad time...
ozzygurl2008: i have a 17 yar old firend who is pregnat right now...took me a long time to gether to go to the doctor....i know my lenas
crssmnc: i was a lena at least with the teen pregnancy thing not the other
vickychandler87: lol!
mini4many: i volunteered on a suicide hotline and one for unwed mothers
hrhkitty1: yes I've tried tointervene with a troubled girl
vickychandler87: really?
mini4many: that is NOT and easy job....emotionally
ozzygurl2008: i can imagine
cocoacookie32: how long did you stay mini
mini4many: you have to have training to work on those.
ericsunicorn: I would think it would be a hard job
datasgirl35: getting emotionally involved with outher problam can hurt
mini4many: the suiside hotline for 7 years
ozzygurl2008: hearing Lena say this makes me so thankful that I not only have my family..but our family too! :)
datasgirl35: yeah
mini4many: the unwed mother hotline for 8 months until we lost our funding
cocoacookie32: that type of job and hospice are very hard emotionally
vickychandler87: I got a Chrismass card from this student, telling me how I had changed his life by staying those ten minutes talking really to him...
vickychandler87: I cried for another ten minutes!
hrhkitty1: >:D< Vicky
datasgirl35: that's sweet
datasgirl35: >:D<
crssmnc: vincent cares enen though he does not know lena b/c he was abandonded
vickychandler87: that's true
mini4many: *nod* and they hit it right on the nose with GBtC.....we don't have enough resourses to cover all the calls...and we had such strict rules and guidelines to go bu
crssmnc: :((
datasgirl35: I like father in blue
ozzygurl2008: very nice
hrhkitty1: I agree
mini4many: i look back and think "gosh, i have done a lot in my lifetime...and it isn't over yet"
ozzygurl2008: his eyes really stand out
vickychandler87: Our wonderful Mini, endeed!
mini4many: and makes him look younger in my opinion
ozzygurl2008: it does!
vickychandler87: I like the fact that Father trusts Catherine... at last...
datasgirl35: yeah finally
crssmnc: the first step for him to accept her and vincent as a couple
cocoacookie32: he gave her a hrd enough time to finally trust her
mini4many: >:D< Vicky
vickychandler87: yes...
mini4many: Father always trusted Catherine, except where Vincent was concerned
ozzygurl2008: I expetected Catherine to walk down with her this first time
vickychandler87: yes, you could be right. But he's a little... softer...
ozzygurl2008: *expected
crssmnc: it would have been nice
hrhkitty1: maybe it was because V would have gone to meet her?
ericsunicorn: mayby
hrhkitty1: And they didn't want Lena introduced right away
cocoacookie32: he would have
crssmnc: i don't think he would have
vickychandler87: me neither
ozzygurl2008: Samantha is just so adorable
crssmnc: father would have told him about lena
cocoacookie32: is it just me or is father's sweate not as blue anymore
ozzygurl2008: it's not
crssmnc: gray but looked blue in the basement light
hrhkitty1: 'prolly lighting
ozzygurl2008: tunnel lighting
ozzygurl2008: lol
ozzygurl2008: the bond
vickychandler87: I love this carrol!
ozzygurl2008: oh me too
vickychandler87: It's always been one of my favourites
mini4many: Vincent would have stayed away until she had the baby if Lena hadn't happened upon him.....for fear of startling her into premature labor, i'm sure
cocoacookie32: good point mini
ozzygurl2008: I absolutely love hearing v's story
crssmnc: he probably stayed away when anyone new moved to the tunnels
vickychandler87: yes
ozzygurl2008: except when he helped Charles
mini4many: ha! The children know the story bette than Father now
vickychandler87: :D
crssmnc: b/c he thought it was an intruder not devin
ozzygurl2008: I know! It's so cute
vickychandler87: No, because he knew he was with Devin when he got there, and because of what Charles was saying
mini4many: my typonese is lousy today....having hand trouble....so excuse me and please read between the lines
vickychandler87: about "they wouldn't accept a freeek"
ozzygurl2008: that ep always breaks my heart
ozzygurl2008: both for our v and charles
crssmnc: mary is such a mom
datasgirl35: she's so nice
crssmnc: she reminds me of a very dear friend of mine
mini4many: l like the way Mary handles Lena's questions about V......."Vincent is very special to us."
