H ow shall I love thee, fanfiction? Let me count the ways.
From the Library to the Q-fer to the Tunnel Tales website and beyond,
a tale of dedication of fans to fans, throughout the decades. 


The Beauty and the Beast fanzines Library reopens today. Hundreds of B&B hardcopy fanzines for the fans to borrow. A service created by a few generous fans back in the day, that more generous fans kept running, and have now renovated for the fandom's benefit.

The Library - The Crystal Rose Lending Library---

The History - The Crystal Rose Fan Club---


Fanfiction and fanzines... a devouring passion

The Qfer - Hundreds and hundreds of fanzines... how to choose?---
From the early days of fandom to the current
online days, dedicated fans to the rescue.

Almost 500 fanzines! - Confessions of a Recovered Zine-aholic---



The online B&B fanfiction - first of all, the glorious Tunnel Tales fanfiction section of CABB (Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast), another testament to fans' devotion, created and continued over the years, and today restyled for the occasion of the current celebration... first of all, but there's more, and, hopefully, there will be more, thanks to the efforts of all of us.

Tunnel Tales - the place to dream for Classic fans, now renovated---

The B&B Fanfiction database - the online compass rose for fic readers---

Finding lost authors - permissions needed to post hardcopy fanzines fic and art online. And a gift...---


What else? - an homage to the 24th Anniversary from the Script and Transcription website, and a beautiful comparison.

Two unaired scripts - never filmed, they can be considered almost-official---
fanfiction about two beloved characters, Mary and Isaac Stubbs

A beautiful comparison - paper zines vs online fanfiction, online connection---
 vs meeting fans in flesh and hugs


September 25th, 2011
24th anniversary of the first airing.
Thank you to the contributors, and especially to the fans who run the Library and the Tunnel Tales websites
for accepting to join the celebration with the launch of the renovated websites.

Keep the dream alive...

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