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November 2017:
after two years, the Challenges are discontinued.
Thank you so much to those who played along.


January 2018:
yes, submissions to past challenges will be added,
on the 25th of each month.




Past challenges and submissions:


One submission this month (scroll doooooooooooown... )







Judith Nolan, November 2017

Cindy Rae, January 2018








Write a B&B story of max 2000 words

including all of these words:






none  { difficult, eh? }









 Cindy Rae, September 2017

 Mai Phan, September 2017

 Judith Nolan 1, September 2017

 Judith Nolan 2, September 2017








Make acrostics * with:









* aēcrosētic 
a series of lines or verses in which the first, last, or other particular letters when taken in order spell out a word, phrase, etc.



Lara Beilby, October 2017

Bobbi Ann Suny, October 2017

 Cindy Rae, August 2017

 Judith Nolan, August 2017










 Cindy Rae, September 2017

 Judith Nolan, September 2017

 ChicagoTunnelKid, September 2017











 Cindy Rae, August 2017








First kiss




 ChicagoTunnelKid, September 2017

 Bobbi Ann, September 2017

 Cindy Rae, August 2017

 Judith Nolan, August 2017







1000 words or less

Dialogue only

(really, okay? Anything outside the quotation marks will be removed)



Bobbi Ann, July 2017

Cindy Rae, July 2017

Judith Nolan 1, July 2017

 Judith Nolan 2, July 2017

Judith Nolan 3, July 2017

 Judith Nolan 4, July 2017

 Judith Nolan 5, July 2017

Judith Nolan 6, July 2017










Judith Nolan 1, June 2017

 Judith Nolan 2, June 2017








Chicago Tunnelkid, August 2017

Magellan's Wife, June 2017










Mai Phan, June 2017

















A Children's Story - She reads, she drops everything, the goes.
How does she know where "beyond the bridge" is?


Where does Vincent find those roses?



 Judith Nolan 7, July 2017

Cindy Rae, May 2017
Judith Nolan 1, May 2017
Judith Nolan 2, May 2017











Barbara Handshy Anderson, May 2017
Magellan's Wife, April 2017
Cindy Rae, April 2017
Lara Hoyle, April 2017





  "Silence is the perfectest herald of joy.
I were but little happy, if I could say how much."

W. Shakespeare,
Much ado about nothing


{Please note: this is not a "generic" April 12 prompt. The quote is the prompt.}



Cindy Rae, April 2017
Magellan's Wife, March 2017
Cindy Rae, March 2017
Judith Nolan, March 2017







Judith Nolan, March 2017






Wouldn't you like to see more of Catherine as Crisis Counselor
than what we get to see in God Bless the Child?










Well, no, no challenges for January and February.
Winterfest Online 2017 is February 4-12,
and you might want  to spare your creative juices
for preparing something to contribute  to that beautiful celebration...
or to the multiple Conzines  which are also in the making.

And, if you *really* need a BatBland Challenge
to stimulate your creativity, why don't you scroll down
and pick one you have not yet taken up?






Georg Friedrich Hšndel



{click to listen and follow the score}



Judith Nolan, December 2016

Cindy Rae, December 2016

Mai Phan, December 2016













Judith Nolan, December 2016

Cindy Rae, December 2016

Mai Phan, December 2016












Judith Nolan, November 2016

Barbara Handshy Anderson, November 2016

Cindy Rae, November 2016

Mai Phan, November 2016










Cindy Rae, October 2016

Judith Nolan 1, October 2016

Judith Nolan 2, October 2016

Mai Phan, October 2016

Lara Beilby, October 2016










This Challenge's opening date is September 25th,
which happens to be the 29th anniversary
of that magical September 25th, 1987
when the Pilot was aired and the Dream began.


So, the Challenge was - and still is - to create and send
whatever you wish to celebrate that day.
A story featuring a passionate fan?
The chronicle of your whereabouts and thoughts that night?
A song, a montage, an essay celebrating The Dream?




ChicagoTunnelKid, October 2016

Judith Nolan 1, September 2016

Judith Nolan 2, September 2016

Judith Nolan 3, September 2016

Judith Nolan 4, September 2016

Cindy Rae, September 2016

Zara Wilder, September 2016

Barbara Handshy Anderson, September 2016








Briefs, boxers or commando?



Judith Nolan, November 2016

Judith Nolan, September 2016

Barbara Handshy Anderson, August 2016














Judith Nolan, August 2016












Mai Phan, July 2016

Zara Wilder, July 2016











Point last seen Dark Spirit (in production order).

What happened to her?




Judith Nolan, July 2016











Judith Nolan, January 2017







Writing challenge as follows:


First words to be: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that


Last words to be: " Not exactly... "


Include somewhere: Vincent rolled his eyes.