vickychandler87: she's right! And he keeps holding all of us together too, he and Catherine
ozzygurl2008: i've always felt the urge to just give mary a big hug in that scene
ericsunicorn: he looks so sad here
datasgirl35: god he's gorgeous
ericsunicorn: I would like to know what he is thinking
crssmnc: yummy yummy
cocoacookie32: i think he is sad because she caught him off guard
ozzygurl2008: =P~
ozzygurl2008: God couldn't you just....8->
mini4many: probably contemplating about C
ozzygurl2008: =P~
crssmnc: yes i could
vickychandler87: How many times must he have been like that, throwing stones...
vickychandler87: yes!
cocoacookie32: yeah that too
vickychandler87: that's what I ment!
ericsunicorn: even befor that went we first see him
vickychandler87: how many times...
vickychandler87: :D
vickychandler87: well, Lena was kind of ready to see something different...
crssmnc: plus she had been hearing bout him and how good he is
ozzygurl2008: you kind of can't blame lena...i mean she didn't really know about catherine at first...like v said about michael...who wouldn't love him?
vickychandler87: She really makes me nervous!
cocoacookie32: and she still managed a huge crush on v
crssmnc: amen
vickychandler87: exactly!
mini4many: Lena accepted V's first sight better than C did....I always wondered about that.
cocoacookie32: why do you think he stayed to talk with her
ozzygurl2008: she was prepared...she heard storries
vickychandler87: she'd been kind of prepared: Father's stories
ozzygurl2008: *stories
vickychandler87: and Maries...
ozzygurl2008: lol th bond vicky!
vickychandler87: lol!
crssmnc: b/c he understands
cocoacookie32: i think C would have if it had not been at the same time she saw her scars
datasgirl35: he knew she needed someone
vickychandler87: true, Cocoa
mini4many: his empathic powers were so strong.....he felt Lena's aloneness i believe
vickychandler87: She was under so much fear
vickychandler87: Catherine, I mean
datasgirl35: Yeah C was already on an emotional rollercoaster
ozzygurl2008: yes, i mean she had been through such a traumatic time
vickychandler87: of course
vickychandler87: What a silly question! Odf course not
crssmnc: he is sooo strong
ozzygurl2008: tell me about it
cocoacookie32: i envy his empathy the most, but i think to have that all the time can make you crazy
ozzygurl2008: omg this always kills me
vickychandler87: You're probably right...
crssmnc: i dont think he had ever been present at a birth before. He looks so stiff
datasgirl35: he looks uncomfortable
vickychandler87: I think he has...
mini4many: Mary is so good duing this part
vickychandler87: but Lena is stil a stranger...
vickychandler87: somehoe
cocoacookie32: i think i would be uncomfortable watching a staanger give birth
vickychandler87: lol!
ozzygurl2008: it would
ozzygurl2008: lol
cocoacookie32: look at fathers expression
mini4many: You notice...V reaches for Lena's hand
vickychandler87: GRRR!
ozzygurl2008: aaahhh!!
vickychandler87: Sorry, I can't help it
crssmnc: he worries father i mean
cocoacookie32: father doesnt like that little exchange between them
mini4many: and V can't take his eyes off of Lena's face
ozzygurl2008: me either..lol
crssmnc: me neither
vickychandler87: I'm glad I can't see that!
vickychandler87: =))
ozzygurl2008: lol!
cocoacookie32: ME TOO!!
datasgirl35: I've seen a birth. I was there for my baby cousins
ozzygurl2008: look and he goes staright for her head
ozzygurl2008: grr
vickychandler87: I'm not talking about the birth...
vickychandler87: lol!
mini4many: i can understand V doing this.....he is feeling the vibrations of pain and fear coming off of Lena and is offering his support and strength
cosi2cg: aspects I hadn't thought of before : V's questions about his own birth... do they surface now while he's watching this?
ozzygurl2008: i know but still...it should be cathy there
crssmnc: i imagine him thinking about future babies his and catherines when he looks at lena
vickychandler87: Do you think he can fel it, mini?
vickychandler87: Oh yes!
cocoacookie32: i think so...every birth must be a reminder
crssmnc: this season was so full of child imagery
mini4many: yes i do Vicky
cocoacookie32: and the love that surrounds a new baby must make hime a little jealous
ozzygurl2008: I think it gets to c when she sees v with lena's baby
vickychandler87: Yes, true
ozzygurl2008: she wishes it were theirs
crssmnc: she imagines it being hers
datasgirl35: yeah
vickychandler87: yes
cosi2cg: I don't think he allows himself to consciously think of any offspring of his
hrhkitty1: The emotional level has to be so high he must
ozzygurl2008: you can just see it written on her face
ozzygurl2008: what if that were our baby?
