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by Taerie L. Bryant

June 1990


Rating: PG-13

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 125 p, wide decorativeborders.

Art information: No art.

Ordering Information: Unknown.

Additional Information: In this novel, Jacob, theequivalent of 17, a virtually mute telepath, is as fully animalwithin as Vincent is outwardly. The story centers on Jacob's captureAbove and rescue. Some sex, not graphic.



Jacob's Dream

Pat Farrar

March 1995

V/C/D (glimpsed)

Rating: G

Size: digest, 82 p, typeset with double-spacedparagraphs, much art.

Art information: art by the author

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: Catherine/Kate, in thecustody of the well-known Witness Protection Program, sees Vincent,toddler Jacob, and Diana in the park. Partially crippled by a strokeand the aftereffects of the drug Gabriel's doctor gave her, shedecides not to reveal herself and continues to a new life under a newname. Four years later, Diana is gone (married, in Rochester) andboth Vincent and Jacob are deteriorating. Their nightmares infect oneanother's sleep; they are consciously keeping apart to spare oneanother, but the separation only makes the situation worse. By thetime Devin arrives, summoned by Father, Jacob and surrogate parentMouse have disappeared, and Vincent is slipping in and out ofdelirium. The chains in his chamber are ready for the worst. Aided byMouse, resourceful, determined Jacob has set out in search of "HisLady," whom he has heard calling to him in dreams. Devin, Jamie, andother members of the tunnel community try to locate the wanderingpair.



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