Third Season fanfiction sorted by title (G/PG/PG13)

1000 Days and Forever  (140k) Rated PG Uploaded 9/1/08


This is a post season 3 scenario occurring some thirty years after the last episode. My question at the end of many fairytales and stories has always been What then? To this end I have explored the incredible connection between Jacob and Vincent and what the future held for them and the Tunnel Folk after Catherine’s death and how, for Vincent, Catherine is still – “living in his heart always.” This is merely my interpretation of “What then?

9 Third Season Vignettes (34k) Rated PG Uploaded 5/7/98

Sue Haley

Nine Vignettes set in the third season: The Elephant's child; Catharsis; A Gypsy Never Forgets; Who Makes You Jealous?; Somebody Else in Your Life; It Changed Everything Dear Mr. Maxwell; Glimpses; Or, If Your Wish Be to Close Me

Because You Loved Me (44k) Rated: G Uploaded 3/14/09


Six months after Catherine's death her love and generosity is still felt by Vincent and Father. She had thought of everything and they begin to put a plan in motion that will help not only the world Below but those Above as well.

A Birthright Reclaimed (9k) Rated PG Uploaded 11/4/98

Sybil Cameron

Vincent helps a boy overcome the effects of a tragic childhood.

Chess (43k) Rated G Uploaded 5/3/98

Rhonda Collins

Diana engages Vincent in a chess game of a different sort.

Dancing Lights (28kb) Rated G Uploaded 4/21/07


It's the 20th anniversary of Catherine's rescue and first visit below.

Dining In (60k) Rated G Uploaded 4/7/99

Beth Gualda

Even though Diana is having a really bad day, Vincent is in a particularly good mood and despite aches and pains, a little teasing, and a lot of frustration, they manage to have a rather romantic evening.

Excerpt From a Diary (8k) Rated: G Uploaded 5/18/03

Joan Stephens

Diana accompanies Vincent to Catherine's grave.

Forsaken 48k Rated G Uploaded 4/6/98

Becky Bain

Diana is supremely happy with her life and her new baby...until Vincent receives a message from Above, telling him Catherine is alive. 

Fury (26k) Rated: PG Uploaded 6/22/99

J. Patterson

Diana and Vincent begin their friendship in an exploration of the missing scenes between Gabriel's death and Diana's attendance at Jacob's naming ceremony.

Futility (8k) Rated: G Uploaded 5/18/03

Joan Stephens

Father attempts to warn Diana not to confess her love to Vincent.

How Do I... (4k) Rated: G Uploaded 5/18/03

Joan Stephens

Diana's thoughts before and after she shoots Gabriel.

How Do I Love Thee (32k) Rated: G Uploaded 3/14/09


It is seven years since Catherine's death and Vincent receives something remarkable from Catherine beyond the grave that changes his life.

In His Eyes (12kb) Rated G Uploaded 3/4/12 

Heather Andrews

A deathfic, but with a happy ending...

In Thy Shadow (96k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 3/18/00

Bruce Alen Klaiss

In a time after Vincent's madness, with Catherine still alive.... Catherine helps Laura discover her ability as an artist; but how does Laura's new career affect her life with Jerry?

Journey Through a Child's Eye (24k) Rated G Uploaded 8/1/01

Nancy Lynn Knauff

A young tunnel child becomes lost on a trip in the lower tunnels, and Vincent must find her. Author's note: This story is a tribute to Beah Richards, which I wrote after her passing.

The Joy a Son Can Bring (12k) Rated: G Uploaded 3/14/09 


Jacob is growing and Vincent discovers the unexpected depth of Catherine's son's heart.

Julian (88k) Rated: PG Uploaded 10/26/00

Joan Stephens

After twenty years of peace, an intruder enters the tunnels, Vincent must find out who it is.

Letters from the Grave (87k) Rated PG Uploaded 5/12/12

Deborah Jedynak

No summary provided

Lost Love (4k) Rated: G Uploaded 8/27/00

Carla Smith

A poem set after Catherine's death.

Never Alone (4k) Rated: G Uploaded 5/18/03

Joan Stephens

Vincent contemplates his continued connection to Catherine.

Night of a Thousand Stars (9k)Rated G Uploaded 12/7/99

Jenn Thompson

This is a story about Diana's cousin from California, Karine, meeting Vincent for the first time as they discuss something very close to their hearts, the loss of a loved one. Dedicated in memory of my grandma who died four years ago and loved the show.

Once Upon a Hot Roof (8k) Rated PG/PG13 Uploaded 4/5/98

Rhonda Collins

Diana takes advantage of a heat wave for a little good, clean fun!

One to Watch (34k) Rated G Uploaded 2/21/99


Absorbed in the trials and joys of new fatherhood, Vincent is still struggling with his grief for Catherine, but with help from a surprising source, he learns he can go on...and that he'll never be quite alone. Not as long as there's "one to watch."

The Power of Night (68k) Rated PG13 Uploaded 5/3/98

Rhonda Collins

Diana and Vincent take a vacation Below.

The Red Rose and the Briar (96k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 4/5/98

Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub

Elliott Burch's assistant can't believe he really died in the explosion; her search brings her Below.

Requiem (8k) Rated G Uploaded 9/1/08


Vincent, now over one-hundred years of age, appears to be dead, but it he? 

Rock the Cradle of Love (16k) Rated G Uploaded 4/13/00

Beth Gualda

Jacob has become a quasi-celebrity which makes it hard to keep the tunnels a secret.

The Search (116 k) Rated PG Uploaded 1/4/08  

Joan Stephens

I have always wondered what would happen if Gabriel had killed Vincent also and why he didn't.  This story is my answer to that question.

The Storm (16k) Rated: PG-13 Uploaded 4/13/00

Jennifer Thompson

After spending a romantic evening with Vincent during a sudden blackout during a storm, Catherine goes to work to discover a murderer has taken advantage of the darkness. Paired with investigator Diana Bennett together they set out to solve this crime before another blackout occurs.

Tyger, Tyger (64k) Rated PG/PG13 Uploaded 4/7/98

Rhonda Collins

Novelization/extension of "In the Forests of the Night" from Vincent's point of view

United in Grief (26K) Rated PG Uploaded 10/9/98

Newman, Jackie

Gabriel is dead, but Joe is still looking for Cathy's baby. Diana decides this has gone on long enough.

Untitled Sonnet Rated G Uploaded 11/10/08


When the Nightime Comes 40k Rated G Uploaded 4/7/98

Rhonda Collins

On the anniversary of Catherine's death, Vincent and Diana become more aware of their feelings for each other.


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