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hotel lobby

More about the Mall
front entrance of mall, a big while star with blue border on top and red below with a red, white, and blue ribbon; behind it is a grid of gold stars 16 wide by 8 high; "MALL OF AMERICA" covers the bottom 2 rows of star; a hippgriff hovers at the upper right corner (photoshopped)

Promo video
large outdoor scultpture of a spoon, with a big red cherry, including stem, at the end; the handle of the spoon forms a bridge over a small pond; a mermaid is sleeping on the handle (photoshopped); background downtown Minneapolis skyline; foreground yellow wildflowers

tunnel folk and helpers gathered at the Winterfest table

Vincent reading to Catherine on her balcony, in that in-between place

Yahoo group
Catherine at Winterfest asking Pacal why he needs to check the pipes

Facebook page
Sebastian showing children a trick
pencil drawing of Vincent, Catherine, dragon, bird; The Creature There Has Never Been; below: Minneapolis - St. Paul; July 11-13, 2014; the possibility of being; right: The 2014 Annual United States Beauty and the Beast Convention

Father, homeless (Remember Love)

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Ellen Geer at the Guthrie Theater, long ago. She's wearing a full length yellow skirt, and a dark green vest over a white long-sleeve shirt with puffy sleeves and a round collar; her arms are held out at her sides, palms facing us

Items for sale
a long-sleeve Winterfest shirt

Art Show
Olivia painting
skeleton of a dinosaur

Minnesota Trivia
view from the back of a canoe on Lake Calhoun

Con Program & Schedule
Winterfest candle lighting ceremony

Things to do
male lion looking up

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