datasgirl35: imogen
ozzygurl2008: i love this!!
vickychandler87: sigh...
hrhkitty1: yeah it's killing her
mini4many: i love this part..Fand V discussing names
hrhkitty1: I LOVE C's retort
crssmnc: :)
ozzygurl2008: hahahah!!
vickychandler87: Poor Catherine... Everybody always centers on Vincent's pain...
datasgirl35: don't you think Lena should have say in it
mini4many: shock on V's face
crssmnc: yeah
cocoacookie32: why do you think she didn't offer the baby to C
hrhkitty1: like what??
cocoacookie32: i think C was a little jealous or heard her clock ticking then
hrhkitty1: Jealos..already trying to lay a claim on V
ozzygurl2008: look at her...
crssmnc: i know
vickychandler87: good good good observation!
cosi2cg: I'd like to think C held the baby as well.. off screen
vickychandler87: ooooh!
ozzygurl2008: this gives c away
vickychandler87: 8->
cocoacookie32: i love this exchange
crssmnc: what is it like to hold a child
vickychandler87: the tone on her voice...
mini4many: I knew there were going to be problems to arrise after watching Lena's face when V held the baby
crssmnc: wistful
vickychandler87: I don't want to here this!
cocoacookie32: is one of wanting the same thing i think
vickychandler87: GRRRR!
ozzygurl2008: i know
crssmnc: i love the baby carrier
ozzygurl2008: she's trying to find common ground with him..i mean more in common anyway...to open new doors
cocoacookie32: he still seems nervous around Lena
vickychandler87: he notices...
crssmnc: wouldn't you be
cosi2cg: yes
vickychandler87: That's the Vincent-effect...
crssmnc: i am sure he knows about her past
ozzygurl2008: he's thinking, "Oh dear God, don't do this...Catherine....I love Catherine...."
cocoacookie32: now it dawns on him what she is getting at
mini4many: Lena is still feeling alone....even in the tunnels and with the baby....she feels the need for a one on one connection to someone.....V fit that catagory for Lena during this time.
vickychandler87: yes, yes!
vickychandler87: No!
ozzygurl2008: don't touch it! It's cathy's
datasgirl35: hands off!!!
vickychandler87: Me cries!
mini4many: shhhhh
cocoacookie32: he is so gentle with her even trying to let her down easy
crssmnc: lena is selfish
vickychandler87: Yes!
vickychandler87: She wouldn't be there if not for Catherine! How can she say this...
ozzygurl2008: she does!
mini4many: With all that I am and with all that I can ever become.....*sigh*
vickychandler87: Wow!
crssmnc: even after he tells her he loves catherine she still tries and tries
ozzygurl2008: She does love him!
cosi2cg: Lena has found a safe place - must have waited forever for it - and suddenly "wants it all"
ozzygurl2008: grrrr
ericsunicorn: I think it hurt V to say she was were she need to be
cocoacookie32: *sigh*
ozzygurl2008: i hate it when she tries to say she doesn't
vickychandler87: Yes, that's why I don't believe this is really love... well, that's just me
cocoacookie32: i think you are righ ericsunicorn
ozzygurl2008: I'm saying when she talks about cathy not loving him. C does love him
vickychandler87: Of course!
cocoacookie32: love and infatuation feel similar
crssmnc: lena does not understand him and Catherine
datasgirl35: yeah and C would be down there if V would let here
ozzygurl2008: it's confusing at first
cosi2cg: I trust Vincent - if he's still gentle with her it's because of his empathy - she's in the wrong but she's not half as selfish as Lisa.
vickychandler87: like Michael and Catherine
ozzygurl2008: i don't know if it is really all v
mini4many: Lena was on the streets so young......she is feeling her first "puppy"(or kitty in this case) Love
crssmnc: meow
ozzygurl2008: purrr
vickychandler87: Lol!
ozzygurl2008: lol
cocoacookie32: purrr
vickychandler87: I needed that!
