How Do I Post a Message and Other Tips

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How Do I Post a Message and Other Tips

Post by gabi »

There are two ways to post messages in this forum.
First, remember that you can freely browse, but you need to be logged in if you want to post.
Then, you can either create a new topic
or reply to an existing one
A box will open with self-evident whistles and bells. Once you have typed what you want to write, click "Submit".

Among those bells and whistles, there are also a couple of useful boxes you can tick:
"Notify me when someone replies to this post"
"Subscribe this topic" - this is available even if you are not posting, just logged in.
If you choose either of them, you'll receive an email every time there's a new reply. You can un-tick them at any time.

Oh... it MAY happen that, if you spend too much time time thinking what to write with the writing box open, your forum login will time out. :cry: For long replies, it may be good to write them in your word processor, and then simply copy/paste in the writing box. Sigh. Also, the back button may help. Copy your text and then paste it back when you get signed in again.

:arrow: A few more tips for those who are unfamiliar with a Forum:

:idea: Once you are logged in, you'll see that the icons of the threads where there are new messages are RED. Convenient, don't you think?

:idea: In the last column on the right, “LAST POST”, you’ll see who posted last in that thread and when, as well as the the direct link to that last post. Same if you click the tiiiiny arrow in the tiiiny box on the right of the poster’s nick, you’ll go directly to that last post. Nice!

:idea: There are lots of tiny boxes and links where you can choose how to see and/or display posts. Some, of course, work only if you are logged in and the forum can recognize your choices. For instance, take a look at the "Quick links" in the upper left corner above the first “Welcome” box. Useful!

Are you a forum lover with other tips? Feel free to post them here!

Have fun!

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