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Kaleidoscope 1

Cynthia Hatch

January, 1989


Rating: PG-13

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 202 p, some art.

Art Information: Unknown

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: Classic stories, including"The Bridge" which has itself become a classic.



Kaleidoscope 2

Cynthia Hatch.

July, 1990


Rating: PG-13

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 256 p, large print.

Art Information: Sue Krinard

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: This novel continues thestory of Vincent & Catherine failing to get together. A subplotdeals with an art theft that turns into a hostagesituation.



Kaleidoscope 3

Cynthia Hatch



Rating: PG-13

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 294 p, some art, largeprint.

Art Information: Sue Krinard

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: Hatch premises this novelon the assumption that K-2 was all a dream. Deals with Vincent's DarkSide and Catherine's complicity in evoking it by her dangerouslifestyle.


Kindred Hearts

ed. by Sandy P. Shelton



Rating: R

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 137 p.

Art Information: Sandy C. Shelton, RosemarieHauer

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: Short stories by AdeleTurner and Mickey Sayles but the rest of the zine is an X-Files/BATBnovel by Sandy P. Shelton. Seven years after Catherine's apparentdeath, Mulder and Scully investigate the deaths of three men who wereripped to shreds in Central Park. This leads them to reopen theChandler murder case and the discovery that Catherine isalive.


A Kingdom by the SeaRevistied 

ed. by Trisha Kehoe and JoanneRatcliffe



Rating: G-adult

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 198 p. Much art.

Art information: Art by Lynn Wright, ClaryceGaston, Inez Brown, Sandy Tew, S.C. Shelton, Shirley Leonard, PamTuck, Neal Farris, Peggy Wells.

Ordering Information: Out of Print

Additional Information: 1999 Conzine. Contributingauthors: Sylvie Beatrice, Betty Reardon, Heidelore T. Davidson, KathyBattershell, J. A. Cliffe, Angelique von het Kaar, Jacalyn Newman,Clairyce Gaston, Marcus Holt, S. C. Shelton, Oz Fontecchio, JudyLoyd, Pat Wittenbrink, Martha Carothers, Ann R. Brown, MelissaBartell, Lloyd Frankenberg, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Pat King,Jacqueline Skalski, Trisha Kehoe, William Shakespeare (sonnet63),JoAnn Baca, Elizabeth Fitzgerald and p.a.k.



Know Not the Heart

ed. by Linda Mooney and Lucy Green


Rating: PG

Size: digest, 74 p, occasional art, applied colorphoto on cover.

Art Information: Barbara Gipson, Phyllis Berwick,Sandy Chandler Shelton and Pam Tuck.

Ordering Information:


Additional Information: A sequel to Circle ofLight, this zine is set in fourth season. Most of the fiction isby Lucy Green; two stories are by Linda Mooney. Roxanne ShearerKoogler's "Vows and Promises" recounts Joe's determination to findout what happened to C's child, despite obstructions by Diana.Mooney's "Uh-Oh" is a two-part vignette about the troubles set off byJacob's teething. Green's brief "Ring in the New" tells of loversV/D's and D's reflections on her first New Year Below. Mooney's"Petals" shows that colors have a special meaning to Jacob...and toD/V. Green's "Compromising Positions" reintroduces tunnel librarianLizzie Borden, the custodian of (among other things) books onerotica--specifically, the graphically illustrated Kama Sutra, whichD/V find fascinating. Lizzie is also instrumental, in Green's"Certainty Enough," as empath/telepath D deals with the mixedemotions with which some other tunnel residents regard her. Green's"All Hallow's Eve" recounts that holiday as celebrated Below. Green's"Blessed Among Women" concludes the zine with D/V becomingparents.