Magellan's Wife, August 2016

Judith Nolan, June 2016










Cindy Rae, September 2016

Judith Nolan, June 2016

Barbara Handshy Anderson, June 2016

ChicagoTunnelKid, June 2016










That's it. Write a story featuring them.




Judith Nolan, May 2016

ChicagoTunnelKid {Jamie only}, May 2016












 Judith Nolan, May 2017

Judith Nolan, May 2016

Zara Wilder, May 2016








Peter, how long have you been involved?

Since the beginning.
Jacob and I went through medical school together.
Someday Iíll sit down and tell you all about it, but right now
there are more pressing matters to take care of.


(from Ashes, Ashes)




Judith Nolan, April 2016

Zara Wilder, April 2016









Mai Phan, April 2016






At the end of the Pilot:
Vincent: "Good bye."
Catherine: "For now."

When, how, where did they meet again after that?



Cindy Rae, June 2016

Barbara Handshy Anderson, April 2016

 Judith Nolan, March 2016









Angasal, April 2016

Barbara Handshy Anderson, March 2016







   New titles for the episodes

  Barbara Anderson Odile Seng Catherine Dupont Cindy Rae

Once Upon a Time
in the City of New York
= ?

Finding Strength A New Life A Renaissance =

A Children's Story = ?

Better Than a Dream Innocence Perverted A New Family =

Siege = ?

Shakespeare Knew A Seductive Cheater Trauma of War My State With Kings

Terrible Savior = ?

Angel In the Dark The Avenger Angel or Evil Terrible Angel

No Way Down = ?

Blind Trust Cruelty and Compassion Where Are You, Vincent? Mean Streets

The Beast Within = ?

Courage to Stand Evil Soul A Dangerous Return Unleashed

Masques = ?

To Leave Our Safe Places Magic Night 300 Days The Riders of Cu'Chulainn
Fairy Music

Nor Iron Bars a Cage = ?

Captive Hearts In Prison Capture and Despair =

Song of Orpheus = ?

Bittersweet Reunion Through Time Jacob Wells =

Dark Spirit = ?

Dark Magic Mortal Danger Bewitched The Fear Within

An Impossible Silence = ?

Silent Terror Conviction Silent Witness A Beautiful Language

Shades of Grey = ?

Love and Courage Trapped Beyond the Danger Trapped or Entombed
or Stone Prison
or The Silence

China Moon = ?

The Price of Love In the Claws of the Dragon A Somber Wedding Bride Price

The Alchemist = ?

A Fungus Amungus Saved by Love Drug All That Glitters
or The Price of Gold

Temptation = ?

Dancing Light Treason Love and Betrayal All That We Keep

Promises of Someday = ?

Coming Home The Lost Son The Prodigal Son The Prodigal

Down to a Sunless Sea = ?

Premonition - The Knowledge Within A Shadow from the Past Burning Love Promises of Someday

Fever = ?

Where Your Treasure Is Discord Treasure Blood for Paper

Everything is Everything = ?

The Truth Will Set You Free An Incredible Liar Gypsy Boy Gypsy Curse

To Reign in Hell = ?

A Greater Truth In the Heart of Darkness Into the Middle of the Heart =

Ozymandias = ?

Choice and Sacrifice A Painful Choice Sacrifice of Love  

A Happy Life = ?