ericsunicorn: we all do
crssmnc: he must feel so bad about feeling that pull
mini4many: even V admits that there is an attraction for Lena to Father
vickychandler87: you're right, Monica
cocoacookie32: why do you think he never felt like a "possibility" for C
crssmnc: but he is someone else's possibility i wish he saw that
ozzygurl2008: he's amazed that it has happened again...it was enough for catherine to want him..to have someone...but now lena too
mini4many: feels like he is betraying C
vickychandler87: he did: he says "someone elses possibilityyy" that means he's already Catherine's possibility
crssmnc: how long do u think lena was below after the baby was born?
ozzygurl2008: he thought it was miracle enough for one woman to want him..let alone another come in
vickychandler87: he didn't say "someone's", he says "someone "else's"
cocoacookie32: in a way...but he won't act on that because he is afraid
vickychandler87: true
crssmnc: arrggh i hate this part
cosi2cg: yes Vicky that's important
vickychandler87: you see' She know's he's a safe place for her and her baby
ozzygurl2008: oh look at him...no layers
vickychandler87: me tooooooo!
mini4many: V still feels that he can only be a "possibility" and never a certainty
ericsunicorn: get out
cosi2cg: ffff
crssmnc: can u say slutty
vickychandler87: go away!
ericsunicorn: I heat ths part
vickychandler87: GRRRR! go away!
hrhkitty1: yup
cocoacookie32: i like that idea...he needs to be certain
crssmnc: run vincent run far far away
ozzygurl2008: get out! that place is reserved for catherine chandler skank!
mini4many: good thing V has such strong morals
cosi2cg: rrrrr
vickychandler87: what the hell are you dioing there!
vickychandler87: sorry!
vickychandler87: lol!
ericsunicorn: it should be C there
hrhkitty1: you can say slutty... of course it's all she's known
vickychandler87: go away!
cosi2cg: why don"t you snarl at her
cosi2cg: I draw back all I wrote earlier
vickychandler87: hahahahaha! Claire, that's true!
cocoacookie32: he still didn't want to hurt her
cosi2cg: I know, I know, cocoa...
crssmnc: aha she finally gets it
ozzygurl2008: she crossed the line...trying to get in v's bed
ozzygurl2008: grrr
mini4many: hehehe...i want to be doing the snarling
vickychandler87: I'm jealous in Catherine's behalf, just the way I was about Elliot kissing Catherine
vickychandler87: for Vincent...
cosi2cg: omg what if Father had had insomnia that night
ozzygurl2008: oh yeah
crssmnc: me too
vickychandler87: I wish!
vickychandler87: :D
ericsunicorn: I felt like for a sec he would go after L
cocoacookie32: that would have been interesting
mini4many: heart attack.....or beat Leana with his cane
ozzygurl2008: beat lena
ozzygurl2008: lol
crssmnc: love the virginal nightie c is wearing
cosi2cg: C should jump his bones upon hearing his report
vickychandler87: Well, Father knows Vincent wouldn't act upon Lena's "advances", but he wouln't resist Catherine's
ericsunicorn: do you think he tells C about coming to him in his bed
ozzygurl2008: I'd love to have seen him wiht insomnia and catch him a c together...
mini4many: this is killing V to have to confess this all to C
vickychandler87: Killing Vincent? And what about Catherine?
vickychandler87: Give me a break!
mini4many: C was so compassionate.....not showing her jealousy....
cocoacookie32: yet he still never tells Catherine about her coming to his bed..that would have been a little cruel
crssmnc: but she understands b/c she wants him
cosi2cg: yes
hrhkitty1: she's the better woman.
ozzygurl2008: i think she should have jumped him! she wants to say..ok let me mark my territory baby, they're getting too cles
hrhkitty1: but we knew that
ozzygurl2008: *close
ozzygurl2008: lol
hrhkitty1: lol Amber
ozzygurl2008: :D
hrhkitty1: can you imagine what V would have done?
cocoacookie32: and she offers to find her...i don't think i would have
ozzygurl2008: lol
vickychandler87: Me neither! no way!
mini4many: i just love trying to find C's rose pouch on every shot of V
vickychandler87: But her baby is Below...
ozzygurl2008: if he fainted..all the more fun things she could do to him..lol!
vickychandler87: lol!
crssmnc: =))
cocoacookie32: not much experience in motherhood
ozzygurl2008: :D
hrhkitty1: lol.. but wouldn't be half as enjoyable without full participation ;)
mini4many: OK....Ladies......down, down.....cool off
ozzygurl2008: true
ozzygurl2008: #:-S
vickychandler87: lol!
