22nd Annual USA B&B Convention
San Diego, CA, USA, July 9-11 2010
Reports page - layout from the Official website, used with permission

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JoAnn and Larry - pics

JoAnn and Larry - videos
"Enjoy! But please remember that the con videos are exclusive to BatBland and should not be downloaded to any other website without permission -- JoAnn" 

videocostume.wmv - Friday "fashion show" of original B&B costumes
- Cory Danziger ("Kipper") Q&A
costume_parade.wmv - traditional pre-Talent Show fan costume walk
talentshow.wmvFriday evening fan Talent Show
judyqa.wmv - Judy Shimizu-Moreland ("tunnel dweller") Q&A
judy_david.wmv - David Greenlee speaking to attendees on Judy Shimizu-Moreland's phone
lindaqa.wmv - Linda Hamilton ("Catherine") visits the con - her Q&A
autographs1.wmv - i
nformal videos of Ms. Hamilton's autograph session
candle_lighting.wmv - Ms. Hamilton reads Father's Winterfest speech at the banquet
lee_vicky.wmv - Lee Holdridge (composer) and Vicky entertain at the banquet
banquet.wmv - informal video of fans at the banquet
linda_auction1.wmv - Ms. Hamilton describing items she donated for auction
lindamonarch.wmv - Ms. Hamilton talks about the con charity
band_lunch1.wmv - Monarch School's Steel Monarchs perform at Sunday brunch
band_lunch2.wmv - informal video of Sunday brunch
band_lunch3.wmv - more scenes from Sunday brunch
band_lunch4.wmv - additional video from Sunday brunch
closing_ceremonies.wmv - Sunday closing ceremonies
closing_circle.wmvthey are no longer con virgins!

JoAnn - report
report of a happy con chair
Top Ten Lists of the three con days
Final Charity Tally

con schedule - Friday
con schedule - Saturday
con schedule - Sunday

Laura G - report
report of an enthusiastic con virgin

Linda S - report
report of another enthusiastic con virgin

Stace - report
report of a brave tunnel explorer

Christina - report
report of a squeeing stay-at-home fan

Pat M - SD con "yearbook"
    "The reason the con yearbook came about is that I have the world’s worst memory. I was looking at my pictures from the New Orleans con, in anticipation of the San Diego con, and I couldn’t remember half the names of the faces I was looking at. So I e-mailed JoAnn and asked her about taking pictures of people at registration. She said it was a great idea, a sort of con yearbook, and that’s how the whole thing began.
    If your picture is in there and you don’t want it to be just let us know and we’ll delete it. If you don’t see your picture and you want to be included, just send a shot of yourself, the proper size, from the con.
    Pat M"

San Diego 2010 B&B convention yearbook

Suze - pics
I finally got all of my pictures uploaded (still have a few vids to go).  Not only do they include photos from the con, but my mom and I were in San Diego for an additional week, so I’ve got loads of photos from the things we did and saw in the area (the Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, etc.).  I did break them up for those who are just interest in the con stuff!  ;)
Con photos:  2010-batb-con/

Con add-ons:  2010-batb-con-add-ons/
San Diego area:  san-diego--ca-vacation/
I’ve only managed to label the add-ons album so far, but hopefully you’ll get the idea
  J'écris - videos

From Webcam:
Judy Shimizu Q&A, Tamara's panel, Linda hello webcam, 2 Auction excerpts

Linda announcing her items for auction

J'écris - pics

Sandy X
PICS - OK, I just set up a photobucket account that everyone can use. It says you can upload pictures and videos.  Here's the link if anyone wants to try it:
The user name is bbtvSD2010 -- PW is SD2010

audio file of Linda H Q&A+ work in progress transcription

I couldn't really find the words to write a con report (I did try), but I put together sort of a video version of a con report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFZdTpWzjJU

The video I did for the convention is posted to YouTube also.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytomhDSGOtU

  Debbie Bluerose - videos
Linda Hamilton Q&A
work in progress transcription

Banquet clip of Linda reading opening


Banquet clip of Vicky singing with Lee on Piano

Banquet clip of Vicky singing with Lee on Piano
  "I'm In Love with Catherine Chandler"
Several years ago a couple of fans found a demo tape from an obscure Australian band (The Bengal Tigers) on Ebay that had a song on it called "I'm In Love with Catherine Chandler." A music video out of it was created and made its debut at the convention

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Daria - pics

Shelia - pics

> you need to be a member of the BBTV Yahoo group:
Linda S - pics

Stace - pics
Cindy - pics
LauraG - pics
Amy H - pics
Sandy2 - pics of Chan's scrapbook

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Jamie Murray - pics of his new artpiece for the con




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