Your Heart Will Lead You Follow Your Heart Troubled Heart =
  Barbara Anderson Odile Seng Catherine Dupont  
Remember Love = ? The Difference a Life Makes Impossible Dream Life Without Vincent  
Ashes, Ashes = ? Call of the Heart The Song of Courage Epidemic  
Chamber Music = ? Little Boy Lost Fragile Gift Rolley's Demons  
God Bless The Child = ? Possibilities The Naming Ceremony Girl Lost  
Dead of Winter = ? Share the Light Celebration of Friendship
or The Evil One
or Trojan Rose
Welcome to Our Family  
A Fair And Perfect Knight = ? Betrayal The Right to Love Dark Silence  
Sticks And Stones = ? Love is Deaf The Law of Silence Love in Sacrifice  
Labyrinths = ? Lady Catherine A Well Kept Secret Child of Divorce  
Brothers = ? A Tale of Two Brothers Unfair Difference
or Full Moon
No Monsters Here  
A Gentle Rain = ? The Quality of Mercy Healing Mother's Heart  
Orphans = ? Something That Has Never Been Between Two Worlds Alone in my World  
The Outsiders = ? Dark Incursion What Must Be Done Outsiders  
When The Bluebird Sings = ? Beautiful and Impossible Things A Weird Portrait Invisible Man  
Arabesque = ? When the Music Ends Last Dance Lisa  
The Watcher = ? Our Window Stay With Me
or Remain By My Side
I Love You  
A Distant Shore = ? The Power of Love Such a Strong Bond Despite the Distance  
Trial = ? Cries of the Children A Stony Heart The Wild were Crying  
A Kingdom By The Sea = ? To Love and Be Loved Deep Wound Who Are You, Elliot?  
The Hollow Men = ? Lost, Violent Souls Deadly Pleasures
Just for Fun
What Rough Beast = ? Things Fall Apart Painful Ignorance
or Man or Beast?
Test of Love  
Ceremony Of Innocence = ?   Untrue Truth Secret Family  
The Rest Is Silence = ? The Darkness Drops Until the End of the Night Into Insanity  
  Barbara Anderson Zara Wilder  
Though Lovers Be Lost = ? Until I Am Dust 1-Captivated Captors
2-The Heartbeat
Walk Slowly = ? As Long as I Live Beauty Becomes Her  
Nevermore = ? The Men Who Loved Her Strange Allies  
Snow = ? Brotherhood of Darkness Hunters  
Beggarís Comet = ? The Heavenís Blaze A Fine and Private Place  
A Time to Heal = ? Unexpected Friendship The Kindness of Strangers  
In the Forests of the Night = ? In What Distance Deeps Nor the Battle to the Strong  
Chime at Midnight = ? Harbinger Last Hope  
Invictus = ? Captain of My Soul Veritas te Liberabit  
The Reckoning = ? Delicate Threads Whatsoever From One Place Doth Fall  
Legacies = ? Retribution Nothing Lost that May Be Found  


{ Here is the list of the official titles of the original episodes in five different languages, from the Script and transcription website,
The translators either kept the exact translation, or invented new titles, like those who took this challenge did }







Cindy Rae 1 -2 chapter 3 added, January 2016

Judith Nolan-1, December 2015

Judith Nolan-2, December 2015

Barbara Handshy Anderson, December 2015








On November 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd), Catherine goes to the hospital, 
to visit with Brigit who's taking care of her father ...




 Cindy Rae 1 -2 chapter 3 added, January 2016








Cindy Rae 1 -2 chapter 3 added, January 2016

Lara Beilby, December 2015

Lynette Parker, December 2015

Judith Nolan-1, December 2015

Judith Nolan-2, December 2015

Barbara Handshy Anderson, December 2015







Lisa - her first night Above, after "the incident" in the Great Hall.

What is she thinking, trying to go to sleep?




Bluebird, March 2016

Magellan's Wife, January 2016 - updated February 2016

Cindy Rae, November 2015

Mai Phan, November 2015

Judith Nolan, November 2015









Judith Nolan, May 2016

Cindy Rae, November 2015

Barbara Handshy Anderson, November 2015

Lara Beilby, November 2015








SHADES OF GREY - Next time you call I'll be in

This is no joke, my need is real and immediate and I donít have time to spar with you.

I donít get an explanation?

No, Iím sorry. Iím asking you to trust me.

Thatís all Iíve ever asked of you.
I must have called you over 50 times since our disagreement.
(he walks to the phone and dials)
You always so certain youíre right?
(on the phone)
Hi, it's Elliot Burch, give me Jack, quick.
Jack, Iíve got a friend coming down, give her what she need Ö yeah, thanks.
(he hangs up the phone, writes something on the list and hands it back to Catherine)
Heíll be expecting you, Catherine.

(turns before she heads out the door)
Next time you call Iíll be in.


Because you didnít put a price tag on this.
(holds up list)


What happens next time he calls?



Cindy Rae, October 2015

Judith Nolan, October 2015

Zara Wilder, October 2015





Who are they?



Lara Hoyle, October 2015

Barbara Handshy Anderson, July 2016

Mai Phan, February 2018






Dear Vincent,

Henry and I wish to present our respectful regards to your dear Father, to you and all our friends Below.

We remember with great delight the lovely evening we had in our restaurant last month, with your sweet Catherine. Next Tuesday will be our day off once more. We would be honored if we can have you and Catherine again as our guests that evening.

Looking forward to your kind confirmation, 






Dear Lin,

Itís always a pleasure to have tea and lovely chats with you! I certainly accept your kind invitation for Tuesday afternoon and look forward to it.





Or both!


Barbara Handshy Anderson, October 2017







From an official list of never developed ideas for Season 2 episodes:

      12. The Wishing Well:
There is a wishing well in Central Park that empties into the tunnels...



Cindy Rae, May 2016

Judith Nolan, May 2016

Mai Phan, October 2015

Barbara Handshy Anderson, October 2015




So, did you find anything inspiring?
Send your works by the 23rd of the month, and come back on the 25th to see them posted.
That day you'll find also a new challenge. Have fun!


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