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Yearning Hearts

Debbie Ristik and Toni L. Bogolub

September, 1992.


Rating: PG-13

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 128 p, much art.

Art information: artwork, mainly portraits, byRosemarie Hauer

Ordering information: Unknown

Additional Information: "To Capture a Dream" is byAnita Hoosen. Otherwise, all the fiction in this Classic/ContinuedClassic zine is by Ristik except for "Thy Sweet Love Remembered," anovelette on which she collaborates with Bogolub. Three stories wereoriginally printed elsewhere. "Thy Sweet Love Remembered," has acomplex plot involving jeopardy to the tunnels and to V. Two poems byMariLynn.


Yesterday aChild

by C.M. Henley & AnnaDeavers



Rating: G

Size: digest, 71 p, largeprint.

Art information: Colorcover and art by Anna Deavers (Deavers-Kelley).

Ordering Information:Unknown.

Additional Information:Short stories, mainly about Vincent's childhood, with "To Boldly Go"a B&B/Star Trek crossover story.


Yesterday's Shadow

Janet Kilbourne

July, 1994


Rating: PG

Size: A4, 93 p, small typeset type, staplebound.

Art information: 2 pieces of art (Helen CharlotteHill)

Ordering Information:U.K. £6, overseasU.S. $20 (dollars only, no checks), add $2 per order to cover bankcosts and conversion to U.K. Sterling. Send toGwen Lord, 6 Meadow Lane, Leasingham,Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 8LL, England