mini4many: *passes around iced tea and towels*
vickychandler87: This episode is getting more comments even than A happy life...
vickychandler87: here, here!
ozzygurl2008: woohoo
crssmnc: scary bldg
cocoacookie32: C must have friends at dmv for all the times she has 'lost ' her purse in this series
mini4many: we all feel what V felt......"possiblilities"
ozzygurl2008: lol!
crssmnc: funny
mini4many: and it sparks all kinds of emotions in us
cocoacookie32: well said mini
cosi2cg: rught
cosi2cg: right
vickychandler87: She's got a cold in this part of the episode...
cosi2cg: sorry typing in near dark
crssmnc: i sort of like maurice
mini4many: i've been there....seen the possibilities....and finally found my One and Only
mini4many: my own personal Vincent
vickychandler87: yes, mr. Mini is a king among men!
ozzygurl2008: it's soo great to when you find them
vickychandler87: :D
cocoacookie32: you are lucky...now the rest of us need to find ours
mini4many: Amen to that Vicky
crssmnc: me too cocoa
ozzygurl2008: I found my V...my beautiful wonderful Joshua
ozzygurl2008: :D
amnethyst2002: i ahve my own vincent too
hrhkitty1: :-<
vickychandler87: Now yall are making me envious
crssmnc: i agree kat
hrhkitty1: they keep saying ours are out there
vickychandler87: Catherine is really angry!
amnethyst2002: sorry vicky
ozzygurl2008: they are out there!
hrhkitty1: REALLY wish he'd get here already
ozzygurl2008: he will when the time is right
cocoacookie32: ME TOO!!!
crssmnc: she hates how vincent is hurt by lena
mini4many: there are many Vincent's out there....all in a different disguise
hrhkitty1: lol I'm not getting any younger though
ozzygurl2008: it's all worth it when it happens though..
mini4many: you just have to be like Catherine and see through that disguise to the wonderful heart beneath
ozzygurl2008: mmm
ozzygurl2008: well said mini
vickychandler87: It's like, hey you, what I'd give to be there and you throw it away!
vickychandler87: I bet that's what she's feeling
cocoacookie32: yeah but he 's got to give you something to work with that will at least get your attention
mini4many: My Vincent is getting older, going grey, got a pot belly, and wears glasses now.....but i still see the young handsome man i fell in love with
ozzygurl2008: you'll know...you just know
hrhkitty1: of course mini.
vickychandler87: So do I...
vickychandler87: Sigh...
cocoacookie32: someone hand me a tissue
vickychandler87: here, Cocoa
ozzygurl2008: >:D<tunnel love for every one
cocoacookie32: thanks
hrhkitty1: I know.... I've had my frogs...ready for my lion ;)
vickychandler87: lol! Me too!
ozzygurl2008: you'll find your king of the jungle...lol
cocoacookie32: nothing like your man literally holding a torch for you :)
crssmnc: lol
ozzygurl2008: ha!
vickychandler87: oh!
mini4many: when that feeling hits...you can't help but know....he will be your friend first, your confidant, your port in the storm, the lover of your soul, and lastly your lover of body
crssmnc: naming ceremony time
vickychandler87: Oh, Mini! Thanks for that
ozzygurl2008: mmm...very well said mini
mini4many: you would do anylthing for him and he for you
vickychandler87: It's the least she could do!
vickychandler87: :D
mini4many: you learn sacrafice that beings you peace and fullfillment in the smile upon his face and the happiness in his eyes
vickychandler87: And it's a beautiful name...
ozzygurl2008: when you think of all those special moments in life..he'll be the one you want beside you..the one you want to be able to look over and see smiling back...
amnethyst2002: cosi, i just sent you a pic of my hubby,.,,cannot work out how to send it to you all on here
crssmnc: look closly c and v are holding hands
ozzygurl2008: awww
vickychandler87: really, Monica?
crssmnc: yep
vickychandler87: You've made my day,my episode...
vickychandler87: lol!
vickychandler87: :D
ozzygurl2008: :D
cocoacookie32: spoken like a woman that has been loved and knows it mini...so many of us want that and others settle for less
ericsunicorn: =D>
vickychandler87: =D> =D> =D>
ozzygurl2008: that's the thing...patientce and never lowering your standards..because he is out there..the special one you've been waiting for
mini4many: =D>
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