Today I was a monster for her. And I knew I was. And I did not care.Today I was a monster for her. And I knew I was. And I did not care.Today I was a monster for her. And I knew I was. And I did not care.
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Air You Breathe Rated: R (120k) Uploaded 11/26/00

Kayla Rigney

The story of Pascal's marriage to Max. Deepens Maxine's backstory and continues to explore the gentle pipemaster's ability to accept her for who and what she is. Together, the two carve out a the beginnings of a Happy Life...

All That Heaven Doth Allow (77k) Rated R Uploaded 1/8/99

Trisha Kehoe

Catherine and Vincent must part only hours after taking a huge step forward in their relationship.

Arpeggios (20k) Rated: NC-17 Uploaded 8/28/00

Kate Andrews

In an alternate reality, Catherine and Vincent are married and living Below with their son Jacob. With someone to watch their child, they adjourn to a very private chamber far from the Hub and enjoy an evening alone.

April Twelfth (52k) Rated: R Uploaded 3/14/09


It's a good day for a wedding.

Bedtime Stories (32k) Rated: R  Uploaded 3/14/09

Vincent's & Catherine's link becomes so strong, they start to experience each others dreams - and fantasies.

A Child for Winterfest (116k) Rated: R Uploaded 1/26/02

Dawn Yzaguirre

Catherine and Vincent are now married and living below. She is no longer working above in the District Attorney's office. They are truly happy. Now they make the most important decision of their lives: to conceive a child.

Communities 535k Rated R Uploaded 5/12/12


No summary provided.

Counterparts Rated: R Uploaded 1/19/02

Karen Mason-Richardson

The story begins during "The Rest is Silence." Someone is targeting men in bars, enticing them to hotel rooms, drugging them, and stealing their kidneys. Meanwhile, Catherine begins to feel different; her body is changing in unexpected ways. (This story first appeared as the solo work in the zine by the same name. Individual chapters and their respective sizes are listed when you follow the link above.)

The Course of True Love Rated: R

Annette Wells White

Two years after Catherine Chandler's reported death, Vincent begins to sense her presence, while still struggling with his loss; raising his son, Jacob; assisting Father in managing the Tunnel Community; and caring/protecting all who live down Below. Add to this mix a killer bent on revenge; a cover-up at a convalescent facility; a mad dash across the State of New York to Central Park; and a simmering inferno between Diana and Vincent threatening to erupt at any moment -- and you have a remarkable SND story of Vincent and Catherine that has rested for years on my computer hard drive and is now, finally, ready to emerge!  The story is Classic in nature, R in Maturity, and clearly Eternally Optimistic in its refusal to let the dream die on a barren rooftop. A tremendous thanks from this author goes out to JoAnn Baca who has been supportive and a great proofreader throughout the birth and delivery of this, my first B&B fanzine.This is a "She's not Dead" story, but it does contain characters from Diane's universe, too. (Individual chapters and their respective sizes are listed when you follow the link above) (This is an ongoing, multi-chapter story that will have new chapters uploaded as they are completed)

The Cradle of the Night (108 kb) Rated R Uploaded 8/20/08

Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub 

This story is a Tunnel dwellers story; Vincent, Catherine and Father appear in it, but are not the main characters. It was also reprinted in one of Kathy Agel's Remote Control zines - I forget the number.

A Criminal Mind Rated: R (56k) Uploaded 11/26/00

Margaret Noel

Stephen Bass has been pronounced cured and released from the mental institution. He has reemerged in Catherine's life with extensive knowledge of Vincent and his world. To remain silent Stephen is demanding the ultimate payment from Cathy. How can she refuse? What if the payment is too high?

A Dark and Stormy Night (77k) Rated Mild R Uploaded 5/6/98

Edith Crowe

Marriage agrees with Catherine and Vincent, but in one important area they're somewhat at odds. An unusual and unexpected visitor opens a new path for them.  

I am the Dream Rated R Uploaded 12/29/05

JoAnn Baca

These stories are the complete text of the fanzine, minus quoted poetry. It is classic, focusing on Catherine and Vincent's lives together. Tunnel orphan Geoffrey is a signifcant character in this narrative.

Severed Selves* (An early version of this story was published in the Beauty at the Beach conzine under the title "Persuasion." 48 k);

The Hour Which Might Have Been ( 44 k);Such Fire As Love's (28 k);

Not By One Measure (12 k); Even Where Persephone Goes ( 20 k);

Emptied of Her Grace ( 28 k); Mine Inmost Heart (32 k);

That Undeveloped Flower ( 40 k); You Haven't Looked ( 60 k);

Vanished Hours ( 52 k); A Boy's Will ( 96 k);

The Wires of Its Cage (36 k); When All is Said and Done ( 60 k)

In the Darkness (72k) Rated: R Uploaded 12/1/02

Karen Mason-Richardson

In the aftermath of Vincent's collapse in the catacombs and subsequent recovery, his family and friends think he is cured of his mysterious illness. But is he? Really?

I Reign Rated R Uploaded (6k) 7/28/14

Cindy Rae

Vincent considers his differences and his dark side.

