Third season fanfiction sorted by author (G/PG/PG13)


Requiem. (8k) Rated G Uploaded 1/24/04 Diana and Jacob discuss the events of a long life as they sit by the bedside of an ancient, dying Vincent.

Andrews, Heather

In His Eyes (12kb) Rated G Uploaded 3/4/12 A deathfic, but with a happy ending...


Dancing Lights (28kb) Rated G Uploaded 4/21/07 It's the 20th anniversary of Catherine's rescue and first visit below.

Bain, Becky

Forsaken (48k) Rated G Uploaded 4/6/98 Diana is supremely happy with her life and her new baby...until Vincent receives a message from Above, telling him Catherine is alive. 


One to Watch (34k) Rated G Uploaded 2/21/99 Absorbed in the trials and joys of new fatherhood, Vincent is still struggling with his grief for Catherine, but with help from a surprising source, he learns he can go on...and that he'll never be quite alone. Not as long as there's "one to watch."

Bogolub,Toni Lichtenstein

The Red Rose and the Briar (96k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 4/5/98 Elliott Burch's assistant can't believe he really died in the explosion; her search brings her Below.


Untitled Sonnet Rated G

Cameron, Sybil

A Birthright Reclaimed (9k) Rated PG Uploaded 11/4/98 Vincent helps a boy overcome the effects of a tragic childhood.

Collins, Rhonda t

Chess (43k) Rated G Uploaded 5/3/98 Diana engages Vincent in a chess game of a different sort.

Once Upon a Hot Roof (8k) Rated PG/PG-13 Uploaded 4/5/98 Diana takes advantage of a heat wave for a little good, clean fun!

The Power of Night (68k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 5/3/98 Diana and Vincent take a vacation Below.

Tyger, Tyger (64k) Rated PG/PG-13 Uploaded 4/7/98 Novelization/extension of "In the Forests of the Night" from Vincent's point of view

When the Nightime Comes (40k) Rated G Uploaded 4/7/98 On the anniversary of Catherine's death, Vincent and Diana become more aware of their feelings for each other.

Gualda, Beth

Dining In (60k) Rated G Uploaded 4/7/99 Even though Diana is having a really bad day, Vincent is in a particularly good mood and despite aches and pains, a little teasing, and a lot of frustration, they manage to have a rather romantic evening.

Rock the Cradle of Love (16k) Rated G Uploaded 4/13/00 Jacob has become a quasi-celebrity which makes it hard to keep the tunnels a secret.

Haley, Sue

9 Third Season Vignettes (34k) Rated PG Uploaded 5/7/98 Nine Vignettes set in the third season: The Elephant's child; Catharsis; A Gypsy Never Forgets; Who Makes You Jealous?; Somebody Else in Your Life; It Changed Everything Dear Mr. Maxwell; Glimpses; Or, If Your Wish Be to Close Me

Jedynak, Deborah

Letters from the Grave (87k) Rated PG Uploaded 5/12/12

Klaiss, Bruce Alen

In Thy Shadow (96k) Rated: PG-13 Uploaded 3/18/00

In a time after Vincent's madness, with Catherine still alive.... Catherine helps Laura discover her ability as an artist; but how does Laura's new career affect her life with Jerry?

Knauff, Nancy Lynn

Journey Through a Child's Eye (24k) Rated G Uploaded 8/1/01 A young tunnel child becomes lost on a trip in the lower tunnels, and Vincent must find her. Author's note: This story is a tribute to Beah Richards, which I wrote after her passing.

Newman, Jackie

United in Grief (26K) Rated PG Uploaded 10/9/98 Gabriel is dead, but Joe is still looking for Cathy's baby. Diana decides this has gone on long enough.

Patterson, J.

Fury (26k)Rated: PG Uploaded 6/22/99 Diana and Vincent begin their friendship in an exploration of the missing scenes between Gabriel's death and Diana's attendance at Jacob's naming ceremony.

Smith, Carla

Lost Love (4k) Rated: G Uploaded 8/27/00 A poem set after Catherine's death.


1000 Days and Forever  (140k) Rated PG Uploaded 9/1/08 This is a post season 3 scenario occurring some thirty years after the last episode. My question at the end of many fairytales and stories has always been What then? To this end I have explored the incredible connection between Jacob and Vincent and what the future held for them and the Tunnel Folk after Catherine’s death and how, for Vincent, Catherine is still – “living in his heart always.” This is merely my interpretation of “What then? 

Requiem (8k) Rated G Uploaded 9/1/08 Vincent, now over one-hundred years of age, appears to be dead, but it he?

Because You Loved Me (44k) Rated: G Uploaded 3/14/09 Six months after Catherine's death her love and generosity is still felt by Vincent and Father. She had thought of everything and they begin to put a plan in motion that will help not only the world Below but those Above as well.

How Do I Love Thee
(32k) Rated: G Uploaded 3/14/09 It is seven years since Catherine's death and Vincent receives something remarkable from Catherine beyond the grave that changes his life.

The Joy a Son Can Bring (12k) Rated: G Uploaded 3/14/09 Jacob is growing and Vincent discovers the unexpected depth of Catherine's son's heart.

Stephens, Joan

Excerpt From a Diary (8k) Rated: G Uploaded 5/18/03 Diana accompanies Vincent to Catherine's grave.

Futility (8k) Rated: G Uploaded 5/18/03 Father attempts to warn Diana not to confess her love to Vincent.

How Do I... (4k) Rated: G Uploaded 5/18/03 Diana's thoughts before and after she shoots Gabriel.

Julian (88k) Rated: PG Uploaded 10/26/00 After twenty years of peace, an intruder enters the tunnels, Vincent must find out who it is.

Never Alone (4k) Rated: G Uploaded 5/18/03 Vincent contemplates his continued connection to Catherine.

The Search (116 k) Rated PG Uploaded 1/4/08  I have always wondered what would happen if Gabriel had killed Vincent also and why he didn't.  This story is my answer to that question.

Thompson, Jenn

Night of a Thousand Stars (9k) Rated G Uploaded 12/7/99 This is a story about Diana's cousin from California, Karine, meeting Vincent for the first time as they discuss something very close to their hearts, the loss of a loved one. Dedicated in memory of my grandma who died four years ago and loved the show.

The Storm (16k) Rated: PG-13 Uploaded 4/13/00 After spending a romantic evening with Vincent during a sudden blackout during a storm, Catherine goes to work to discover a murderer has taken advantage of the darkness. Paired with investigator Diana Bennett together they set out to solve this crime before another blackout occurs.

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