The Lady of the Balcony (208k) Rated R Uploaded 8/1/07


Catherine gets a letter from a woman who has been watching her and Vincent.

Little Black Book Rated: R (36k) Uploaded 11/26/00

Kayla Rigney

Sequel to G-rated By the Rivers of Babylon. The The Tunnel Community is in the grips of a devastating 'flu epidemic, and Father has no choice but to call a quarantine. Everybody is doing double and triple duty -- including the pipemaster. As the epidemic rages on and on, Pascal sinks into a deep depression. Unable to visit his Paradise or deal with life, he retreats further and further into grayness. When Maxine is allowed back into the Tunnels, Pascal responds to her kindness with anger. Devastated by his actions, the pipemaster finally allows himself to acknowledge the harsh reality of his past... (followed by Air You Breathe.)

A Matter of Place (The World Beyond) 102k Rated R Uploaded 4/21/99


A near tragedy causes unforeseen repercussions for Vincent and Catherine.

Moving Towards Love (92 kb) Rated R Uploaded 8/31/08

Kate Willis

The story takes place about three years after Catherine's assault.  A visitor from another secret community visits the tunnels, causing unique problems for Vincent and Catherine.  Vincent must choose between the life he's always dreamed of and the love he's always believed in.

My Furry Valentine (43k) Rated R Uploaded 8/24/99 

Edith Crowe

Has marriage and settling down made Catherine a dull girl? She's worried a bit about that, but a unique Valentine's Day present for Vincent shows she can still surprise him.

Never to Mock the Dream (136k) Rated: R Uploaded 3/14/09


The gods themselves are upset by the outcome of Though Lovers Be Lost and work to set things right.

No Heaven for Fallen Angels (26k) Rated R Uploaded 7/28/14

Cindy Rae

Vincent reflects on his violent acts.

No Other Dream (60k) Rated R Uploaded 3/14/09


Begins after "Seige." Catherine has been falling for Elliot and finally recognizes her mistake. Vincent is struggling with the possibility of losing her. Can he learn to accept her love?

Not With A Bang, But A Bullet (77k)Rated: NC17 Uploaded 5/13/99

Richards, Julie A. P. (Davis)

Prequel to Lionhearted. How does Catherine hide something she's seen, from Vincent, especially after they've become intimate?

Pascal's Paradise Rated: R (28k) Uploaded 11/26/00

Kayla Rigney

Feeling lonely and apart, the pipemaster escapes into a forgotten room full of books. As the weeks pass, he retreats more and more into the place he calls Paradise. For the first time, he feels truly understood. When the room‚s owner unexpectedly appears and catches him red-handed, Pascal learns what paradise really means. First in a series of Maxine Seaton fics. (follwed by A Shot in the Dark)

Quartet (204k) Rated Mild R Uploaded 5/15/98

Edith Crowe

After three years of marital bliss, Vincent has discovered that his and Catherine's "Happy Life" doesn't have as many limits as he once thought. Only one dream has gone unfulfilled, but that is about to change.

Red as Anger, Red as Blood (20k) Rated: Mild R Uploaded 5/29/01

Karen Mason-Richardson

It is known that as a teenager Vincent was very sick shortly after Lisa left the tunnels. But what form did this illness take, and why did it affect Father so strongly - enough to forever harden him against his son having any hope of a relationship?

The Rest of Their Lives (236k) Rated: Mild R Uploaded 8/5/03

Ginny Shearin

The story focuses on Vincent and Catherine when she stays below to help with his recovery. They finally have the time to work out some of the things that have kept them apart.

The Rest of Their Lives II (376k) Rated: Mild R Uploaded 1/24/04

Ginny Shearin

Vincent and Catherine move through the time between their engagement announcement and their wedding, making a few future plans and trying to bring their two worlds a little closer.

Rose on the Grey (34k) Rated NC-17 Uploaded 12/7/99

V. Mathews

Inspired by Shades of Gray

A Shot In The Dark Rated: R (52k) Uploaded 11/26/00

Kayla Rigney

Sequel to Pasca's Paradise. The Tunnel Community is threatened when a mysterious group lobbies to franchise tours of several closed subway stations. The situation is dire and the Council must turn to help wherever -- and whenever -- they can get it. Pascal is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the world he cannot live without. (followed by Leave a Light on For Me , rated PG)

 A Thanksgiving to Remember Rated: R (4k) Uploaded 7/22/01

Margaret Noel

Mary's plan to have everyone share the dish they brought for the thanksgiving banquet has an unexpected result.

To Everything There Is a Season (120k) Rated: Mild R Uploaded 5/5/03

Karen Mason-Richardson

A four-part story that follows Catherine and Vincent's evolving relationship through the seasons of the year.

A Tumultuous Engagement (748k) Rated: R Uploaded 11/10/08

Kathy De

The sequel to A Winter's Journey Note from the webmaster: let me know if the file size is a problem and I'll break it into two parts

A Winter Journey 228 k Rated: Mild R Uploaded 1/4/08

Kathy De

Catherine pushes Vincent to move forward, and they end up having a big argument. Can their relationship survive this test? 

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